Top 9 Best Paid and Free Sudoku Apps for Android

Sudoku is a brilliant puzzle game which is quite simple but you need to think logically to complete the puzzle. In case you didn’t know, let me tell you – the aim of the puzzle is to fill up the 9×9 box with numbers from 1 to 9.

However, the only condition is – every row/column should have unique numbers (without repeating the same number in a row/column). Also, the 3×3 sections you see inside should also contain unique numbers as well.

It might sound very simple, but you need to train your brain to do that quickly, you can’t spend a day on a single puzzle, right? So, you don’t need a paper to enjoy the puzzle, you can simply install one of the best sudoku apps available for Android and get going!

Top 9 Best Free Sudoku Apps for Android

Note: In general, all the Sudoku apps mentioned here work the same way. However, you might like a different UI, a more challenging puzzle (difficulty level), and a couple more different things. Hence, we compiled a list for you.

1. – Free Game

Sudoku Game App - Free Sudoku Apps for Android app on the Play Store is the most popular Sudoku app for Android mobiles. It also happens to be one of the Editor’s choice. It features more than 5000 types of Sudoku puzzles and also includes 4 different difficulty levels.

You can either explore it as a beginner and also play it like an expert. Fret not, you don’t need a separate pen and paper to note down stuff. You can note things right inside the game. It’s convenient to play it this way.

Do note that the game includes advertisements – you can either continue playing it or check if they support getting rid of the advertisements by upgrading (or donating an extra amount for the ads to go away).

2. Sudoku – Free Classic

Sudoku Free Classic Game - Free Sudoku Apps for Android

Sudoku (free classic) is yet another popular Sudoku app for Android. Similar to what we mentioned above, this app also offers plenty of unique puzzles (and regularly adding new).

In addition, there are several challenges to complete which makes the game more interesting while playing to solve the puzzle. This app also supports a couple of themes – so you can pick one to suit your eyes and have a great time playing it.

3. Sudoku – The Clean One

Free Sudoku Game - Free Sudoku Apps for Android

If you are a fan of material design UI (just like I am) – you should definitely give this a spin. You can also customize the look and feel to be able to make it look more attractive while you play. So, you’ll have a great time.

In addition to the UI, you can also close the game anytime you want and it will save the progress automatically. That’s a good thing for a lot of players. Also, the game works offline without any problems.

In case you’re wondering, it does support pencil markings which automatically gets removed with time so that you always have a clean experience.

4. Sudoku by Brainium

Sudoku Game App - Free Sudoku Apps for Android

Sudoku by Brainium is yet another decent Sudoku app that you want to have installed. It features a basic user interface that makes it hassle-free to use it and play easily. Well, personally, I may not like it – but a lot of users do.

It also supports global leader boards – so that you can compete with the players around the globe. Yes, that makes it even more interesting and competitive. It also includes auto error checking option, autofill, and auto clean option when you mark something.

5. Sudoku by AlcamaSoft

Sudoku by AlcamaSoft isn’t a very popular app. However, if you want a simple app to play Sudoku with all the features like auto clean and stuff – this is the one you should have installed.

6. Sudoku Offline

Offline Sudoku Game - Free Sudoku Apps for Android

Specifically tailored for offline usage. Although you don’t get the ability to be in the leader boards, it definitely offers a set of levels for every player. Easy to Difficult with almost 100 types of variations.

Yes, compared to other Sudoku games available, this may not offer a lot of variations. So, if you are a casual player who plays rarely – it does not hurt to have it installed.

7. Sudoku Quest

Free Sudoku Game App - Free Sudoku Apps for Android

Bored with the generic Sudoku games out there? Don’t worry, we got your back. Sudoku Quest is an interesting game that mixes up a fantasy quest of defeating the evil and becoming a Sudoku champion.

It features a lot of puzzles, essentially more than 10,000 of puzzles. In addition to the quest, it also features the auto-fill option, auto clean, and gives you the ability to take notes as well.

Of course, to make things interesting the terms can be different like – magic fill or something like that. But, don’t worry, the core game is still the same with everything intact.

8. Classic Sudoku Premium (Paid)

Free Sudoku Apps for Android - Sudoku Game App

If you want a clean Sudoku experience without the annoying ads while staying connected to the Internet, this is what I would recommend.

Of course, you will have to purchase this app for 150 INR (which converts to approximately 2 USD). It supports three different types of board layouts and it also supports the auto-save feature when you exit the app accidentally.

This may not be everyone’s favorite. But, if you want an ad-free clean experience, this is a highly rated app for a specific group of users.

9. Sudoku Epic

Free Sudoku Game - Free Sudoku Apps for Android

Sudoku Epic is yet another interesting take on the Sudoku game for Android devices. Here, along with Sudoku you also get a mix of Kakuro (which is something similar that deals with letters, instead of numbers).

Of course, if you don’t want to play with the letters, you don’t need this. However, if you want to challenge yourself with something more than just numbers, you can give this a try.


Sudoku is a mind blowing puzzle game which enhances your logical ability. If you are a fan of it, you should try out all the Sudoku apps mentioned above to decide what suits you – and if the features offered are worth your time.

In either case, if you are just a casual player, any of the above will be a good pick.

What do you think about the Sudoku apps mentioned in our article? Do you have to suggest something? Feel free to let us know about it in the comments below.

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