9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster with Word Predictions

Take into consideration that there’s no keyboard app on your smartphone. What would you do? You’ll probably become crazy in a few hours and also I’ll suggest you to let me know so that I could inform the doctors about it. So, the keyboard app for Android is one of the main things to take care of where you could prove your Android smartphone to be useful and efficient.

According to a report, more than 70% of the total Android users opt for a 3rd party keyboard, i.e., something other than the default keyboard app. The reason behind it can be aptly described as the default keyboard apps don’t provide many features and customizability options. They aren’t completely useless because they usually consume fewer resources than what other keyboard apps for Android available from the Play Store do.

However, the waves are defying gravity and 3rd party keyboard apps are proving themselves to be more useful than the stock keyboard applications. They are more efficient, take fewer resources, provide more flexibility and other benefits do exist as well. Here, you’ll be getting to know about 9 of the best keyboard apps for Android.

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9 Best Keyboard App for Android to Type Faster with Word Predictions

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is the best keyboard app ever, not only for Android but also across all other platforms. You can safely call it an evergreen keyboard app for Android that’s not going to go anywhere away. Well, at least till Android lives. The SwiftKey keyboard app for Android offers a lot of customizability options and beautiful themes as well. You’ll be visually at peace when using this keyboard app. Earlier, it was a reason for slowing down the devices. But in the past few months, it has been incredibly maintained to consume little resources and run smooth on low-end devices also.

swiftkey - best keyboard apps for android - keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

What’s best on it? The shocking prediction ability! It predicts the next possible word with ease and with great accuracy. You can’t turn down the predictions for a moment even if you use English letters to convey your local language through text. How? It remembers it all and suggests you those words whenever you used it previously. So, mostly you’ll get the un-English English predictions accurate as well. My mother tongue being “Odia” language. I write Odia words using English letters. And, it saved me a lot of keystrokes! In the same way, you can imagine how well it is capable of predicting English words. Sometimes you don’t even need to start typing because coincidentally the suggested words are the ones you wanted to write! Thus, making you able to type faster with more accuracy.

2. Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard is yet another popular keyboard app for Android which you could safely assume always to remain in the top charts. As the name suggests, if you’re into swipe and type, then you’ll love using Swype keyboard app for Android. The keyboard app gives amazing swipe ability and swipe gestures to select, copy, paste and cut faster increasing your productivity.

swype keyboard - best keyboard app for android - keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

However, unlike SwiftKey keyboard, it isn’t completely free keyboard app. You can try out all the features for a 30-day trial period. To use it for a lifetime, you need to get it at $0.99 only. It’s not a big deal for users who are interested in paid keyboard app for Android. Although, its user interface isn’t that attractive. If you’re least bothered about that, you should get it soon enough.

3. Google Keyboard

google keyboard - best keyboard app - keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

Nothing fancy apparently! Google Keyboard app is the simple, yet well-polished default keyboard app for Android. You’ll mostly be having it pre-installed. But, you won’t be getting any advanced options to customize the keyboard layout and design. Compared to other keyboard apps, it is resource-friendly as well but you’ll get very few features if you need them.

4. Chrooma Keyboard – Emoji

Chrooma Keyboard Emoji is nothing different than the Google’s keyboard app in its look. You may call it as an “upgraded” or “modded” Google keyboard app. It gives an amazing user experience when it adapts to the app color you are in. Suppose you’re on Google app, and you’re using the keyboard for anything, the keyboard will appear as red. And, likewise for other apps as well. If you don’t want that feature, you can turn it off. But, there’s no meaning to install the Chrooma Keyboard Emoji app at the first place if you don’t want the color adapt feature offered.

chrooma keyboard - best keyboard app for android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

Earlier, it was a paid keyboard app for Android. But, now it’s completely free to download. However, to unlock all the features, you need to pay $2.49 (165 INR). That includes the keyboard layout and keyboard style control. There’re some interesting features like emoji suggestions and swipe gestures which are coming soon enough. To my surprise, I encountered that this app consumed less battery and memory compared to Google keyboard app. So, it’s indirectly beating the stock keyboard app by giving a more advanced experience.

5. GO Keyboard – Emoji, Wallpaper

One of the most loved customizable Android keyboard apps available on the Play Store. Go Keyboard provides loads of themes for applying to your keyboard layout. So, you can play with them all day to suit your taste. However, I should warn you if you’ve got a low-end device. Let’s say something similar to Moto E; then you shouldn’t make GO launcher your default companion. You could end up with a pretty bad performance of your device.

GO Keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

Go Keyboard is the most customizable keyboard app ever. Well, if you think you look good (everyone looks good) for a wallpaper then you could use your photo as GO Keyboard’s background theme wallpaper. It supports various styles of fonts. You be GO Keyboard’s guest in choosing them.

6. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Flesky + GIF Keyboard is an excellent keyboard app for Android. You’ll have fun using the GIF keyboard app as it exclusively supports sending GIF right from the keyboard. You can find any GIF’s with it and make the conversation interesting or annoying (whatever you wish!).

fleksy + GIF keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

Well, Flsky + GIF keyboard app doesn’t have an inbuilt option for that, but extensions make it possible. There are limited number of extensions available for you to use. Extensions like GIFs, Android Launcher, invisible keyboard and others would add double fun to your user experience in having a nice little chat with your friend.

7. Ai.Type Free Emoji Keyboard

Ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard is an excellent keyboard app for Android. It gives an 18 days trial for premium features. Well, the free emoji keyboard app has a great user interface, and it works as expected. It lets us customize the keyboard altogether. That includes themes, layout, and even creating custom keyboard shortcuts to make things easier and personalized.

Ai Type Keyboard - best keyboard apps for Android - keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

But we have a deal breaker. The Ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard doesn’t offer the prediction option for free. That’s a shame! However, downloading it is free. So, you can have a try on it!

8. Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Ginger Keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

Ginger Keyboard is a great Android keyboard app to have. It offers you almost all the features you can find on other keyboard apps for Android that are available on the Play Store. So, it depends on your taste how much you like using the keyboard app. There’s nothing odd about it. Ginger Keyboard app has a great user interface and is resource friendly as well. And, it has something special. Also, Ginger Keyboard lets you correct grammatical errors in your message. So, that makes your conversation a high-quality talk. Well, you won’t be needing it for casual use. But if you’re a professional, then you would love using Ginger Keyboard app’s this feature to improve your writing.

9. SwiftKey Neural Alpha

swiftkey neural keyboard app for Android - Best Keyboard App - 9 Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

SwiftKey Neural Alpha is a free keyboard app for Android like the original SwiftKey keyboard app. However, it’s still in development phase and if you’re going to try this out, I would suggest you to give feedback to the developers rather complaining (because they’ve politely mentioned that it’s still under development). Well, SwiftKey Neural Alpha keyboard app doesn’t come with any exclusive fancy feature. But, it tries to take the original SwiftKey Keyboard’s prediction technology to the next level (neural level). To make the prediction more accurate than it ever was, it implements a complicated technique to predict what you might be thinking next.

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The Pro Review From TechReviewPro

It seems that SwiftKey Keyboard app is a good alternative to other keyboard apps considering the accuracy of predictions and customization capabilities. Chrooma keyboard feels smooth and is a direct replacement for the Google keyboard app. SwiftKey Neural keyboard is still in development phase and thus can’t be judged to its full potential. Go Keyboard, Ai.Type, Swype, and Fleksy offer a different set of features which is useful for users. So, in the end, it depends on what you like and what you want the best keyboard app for Android to be like.

Let us know in the comments section below about other interesting keyboard apps for Android which we might have missed here.

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