7 Free Online HTML Form Generator to Build Killer DIY Form

When it comes to collecting users information, getting customers feedback or just listening to users questions and concerns about your services and products, online forms integrated into web pages are handy means. If you have a website offering goods and services, you are supposed to allow your customers a safe and private way to contact you efficiently. But there are only a few free online HTML from generator that lets you build a killer DIY form.

Generating online form with professional web developers may be costlier especially if you don’t have technical know-how of coding. But anyways, having a working form with elegant design and look is very crucial, in building a good, trustworthy relationship with your customers. So there comes the need of free online HTML form generator. Online HTML generators are handy tools which let you create and build killer DIY from easily. Not only you may integrate the form in your webpages easily, but also you may also customize its design and look, size and responsiveness, etc. without getting your hand dirty with codes.

However, all form builders are not created equal. So we have compiled a list of top 7 free online HTML form generators. Have a look at this and select the form builder depending upon your requirements.

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Top 7 Free Online HTML Form Generators to Build Killer DIY Forms

No matter whatever be your core purpose of creating a form, but there are certainly plenty of online form generator tools using which you may build HTML forms within few clicks.

Top 7 Free Online HTML Form Generator Tools to Build Killer DIY Form

1. JotForm – Form Builder

JotForm is so far the most popularly known free online form generator which is appreciated all over the world for its robust features. It is the easiest form builder tool that comes with 5000+ elegant looking and well designed pre-made templates that you may choose from.

JotForm - Powerful Online Form Builder

Its simple drag-and-drop tools let you customize and create the most powerful form of your choice easily and quickly. A large number of templates also provide you creative form generation ideas to create your form. When done with designing and editing, click save and get the code to embed in your web pages.

2. Wufoo – Online Form Builder With Cloud Storage Database

Wufoo is one of the best HTML form generators which offers quality services when it comes to building a custom form with great working features. The quality of Wufoo can’t be estimated only by the fact that popular brands like Twitter, Microsoft, Disney, Amazon, Sony, etc. use it but also you’ll have to look the various form creator tools it provides.

Wufoo - Free Online Form Builder Tool with Cloud Storage Database for Lead Generation

Wufoo has an easy user interface with simple to use every tool that you need to design a robust form. You may even include payment options like PayPal as well as file uploader in your form fields entry. Wufoo also provides robust report generator functionality, but unfortunately, that comes with the premium version.

3. Google Forms – Free Creative Survey Forms in Google Docs

We all know the different importances and usage of Google Docs, which is a perfect alternative to Microsoft office but not many people know that Google Docs also lets you create free forms quickly. The seamless integration of all other Google apps e.g. free useful services like Spreadsheets, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. make it even more robust tool.

Google Forms - Free Creative Beatiful Survey Forms in Google Docs

Google forms include all the primary from fields but the only disadvantage is there is no option to integrate advanced form fields like payment options and only a few basic templates to choose. But automatic data integration in the spreadsheet and even faster field editing feature with the allowance of adding few extra custom fields with scripts – makes it even better than all other free form generator tools.

4. pForm – Free HTML Form Builder

pForm (also known as phpform) lets you create well-designed colorful HTML forms within seconds. The 3-easy step with the first step asking you to choose a color scheme, second letting you customize and design your form and finally third allowing you download HTML form – allows you to build your dream form quickly.

pForm - php Form Free HTML Form Builder - Create Web Form Template Online

pForm has around 25+ color schemes to choose but what is most fascinating is its pre-made fields to drag and drop, thus allowing you to customize your HTML form quickly. Moreover, the icing on the cake – all this comes for free.

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5. Form Site – Create HTML Form and Surveys

With Formsite, you may quickly build professional online HTML form. Whether you want to build contact forms, lead generation forms, survey forms, payment billing forms or whatever else, Formsite has 100+ pre-build elegant looking templates to choose.

FormSite - Online Form Builder - Create HTML Form Online and Surveys

The drag and drop feature also allow even a non-techy users to go code-less and create almost any type of web forms quickly. Though the free version of online form builder allows you to create only five forms, the QR-code generation, and social integration, etc. feature takes it a step ahead of all other form builders.

6. reFormed – Free Online HTML5 Themeable Form Generator

If you are looking for a dynamic and interactive form builder that provides step-by-step instructions to create robust forms with designers tweaks, then reFormed is perfect HTML form generator for you. It is a very flexible form builder that allows you to choose which fields to be included and which to be omitted.

reFormed - Free Online HTML5 Themeable Form Generator

Not only you may specify the required fields in your forms, but also you may quickly take a preview after saving code and before making it live on your site.

7. 123ContactForm – Lead Generation and Contact Form Builder

Lat but not the least, 123ContactForm is a great form builder for generating well-designed contact forms. No matter, whether you want to create great lead generation forms, survey or quiz forms or orders and feedback form – 123ContactForm has an easy solution for all.

123ContactForm - Free Online Form Builder - Lead Generation and Contact Form Builder

123ContactForm has an easy to use, simple user, interface with a large number of pre-build form templates that are quickly customizable and can be integrated with WordPress, Blogger, and all popular CMS.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Just because you don’t have coding skills, it doesn’t mean you can’t create well designed and impressive looking HTML form for your website. No matter whether you want to create basic contact form or a large number of attractive lead generation forms for A/B testing, the free online HTML form generator tools will help you build your template quickly without the need for coding.

Hope this post would help you to create your template for online HTML form. Do let me know if I missed any. Also, share your views on your favorite choice using the comment box below.

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