Xiaomi Mi Band 2 SmartWatch with Heart Rate Monitoring [Coupon Code Inside]

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant company, is always creating a buzz in the market with its outstanding products. But its fitness tracking band is most anticipated one. We all are very familiar with the features and the demand of Mi Band fitness tracker. I think that’s why with more than 20 million Mi Band sales Mi is the second best fitness tracker manufacturer in the world.

Now it’s time to move on something new, with damn new features. Probably you are thinking that what I’m talking about! So here is it- Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Yes, Mi Band 2 is now officially available with some great new features. And the best thing is that Xiaomi is on its cheap price tradition. So today we are going to talk about all new impressive features of Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2-Fitness Tracker features and specifications

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Features & Specification

The Mi Band 2 is not just a fitness band or tracker, and it is your own personal fitness trainer. On-the-go fitness instructor that is always available for you. The Mi Band comes with built-in 0.42-inch OLED touch screen, with an anti-touch scratch resistance glass which provides extra protection. All the new smart technology responds to your every single movement, even with a single touch you can find your heart beats, body temperature and distance covered. The display quality is quite good and bright enough which means you can see clearly even in the day under the sunlight.

The military-grade power-efficient ADI sensors and improved pedometer algorithm provide more accurate step counts. An optical heart rate sensor tracks your every single heartbeat, which helps you in planning your exercises. Its inbuilt reminder system alert you for warm-up when you are sitting too long while working or reading. Set reminders for yourself with an interval of time and it will inform you for a short workout, which improves your blood circulation and makes you more energetic.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker-Wearable Fitness Trackers features and specificationsThe Mi Band 2 is creatively designed with IP67 waterproof grade, thus allowing you to wear it all the time even when you are taking the shower, swimming or washing your hands. It is also sweat, dust and oil proof.  The ultra-precise injection modeling and UV treatment are the hidden technology behind its slim and cool design with scratch resistance. It also has one anodized 0.05mm ultra-thin button which lets you move to the other three screens. The Band needs your phone’s Bluetooth to get connected. The new 2nd generation Bluetooth 4.0 provides a fast, secure, and stable connection with the phone without any interruptions.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is packed with a 70mAh battery which delivers 20 days on standby. The new OLED display comes with ultra-energy-saving technology that allows you to use your tracker throughout the whole day with a single charge. Like the Mi Band’s 1st gen, it also has a function of call or SMS reminder. The band starts vibrating as a reminder on getting incoming calls, SMS or on the alarm.  Mi band provides a unique ID to everyone; which is quite good for your phone privacy. There is not any need of passcodes, fingerprints or much more as you may only use your Mi2 to unlock your phone instantly. All you have to do is: just bring your Mi band near to your phone and it unlocks your phone with unlocking notification on your Mi Band. Sounds good? Yea!

xiaomi mi band 2-best fitness tracker features and specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is made up of new material which is soft and provides an excellent comfort on your wrist. It’s eco-friendly hypoallergenic material reduces the irritation from under the strap. According to the Xiaomi, Mi Band 2 is tested over the severe environment:-

  • 128 hours at 70 °C
  • 12 freefalls from a height of 1.2meters onto a hard surface
  • 128 hours at temperature of -20 °C
  • 24-hour test of IP67 protection

During all the test Xiaomi Mi Band 2, proves itself 99.99% successful in all conditions. The band straps are available in the full range of colours like black, blue, green, orange and others. Mi Band 2 opens you to a new lifestyle. Select your favourite colour which is suitable for your outfit.

xiaomi mi band 2- fitness tracker features and specifications

Energise your life with the new stunning, durable, soft and cost efficient Xiaomi Mi Band 2.  You can purchase it from any online shopping sites, but Everbuying is one of those shopping sites that is offering huge discounts. Here is the coupon code which you can use for more discounts: – EBMIBR2

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