10 Quick Tips to Improve English Writing Skills and Be Better Writer

If you are a blogger or online content writer, you must be knowing that writing is the central medium for communicating with your readers. No matter how well designed blog you have, it is the content that ensures your success in grabbing readers attention. With hundreds of bloggers already writing in the same niche, what makes you different from others is the quality of content you produce. Writing creative articles for readers is only possible if you can improve English writing skills.

You need to be creative enough to present quality information, cutting the crap from your contents. If you fail in producing quality content or even if you commit too many spelling and grammatical mistakes, your readers won’t prefer to read your articles all the way till the end. Thus, leaving your article in the middle and increasing your bounce rate.

Now that you understand that why writing quality content is very crucial to your success as bloggers, content producer, and online articles writer; you must be wondering how to improve English writing skills and be a better writer so that everyone notices you online.

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10 Quick Tips to Improve English Writing Skills and Be Better Writer

If you aren’t a native English speaker or your mother tongue is not primarily English, you might find it tough to write quality articles in English. But the good thing is that is quite easier to learn and improve English writing skills these days. So how are you going to improve your writing skills?

10 Quick Tips - How to Improve English Writing Skills and Become Better Writer

The online article writing for blogs is quite different from the general essay writing or another traditional way of writing that you normally see. Online articles writing is interactive writing where you interact with your reader directly. Making proper use of ‘I’ and ‘You’ is important to establish a good communication between you and your readers.

If you are starting to write online, you might find it tough, but the only option you have is to become a better writer. Becoming a better writer with every passing day is something that makes you survive in huge competition. Follow these ten quick tips to improve your English writing skills.

Will you become a better writer after finishing this article? Find out yourself. So, are you ready to start? Prepare to take your article writing skills to the next level.

1. Do Proper Research About Subject

You should do enough research and note down the basic idea of the subject before you start writing about any topic. It means, apart from the necessary basic information like the writing format or pattern, word length, design, etc. you need to have proper knowledge of the subject you are going to write. If you are writing on a topic which you don’t know very well, then coming up with an outstanding piece of content is next to impossible.

2. Develop Your Writing Style

Online article writing is different from offline writing activities. The readers on the internet are becoming quick scanner of information. So to provide them better user experience, you need to have a good format for writing. Properly formatted articles are easily digestible. For example, the traditional way of writing used to involve long paragraphs containing more than ten sentences in each, but things have changed now.

Now you need to :

  • Write shorter paragraphs with each paragraph containing a maximum of 2-3 sentences
  • Make proper use of h1, h2, h3, etc. heading tags to make headings, sub-topics, etc. easily scannable
  • Use bullet points to present important information clearly and quickly readable
  • Use bold, italic and other text styles (including colors) to highlight crucial texts
  • Also, ensure the text alignment (left, right or center) that would suit your readers

If you follow the above formatting tips, your article will look more beautiful, and you normally write without any proper format.

3. Make An Outline

Even if you have enough subject knowledge about any topic and you know the correct format of online writing, you might end up killing your productive time just thinking how to start. If you find it tough to start and proceed naturally, try having a proper outline for your article. Doing so may help you overcome this problem.

When you research for your topic, create an outline which includes a proper introduction, vital points, conclusion, etc.  It will make your work simpler and save time. Making a clear outline before you start writing is extremely helpful as it not only makes your productive but also helps you stay on your particular subject without adding unnecessarily extra stuffs in your article. It acts as a frame so you can’t be distracted.

You may also get struck sometime if you’re writing a comprehensive content on a topic and ideas may come up in phases but having an outline beforehand is pretty effective to restore your key points again.

4. Be Precise and Cut the Crap

If you are looking for information about how to improve English writing skills and be a better writer, will you like reading about how to be an online celebrity in the same article? Obviously, NO. That’s the reality. No one has time to read unnecessary stuff these days.

Being precise and writing to the point is the only way to please your readers. When you end up writing an article, ask yourself if:

  • Is there anything in your article that is not necessarily needed?
  • Have you included some other stuff which does not primarily belong to your topic?
  • Can you provide all the information in even shorter form?
  • Will removing any word or sentence be beneficial?
  • Have you added all info that you as a reader would have loved?

If your answer is “Yes” to all the above question, then you have an incredibly impressive article. If your answer is “No,” you need to cut the crap and remove unnecessary pieces of stuff from your article.

5. Follow Popular Blogs

There isn’t anything bad in learning from others. Life is all about learning. You may learn from almost anything but keeping a close eye on popular blogs in your niche will help me improve your subject knowledge as well as shaping you become a better writer.

Read others in your niche but don’t just read blog posts, instead examine and learn from them also. Learn and analyze the way they write and optimize your content accordingly. However, make sure you don’t copy even a single word because copying online is illegal and may lead to serious legal issue related to copyrights.

6. Improve Your Grammar

A single grammar mistake can ruin your reputation online. You should understand the mind of your readers to write comfortably. It could be either formal or informal, but you are required to maintain writing quality without any silly grammatical error(s).

There are several ways to improve your English writing skills but improving Grammar is central activity around which all other means of improving English skills revolve. Although there are many online grammar checker tools available, you may also hire a proofreader, ask your friends to find out your mistakes, etc. but improving your Grammar skills is most effective.

To make this process automated, utilize various online grammar checker and spelling checker tools. I recommend Grammar (paid) and Ginger (free). MS Word is an excellent inbuilt software for writing. You may rectify errors in MS Word from “Review – spelling & grammar.”

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7. Ignore Difficult Words

Common writers believe in an ideology that including complex words in their article makes their article stand out of the crowd. Many people repeatedly use complex words in their copy to show that they are capable of writing high-quality articles. But the reality is different.

You should use as easy words as possible to ensure that even a 5th standard learner may easily digest your article. While writing articles, avoid using complex words and crafting complex sentences. People want a quick solution for a problem on the internet. And no one has time to look for the meaning of every word you write in the dictionary. That’s why you need to make it as simple as you can so that they may understand it immediately.

8. Draft at First & Edit Later

Usually, normal writers edit articles while writing. But the Scientific research proves that you are supposed to be more effective when you focus on the single activity at one time. Editing your work while creation decreases your processing time and thus decreasing your productivity.

As a better practice, write smoothly without involving any other activity while writing. First draft your content, then review your blog post thoroughly for editing later. Remove unnecessary words, correct spelling, and grammar, adjust post formats, etc. whatever you can. But editing it later would help you maintain the fast writing flow.

9. Keep Yourself Updated

Ideally, you may get unlimited information about any particular topic because the internet has unlimited information about almost every topic. But keeping yourself updated with the latest news in your industry will help you cut the extra research time as you may easily come up with ideas having a little knowledge about the subject beforehand.

For example, if you are writing in Tech niche and focusing on a particular topic of expertise like Android, then you need to keep yourself updated about every Android news coming your way. Doing so will not only help you improve your writing skills but also help you cut the research time and produce content at a faster pace.

10. Write More & More

“Practice makes a man perfect” – Everyone knows it. And it is true for improving English writing skills also. This is the best formula to improve your writing skills. You need to practice writing more and more to become a better writer. If you start working on all tips mentioned above to improve English writing skills, you’ll notice a level of improvement within your writing.

With constant practice of writing, you may indeed become a better writer than before. But one more the crucial thing is to notice, analyze and determine what worked mostly and what not whenever your articles get high regard or disregard from your audience. Exploit those positives for your future articles and avoid negatives. That’s the way you improve.

Practice enriches your skills, but it doesn’t mean you will become best or achieve the noblest end. Always remember,

Your best is yet to come. Keep pushing yourself up. Keep removing barriers. Keep going beyond your limits.

So, if you want to improve your writing expertise then go beyond what you have learned.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

If you want to survive online, then you have to get to improve your English writing skills? You need to earn your place here otherwise you’ll be lost in a shadow. It’s easy to step into online, but it becomes harder when you want to stand out of the crowd.

You have to improve yourself day by day to stand at the top against your competitors, and all of these begin from the better content writing. Now that we have shared ten best tips to improve your English writing skills, I’m sure you have better days ahead. Let us know if we missed any other tips for English writing improvement. What practices do you follow to become a better writer?

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    Thanks for Super Tips Rahul …
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    • Hello Rajesh,

      First of all let me thank you for taking time to leave your comment. I’m glad you liked the tips. No doubt, MS Word is a great tool and for many people, it works like a charm. However, you may use Ginger (a grammar and spellchecker tool for free) and Grammarly (premium).

      Hope this would help. Thanks !

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