Exclusive: iPhone X has a Serious Manufacturing Defect that Makes it “Unusable” in India

The road that goes towards “iPhone X lifestyle” has never been easier. Whether you consider the “most expensive” tag before purchase or the post-purchase life with iPhone X, it’s tough to separate iPhone X from serious problems and criticism. It seems that the $1000 iPhone X is a problem magnet as its unable to separate it from some serious problems.

No, I’m not talking about various iOS software issues and glitches that Apple warns about – a fix for those issues is around the corner as Apple has promised to improve performance with the upcoming iOS version. We are just a week ahead of WWDC 2018 when Apple would release iOS 12 (in developer beta), and I’m hoping this update would fix many iOS issues your iPhone is suffering from.

However, I’m talking about a serious manufacturing defect that even iOS 12 won’t be able to fix. It’s a hardware-specific manufacturing defect that makes iPhone X “unusable” in countries like India. Countries like India have a very high temperature in summers and the material used to create iPhone X exposes it to the overheating issue.

iPhone X Needs to Cool Down a Serious Manufacturing Defect

Overheating issue on iPhone X is not something new, Cult of Mac has already reported it. Some users have found an iPhone X case or cover as a fix for the excessive heating. However, the manufacturing defect I’m talking about makes iPhone X completely “unusable.”

Why a $1000 “iPhone needs to Cool Down”?

iPhone Temperature issue has existed as early as iPhone 4.

iPhone Needs to Cool Down Error

However, the most widespread overheating issue on iPhone X is related to the temperature of phone body not allowing users to turn on the flash. This shows an error message “Flash is Disabled” – The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.

Flah is Disabled iPhone Needs to Cool Down.PNG

But it’s not something you need to panic about as you can use your iPhone as usual except the flash. As soon as your phone cools down a bit, the flash on your iPhone also becomes active. Macworld has some tips to fix a hot iPhone.

I recently received an email from a user reporting “iPhone needs to cool down” error even while setting up the Face ID on the first day of her purchase. While setting up iPhone X for the first time, your iPhone requires more data, and multiple processes run in the background. So this increases the temperature of the iPhone. Due to all-glass back design, this heat is transferred all across the device.

It’s worth noting that Apple has purposely created an all-glass back design to bring wireless charging to the iPhone X. However, Apple’s wireless charging mat “AirPower” is still under development.

In such scenarios what you can do is: either set up your iPhone in a cool place or let the iPhone X cool down before you setup Face ID.

What makes iPhone X Unusable in India?

I live in Daltonganj (also known as Medininagar), which is a small town in India and here, the average temperature in summer is 40º to 45º Celcius. Some days are even hotter, and some areas might record a high of 48ºC. Take a look at what Google Assistant answers when asked about “Which is the highest temp city in India?”.

The highest recorded temperature is 45 degree celcius. The scorching sun makes it almost impossible to go out in the afternoons. The city, also known as, Medininagar, is one of the hottest cities in India. The highest temperature recorded is 48ºC in summers.

Google Assistant Answers Highest Temp City in India.jpeg

Just to confirm, here is the current weather update in Weather app on my iPhone.

Hottest City in India Daltonganj.PNG

When I started recording a 4K video using my iPhone X rear camera, within just 2-3 minutes, iPhone became too hot to hold. Although I had a case on my iPhone, which reduced the heat a bit, yet that wasn’t enough. I kept shooting for another few minutes until iPhone X itself reached “unusable” state. The screen shows a thermometer icon filled with red color along with an error message:


iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.

iPhone X Serious Manufacturing Defect Makes iPhone X Unusable.PNG

This puts you in a situation where you can do nothing on your iPhone, except emergency calls. And it shows the same error for the next few minutes until your iPhone cools down. Suppose you are stuck in such situation and you instantly need to make a call to your family members or friends, what you’ll do?

iPhone X Needs to Cool Down Before You Can Use.PNG

You can do nothing about it. Despite being as costly as $1000, your iPhone X will let you down. You’ll have to borrow a Phone from others to make a quick call in such situation. Although Apple has an official statement saying,

“Use iOS devices where the ambient temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F).”

It’s worth noting that currently, the price of the base model (64 GB) of iPhone X in India is ₹95,390 ($1414.86) while the 256GB model of iPhone X costs ₹108,930 ($1615.69). This means, people in India are paying approx $700 more than what people in the United States pay, but still left with no option to use iPhone X in usual weather conditions in the country.

However, my question is:

Dear Apple, how can we keep an AirConditioner everywhere we go?

In India the average temperature in summers is more than 35ºC, does that mean we should pack iPhone X in the box and not use in the summer season?

Do we pay $1615 to “not use” iPhone X in summers?

The irony is: Apple generates a significant percentage of its revenue from India, and Tim Cook planning to invest more in the Indian market:

“Let me start with India, and then I’ll talk more about China. India, we set a new first-half record. So we continue to put great energy there…”

However, even after the 10th anniversary of iPhone, creating an iPhone that people may use in higher temperature conditions is not Apple’s priority.


Apple iPhone X has a serious manufacturing defect. Other iPhones like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc. are not so heat-sensitive. But this year’s iPhones – iPhone X as well as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has glass on the back purposely to support wireless charging. Although Apple is rumored to introduce AirPower soon, I think Apple has to deal with a serious problem here in India.

Currently, iPhone X becomes “unusable” in normal temperature conditions of approx 44ºC; I’m threatened what will happen when the AirPower adds more heat during wireless charging? I don’t want Apple to become next Samsung and iPhone X to become the next Galaxy Note 7. Do you?

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  • vipin

    thanks for your review. this will we very important for users in india.

    • Hi Vipin,

      I’m glad you liked it. Yes, it’s crucial for people in countries like India.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Fixitman

    Not just in India! How about Phoenix (and most of southern Arizona?) Plus the iPhone is practically unusable as a telephone anyway, and always has been. Many people I know bought them only to find out they drop calls, the calls are of poor voice quality, or one end or the other of the telephone call can’t hear the other.
    How about just buying a standard, non-touch, tough flip phone like I have, instead. Much cheaper, and usable as a telephone! If you want to use it as a computer, I have an idea for you! Use a computer, instead. It’s like trying to use a motorcycle to haul a 15 ton load… except the motorcycle doesn’t even move when there’s no load and only one person on it! (So, buy a truck…)

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