8 Best Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Sites Similar to Wiziwig

Wiziwig was one of the biggest free sports streaming platforms online. Of course, it was taken down due to some legal issues with it and just because it was so popular.

Even though the admins of Wiziwig tried their best for a comeback, that did not happen. Instead, you will end up visiting plenty of websites filled with spam content using the name Wiziwig.

So, it’s a good idea to get familiar with some Wiziwig alternative sites that are similar to Wiziwig. But finding some Wiziwig alternative sites that are not spam, is tough. However, you don’t need to worry because, in this article, we shall take a look at some of the best Wiziwig alternatives for free sports streaming available out there.

In case you did not know, free sports streaming is not actually something legit. You may find some websites blocked by your Internet provider just because it is banned in your country. The reason being, most of the sports streaming content is only accessible using premium subscriptions and not for free (unless you’re watching YouTube).

So, you might need to use VPN services like CyberGhost to access some of these sites.

Top Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Sites Similar to Wiziwig

If you are looking for some of the best Wiziwig alternative sites that are similar to Wiziwig, take a look at these Wiziwig alternative sports streaming sites:

1. FootyBite

Best Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Sites

FootyBite is a quite popular web portal that offers free streaming for several sports.

You can start watching Football games, NFL streams, NBA matches, and so on. Not just limited to streams, but you also get some decent news coverages from their news section unless you already follow other sources for sports news.

And, all of this without needing to signing up for any account, which is a convenience.

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2. Cricfree

Best Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Sites Similar to Wiziwig

Cricfree is yet another free streaming site that gives you a lot of options to watch.

Of course, as the name suggests, it includes cricket games primarily along with soccer, football, boxing, rugby, hockey, and others. Having many options in a single spot is definitely impressive and useful as well.

You may not need to access multiple sites if you get all your necessary content here.

3. VIPRow Sports

Best Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Sites that are Similar to Wiziwig

If you thought that Cricfree had a lot of options, you will be blown away with VIPRow Sports.

However, you need to sign up when trying to access a stream, but you get a good quality stream. Not just limited to Football or popular sports, you get a host of options that include UFC, WWE, Tennis, Golf, Ice hockey, Baseball, Handball, Snooker, and a bunch more.

The website is easy to navigate with minimal ads. It also offers several streaming links or players for each stream, so if a stream does not work for you, you can try other players or stream services within the site.

4. Stream2Watch

Best Wiziwig Alternatives Streaming Sites Similar to Wiziwig

Stream2Watch is yet another decent free sports streaming site that you can rely on.

Similar to VIPRow Sports, you also get a lot of options here. For some streams, you will get the live TV channel available but with different content, so you will have to browse through to find what you want. I just found that annoying – but other than that, it is a decent site to look for to get free sports streaming.

And, yes, it does not require you to sign up for an account, that’s a good thing.

5. LiveTV

Best Sites Similar to Wiziwig - Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Sites

LiveTV is a quite popular free sports streaming site as an alternative to WiziWig.

In addition to various sports content, you also get support for several languages. So, even if you do not prefer English, you can try to see if your preferred language is supported or not.

You do not need to sign up for an account to access the streams, but you need it for comments. Overall, it is a pretty impressive option for free sports streaming even if you do not get a lot of variety.

6. VIPLeague

Best Wiziwig Alternative Sites for Sports Streaming

This Wiziwig alternative is a similar site to VIPRow but on a different domain. It offers a wide range of sports that includes UFC, WWE, and a lot more stuff.

Not just limited as an alternative to WiziWig, but you can also utilize it instead of VIPRow (if that site goes down). So, you have an option of networks to stream sports for free, which is always a reliable option.

7. CricHD

Best Wiziwig Alternatives Sports Streaming websites free

If you want the option to stream popular TV channels like ESPN, Ten Sports, and others, you can easily try CricHD for it.

You get the option to watch cricket, football, and a couple of other varieties. Compared to some other options, you will find more user activity here and if you wish you can interact in the chat as well while streaming your favourite sport.

8. SonyLIV

Best Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Websites

If you’re in India, you can easily sign up for SonyLIV and watch some free sports content completely legit.

In case you’re not from India, you can easily use your VPN to connect to this service and test it out. You will find a good network of sports channels for free and can also opt for subscriptions if you like it enough.

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Wrapping Up

Honestly, you will find several hundred sites that claim to provide free sports streaming channels, but not all of them are a good alternative to Wiziwig.

Most of them are filled with spam and even some above mentioned Wiziwig alternatives could also cease to exist or include spam the next time you visit them.

So, along with the options above, unfortunately, you will have to constantly explore different sites if one stops working because providing free streaming services for sports content is not something legal, which makes it tough for a website to always do that.

What do you prefer to use? Do you prefer to purchase a premium sports streaming subscription instead? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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