Top 6 Best Selling Earphones and Earbuds at Low Prices

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to favorite music? Almost everyone! But listening music privately is a big challenge. Of course, you wouldn’t like to reveal your playlists and tracks to anyone. Thanks to many earphones available in the market that allow you to listen to your favorite music privately.

Unfortunately, the earphones of your choice may be very costly and burn your pocket. However, the cheaper earphones may not provide the best quality of sound. So you start wondering if there is a headset or earphone with excellent bass and good sound in budget-friendly price. If you are looking for earphones or headphones that are also good at portability with good sound quality? Then you are at right place here I have got a list of some good quality earphones with budget-friendly prices. These are the best selling and cheap earphones which you can compare with costly one.

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6 Best Selling Earphones and Earbuds at Low Prices

Although nowadays there are lots of headsets available in the market with all types of features. But this list provides you only cheap and best earphones at an efficient pocket price.

1. Meizu HD50

Meizu HD50 is a 3.5mm Hi-Fi headphone for music which also gives satisfaction to the capricious listener. Over-the-ear design with leatherette padding on the inside and metal casing provide a premium look to the headset. The frequency response of 20~20KHz, Impedance of 32ohms and sensitivity of 103dB + / – 3dB delivers a vigorous earphone-wireless earphone-top selling headphonesMeizu HD50 comes with 1.2m cable and with inbuilt three control buttons that support call answering, song switching, and voice controls. When we talk about the comfort, the headphone adopts CNC technology that adds durability and softness to the earmuffs case. Its inbuilt microphone is good for clear voice calling.

2. Xiaomi Piston 3

“Xiaomi Piston 3 earphone” the award-winning earphone. Yes, Piston 3 won Reddot awards 2015 in Germany. It has a metal composite diaphragm which delivers superior sound in the mid and bass ranges. The improves 3rd generation balanced damping produces vivid stereo effects and a transparent well-balanced selling earphone-xiaomi piston 3-best selling earbudsXiaomi Piston 3 comes with the frequency response of 20~20KHz and impedance of 32ohms. The 3.5mm connectivity interference is attached with Kevlar fiber cable. Sturdy, durable break-resistant kevlar fiber protects wire and extends the lifespan of the wiring. It also has a built-in microphone that provides excellent audio quality and the controller allows you to receive a call, to change the tracks, to increase and decrease the volume, to decline/hang up the call.

3. Xiaomi MI IV

Xiaomi Mi adopts the hybrid technology, in which dynamic and two balanced-armature drivers provide a more 3D sound effect. It has a  professional tuning mode with super delicate and sophisticated design. The dynamic driver of Xiaomi Mi handles the bass while the balanced driver takes care of high and medium after generating sound with pushing the air.Xiaomi Mi earphones-good earphones-best selling headphonesAccording to XiaoMi, its inbuilt microphone has high SNR 58db, which offers better noise cancellation. You will get a better voice quality, and even you don’t need to speak loudly or to put the microphone near your mouth anymore. It is made of soft material to provide you comfort while you are listening for a long time. The earphones come with three paired replacement ear tip.

4. Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth

Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth v4.1 Handsfree Earphone, who won the Oscar, best the IF design award Germany 2015.  It is ultra light weight only of  6.5g, and the dimension of 5.6 x 1.0 x 0.8cm  gives a decent look. The product is quite good; even it has oil resistant coating technology. As the name describes much more about the product, it works with almost all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and handsfree-mini bluetooth-best selling earphoneXiaomi Mini Bluetooth in-ear hands-free headphone comes with CSR 8610 Bluetooth chip, which works within 10m of distance without any obstacles. Its in-ear style is too safe while driving or playing games. It supports micro USB charging that gives 5 hours of talk time on one charge of about 2 hours. It also allows you to answer or reject your call from a single button.

5. Meizu EP-51 Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Earphone

Meizu EP-51 is the best earphone for the people who don’t want wire connectivity. That means forgot that long cable, enjoy wireless Hi-Fi music where you want. The product comes with the quality guarantee, light weight, and portability. The Frequency response of 20-20000Hz, impedance of 16ohms and sensitivity of  87dB +/- 3dB provides a soft and good quality earphone-meizu ep-51-best selling earbuds

The Meizu EP-51 Hi-Fi Earphone supports micro USB charging which needs 10mW input power. Its 60mAH rechargeable battery on the single charge of 2 hours gives 15 days standby time while 6 hours on music. The Bluetooth earphone is good for sportspeople and everyone who want to listen to music while they work. It comes with nano water resistance layer and anti-sweat, that is more durable to use. The magnetism with only 55cm cable makes easy to carry to it.

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6. Meizu EP-31 Portable Earphone

Meizu EP-31 Portable Earphone is another quality earphone from Meizu. It has aluminum alloy housing and anodizing craftsmanship for an elegant appearance. Meizu EP-31 is well-designed in-ear earphone specially designed for Meizu smartphone users. Its Ergonomic designed earbud tips make it easily portable and suitable for students, workers, and sportsperson as you may enjoy music wherever you selling earbuds headphones-good quality earphone-portable earphone-best selling headphones

The earphone is good for answering phone calls as well as switching to next music. Talking about the technology used, the balanced three frequencies provide super bass and clear sound. The product comes with two small size and two large size earbuds tips.

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Above mentioned all products are the best selling which is available at cheap rates. These all are best for daily uses with impressive quality and budget friendly prices. Here, get more such type of stuff at cheap rates: – EVERBUYING

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