7 Best Chatroulette Alternatives Video Apps like Chatroulette to Chat With Strangers

Chatroulette is a quite popular service known to connect strangers across the world. To be more precise, it is a video chat service to connect with strangers around the world.

However, now with the smartphones taking over the world – we need better (and safe/secure) alternatives to chat with strangers. Of course, there might be a risk for privacy – but if you want to talk to strangers, there’s no other way around.

So, in this article, we shall talk about some of the Chatroulette app alternatives available for Android and iOS.

Note: We do not recommend using random chat sites to talk to strangers, instead try some secure/better alternatives that we mention here.

Additional note: It’s always a possibility that you will find weird people to talk to – no matter how good the app is. So, do not share your personal information without verifying the stranger. And, we would recommend you to use one of the free VPN apps while using them (especially the web browser services)

Why do you need a Chatroulette alternative?

Let’s face it – Chatroulette is really old school. I do not think that you want me to explain more about it.

But, in case, you are curious – it is insecure too.

There are way better alternatives if you want to start a video chat with strangers in a safe and secure way.

We don’t want you to use something that is too old (or insecure). So, we thought of compiling a list of Chatroulette alternatives for you!

Chatroulette Alternatives Video Chat Apps Like Chatroulette

1. Badoo – Dating and Video chat app

Best Chatroulette Alternatives Video Apps like Chatroulette to Chat With Strangers

Badoo is a very popular video chat app where you can find potential matches for your next date and also talk to them via video chat. It is also an alternative to Tinder – in case you were looking for one.

So, it is kind of a multi-purpose app where you get to video chat and date as well. Looks like the best of both worlds, huh?

Try it out to see if it fits your requirement for a video chat adventure!

Install it on: Android or iOS

2. HOLLA: Live Random Video Chat


One of the nicest alternatives to Chatroulette is HOLLA. It lets you go live and notifies you of a match with whom you can talk to instantly. It may not be as big of a network as Badoo is – but you can still find matches when you try it.

Here, real-time video effects make things funnier when chatting with a stranger. And, the same feature makes it an addictive choice to go with. You might just start using it just like you utilize Instagram or Snapchat. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Install it on: Android or iOS

3. Chatous

Chatroulette Alternatives Video Apps like Chatroulette to Chat With Strangers

Chatous can be used on the desktop (web) and on smartphones via the app as well. It features a simple user interface that works. You can just utilize a hashtag to find people with similar interests – so simple.

Similar to the previous one mentioned, it does not have a huge network of users – but the experience should be good enough when you want to talk to someone.

Install it on: Android or iOS | Also try it on: Web (Desktop)

4. Azar

Chatroulette Alternatives Video Apps like Chatroulette

You might have observed a bunch of ads promoting Azar (at least, here in India). It is a fairly new alternative that you can start using and it has a significant amount of users now.

The functionality might end up being similar to Tinder. Here, you just have to swipe to start a video chat with a stranger. Unlike some other apps mentioned in this list, Azar focuses on video and provides a good experience with the quality and a good user interface.

An interesting thing to note while using Azar is – it will help you translate texts in real-time. So, you do not have to worry about not knowing the foreign languages – just start expressing what you want to say and let the app handle the rest.

Install it on: Android or iOS

5. JusTalk: Free video calls

Chatroulette Alternatives Video Apps like Chatroulette to Chat With Strangers

JusTalk is yet another impressive Chatroulette alternative app. You can easily talk to strangers while having a rich user experience. In addition to this, it also supports group video chats for meeting and easily planning to hang out with a bunch of friends.

While on a video call, you can doodle on the caller’s face – which makes it a fun app to use. Interesting, it also lets you play a small game while on call.

It also offers another version where it is safer for teenagers/kids. You can try that as well.

Install it on: Android or iOS

6. Bermuda Video Chat

Best Chatroulette Alternatives Video Apps like Chatroulette to Chat With Strangers

Bermuda video chat is yet another interesting video calling app like Chatroulette where you can meet and greet strangers. The user experience is quite impressive even though the users you will encounter might be a different story.

Applications like these always attract pedophiles and crazy people – so that you have to take care of. No app developer can help moderate those people, so keep a note of it while using any of the apps mentioned above. Yes, even the most popular ones like Badoo.

Keeping that aside, it offers really cool stickers to use while calling someone – looks fun, for sure!

Install it on: Android or iOS

Bonus: Omegle (Web)

Top 7 Best Chatroulette Alternatives Video Apps like Chatroulette to Chat With Strangers

If you prefer the old-school services, Omegle is one of the best Chatroulette alternatives apps you will find.

Of course, Omegle is a bit more active than what Chatroulette was. However, the video is being monitored – so you will have to be careful what you stream.

It only works on your web browser and does not offer an app. So, the best use-case for this will be on your desktop (not your smartphone browser). You can try this if you are ready to talk to strangers!


Talking to strangers is fine. But, there’s a whole bunch of bad apps/services which provides a poor experience of the fun that you expect.

So, our list of video apps like Chatroulette mentioned above are better – and an alternative to Chatroulette as well. If you enjoyed any of the apps from the list, let us know your thoughts. Or, if we missed a good service that deserves a mention, let us know about that too in the comments below.

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