17+ Best CPM Advertising Networks that Pay Really Higher

Cost Per Impressions or CPM advertisements is another powerful way to increase your blog revenue. Out of the various methods to monetize a blog, advertisements are most popular among bloggers and publishers. As getting advertisements to place on the blog and earning money from your existing blog traffic is easy – so ad-networks are the most preferred destination for publishers.

Though top paying ad-networks like Google AdSense pay high and getting AdSense approval is easy for new blogs also, so you may earn money with Google AdSense easily even if you have a low traffic website. But since Google AdSense is a PPC [Pay Per Click] program which pays on CPC [Cost Per Click] basis, so you need a good percentage of CTR to earn enough from your blog.

However, to earn money from other monetization methods like CPA [Cost Per Action] ads is even tougher as you need highly targeted and qualified traffic to convert visitors into customers and make sales happen. If you have such niche-oriented highly qualified traffic, you may try any of highest paying affiliate programs also.

17+ Best CPM Advertising Networks that Pay Really Higher

But generally, blogs with a good number of returning visitors struggle to make money with Google AdSense as the loyal readers of any website are aware of where the ads are placed and where the content exists. So, the banner blindness or say advertisements blindness (more precisely) makes it tough for publishers to earn good revenue.

There comes the need of CPM based advertisement programs for publishers.

What are CPM Advertising Programs?

CPM Advertising Programs also are known as Cost Per Impression is high paying advertising program that pays per 1000 impressions. So, no matter whether your visitors click on ads or not – with CPM ad networks you get paid for their visit only. However, if they do [click on your blog CPM ads], your earning will be even better.

Since CPM ads can be put together with AdSense ads on the same web page, they can add a good amount of income to your blog earning only to supplement and increase your overall AdSense revenue.

What is a Good CPM Rate? Better CPM Rate? And Best CPM Rates?

As I discussed above, CPM ads pay on per 1000 impression basis. So, they have a fixed CPM rate for each 1000 impression. The CPM rates usually range between $1 to $3 per 1000 impressions.

Depending upon the traffic strength of your blog, you may get either good CPM rates [around $1],  better CPM rates [around $2] or best CPM rates [$3 or above].

How Much Can You Earn from Best CPM Advertising Programs?

It depends totally upon the quality of CPM ad networks you are partnered to show CPM ads on your blog, the CPM rates provided, your blog traffic strength, your visitor’s behavior on your web pages as well as your ad-placement positions.

To make it simpler, let’s do a simple mathematics calculation:

If your blog is getting 12,000 visitors per day who churn out around 30,000 page views per day with an average of 2.50 pages per visit, then with an average CPM rate of $2 you will be earning like this:

30,000/1000 = 30 x $2 CPM = $60 per day.

I don’t think it is too bad!

But the point is – you’ll have to be smart in choosing the top paying CPM ad networks. So how do you select the perfect CPM advertising program for your blog?

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17+ High Paying CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers & Publishers

Today, I’m listing 17+ most popular and top paying CPM advertising networks for publishers. As I’m listing them based on popularity, so it is your duty to check their various requirements and details like what are their traffic requirements, what payment methods they use to offer payments, what is minimum payment threshold, etc.

Depending upon traffic requirements for a top CPM ad network, new sites with very less traffic may find it tough to get accepted, but anyway, there are as many as 17+ listed here – so try another.

1. Exponential [Tribal Fusion Earlier]

Exponential is one of the most popular CPM advertising programs which is known for its advertising intelligence. It is probably the best CPM ad network in the market right now with high CPM rates.

Though getting approved for their publisher program is tough as their traffic requirements are quite higher as compared to others, but if your blog is getting around a minimum of 500,000 unique users per month, then you are eligible for applying.

2. Index Exchange [Casale Media Earlier]

Index Exchange not only offers high CPM rates but also lets you choose your CPM rates. If you are getting around 50,000 unique visitors per month, then you are good to go.

Applying for Index Exchange publisher program is easy, and a powerful publisher dashboard enables you to interact and manage CPM advertisements very effectively.

3. CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive is another powerful CPM ad network that provides advertisements in many formats like banner ads placement, CPC and CPA ads as well as pop-up ads, etc. As it is one of the most reputed CPM ad networks, so getting approved for CPX Interactive publisher program is quite tough.

But if you have an established website with a good reputation and around 30,000 visitors per month then you should apply right now. The minimum payment threshold is $50 via NET 30 check.

4. Rhyme One [Burst Media Earlier]

One of the most popular CPM ad network – Burst Media is now a part of RhymeOne. With RhymeOne, you have total control over which ads will run on your blog.

For applying, you need to have a frequently updated website with good quality stuff and a minimum of 25,000 page views per month. The minimum payout is $50 with PayPal, Check or EFT Transfer.

5. Advertising

Advertising is one of the highest paying CPM networks which is popularly known as a trusted advertising media. AOL owns it. It doesn’t offer publishers to control the types of ads to be shown, but it shows relevant ads to your website content.

If you have a high visitor base, then you are good to get started as a publisher on Advertising.com. The minimum payment requirement is $25.

6. Synacor Media [Technorati Earlier]

Technorati media has even a lower payment threshold as you are paid once you reach $20. They have various payment methods for you like – PayPal, check or wire transfer as well as account credit which you may use for advertising.

Technorati is high CPM-based advertising network as it offers very high CPM rates as compared to all other CPM ad networks listed here. However, your website/blog also needs to be at its best for getting approval.

7. Meridian Sovrn [Lijit Earlier]

The Popularly known Lijit.com of past days is now Sovrn Network. They offer you various tools to maximize your website revenue. They also provide featured articles around the web from some of the world’s most admired publishers.

To join Sovrn network, your website has to be of high quality with good visitors database. The minimum payout is $25 via PayPal.

8. Conversant Network [Value Click Media Earlier]

Value Click Media of early days has now turned as Conversant Network. They offer a much fuller range of ad formats like Standard Display, Rich Media, Over the Page, Video, In-Text Rollovers, Full-Screen Ads, Email newsletter ads, etc.

With high CPM rates and easy to manage and control what ads to be shown on your site, you have a good potential to monetize your website with Conversant networks as they approve even low traffic websites with around 3000 visitors per month.

9. BuySellAds

With the flexibility to choose your CPM rates, BuySellAds is so far most trusted and popularly known CPM ad network which provides unbelievable high CPM rates for really high-quality publishers.

Though getting approved for BSA is quite tough and while manual approval of your website, they check various factors on your blog like how frequently you update your site with high-quality content, how large and effective your social following is, your website’s Alexa rank, etc.

10. Adtegrity

Adtegrity serves Mobile advertising, Display advertising, video advertising as well as social advertising. It is one of the oldest eCPM based advertising networks which approves only quality sites with a good amount of traffic.

If you have a blog with around 5,00,000 page views per month, then you can easily get approval on Adtegrity. The minimum cash out is $50 with PayPal or check.

11. Axill

Axill is one of the fastest-growing publisher networks. It is a CPM advertising program provides a complete solution for publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites.

The effective eCPM rates of Axill ensures you get fast and secure payment via NET 30 [Skrill] or wire transfer. To maximize your earning with powerful CPM ad network of Axill, you can either choose branding or performance network.

12. PopCash

PopCash is a very popular CPM advertising network which is popularly known as the popunder advertising program. With PopCash you can maximize your revenue and start earning money with your blog in less than 10 minutes. When you apply for PopCash, the system approves your blog in less than 10 minutes.

The minimum payment threshold is only $10 which is done through PayPal, Paxum or Payza. The payments are done once every weekend days.

13. Epom

Epom Market is popularly known as powerful ad network to help quality websites monetize and maximize their revenue. The eCPM rates are from $0.5 to $3.7 which is a very high CPM rate as compared to other CPM based advertising programs.

Minimum cash out limit is $100 via check or PayPal. They accept only those websites with a monthly volume of impressions more than 500 000.

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14. Ad4Game

AD4Gmae is the internet’s Game ad Network that provides a variety of ad formats to monetize your website traffic. If you have a gaming website or you’re a game app developer, then Ad4Game is a perfect CPM based advertising network for you as it provides flexible ads for monetization and earning revenue.

You may also join their affiliate program and earn for each install of apps and software. The minimum payment threshold is $1 via Paypal or bank wire transfer in local currencies.

15. AdCash

If you want to monetize your blog traffic by leveraging high-quality ads from top brands with high eCPM rates, then AdCash is the place for you. In fact, AdCash is an affiliate network rather than just CPM advertising network.

The minimum payout is €25 via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Skrill and NET 30. AdCash works with more than over 1,50,000 advertisers who want to pay you for generating leads with quality traffic.

16. Banner Connect

Banner Connect is one of the most trusted partners of World’s leading media traders, and they have been an expert on automated ad-media trading since early 2004.

They believe in providing real value to your online content to help you monetize your data by offering high CPM rates for per thousand impressions on your website.

17. Clove Networks

If you are wondering what kind of ads will work on your site and how will you attract advertisers for your site then, Clove Networks is for you as it is a very old eCPM advertising program that serves ads on thousand of very high-quality publishers.

It offers a broad range of ads with flexible and transparent service in various ad formats. Their ad optimization and optimized technology also help top brands with quality CPM advertising.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

In a world when everyone is looking to earn more, no doubt your blog need not stay behind. The discussion over topic cost per click vs. cost per impressions will keep going forever but what matters is the quality of traffic your website is getting. So choose your monetization strategy smartly depending upon your visitor’s strength.

By the way, running both simultaneously never hurts as you may run an A/B split test on what works better and what not – Which is also beneficial to improve your blog monetization strategy.

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    i use infolinks on my website. its paying high for forum website., you can check how i optimize my website for high earnings . check my site. i also use revenuehits but pays low. also adcash pays low unless traffic comes from US .also op , correct info is adcash minimum pay is 100 euros.i am yet to get a good cpm ad network that will pay a bit high and that can work with pop ads too

  • Infostrides

    Good stuff! There are couple of ad networks that offer good pay with more lenient conditions. I have tested Adtall.com and am happy with it. Prompt payment, 100% Fill rate. CPC and CPM. Review and add it to your list for the benefit of others.

  • Brian Guffey

    We have used many of the companies on this list, but one you are leaving off is Adosia. Those guys respond quicker than any other networks and are revenue generating studs. They optimized our inventory, helped us redesign our site and doubled our monthly revenues. We always heard about high CPMs, but fill rates were low and we never made enough money. They looked at both and our revenues skyrocketed!! We recommend Adosia highly!

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    CPM ads networks are best for those who don’t get enough clicks on ads that are placed on their blogs. You have shared a great list of CPM ad networks to make money from impressions.

    I will surely share this article with my friends and blogging mates to help them make money from CPM ad networks.

    Thanks for sharing and helping.

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    Great list!!!….I used many ad networks but no use.but now i’m looking good result with adotize. Best ad network

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    One thing this post and almost all the other posts on this topic lacks is that almost all the CPM advertisers mentioned accept applications with higher page views. Everyone forgets there are a lot of bloggers with little traffic and actually they are the ones desperately wanting to make money from their blog. I’m one of them. I searched a lot of keywords (and by the way, this post came in first page of google when I searched “top CPM networks” ) and everywhere else, only the CPM networks which accept the publishers with high traffic are mentioned.
    And, it would be more awesome if by any means, the average CPM rates provided by the Ad networks were mentioned.
    Besides all of that, this is a wonderful resource and has reached to a lot of people as it appears on Google’s first page for a popular keyword.
    The blog is great too. Will keep on visiting more often. Cheers!

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    Try using Adsblow.com. Their stats are just awesome and pays really well. They don’t have any traffic requirement except they don’t allow porn sites. Try it.

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    Try adotize.com ad network.One of the best ad network.i’m getting high cpm rates

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    Thank you for providing a great list of the best CPM ad networks. After unapproved from Google Adsense I am searching for the best CPM ad network and found that H12 Media is the best and worked well with good CPM for my blog. I have written a review of H12 Media Ads along with my experience and payment proof.

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    Nice article. I’m using infolinks but earning very low. will try adotize.com

  • Julie Reynolds

    This is a solid list. I think I’ve worked with over half of these networks. A couple others that generate good CPM’s is Envero Media which provide sponsored content at the bottom of articles and  provide games widgets which monetise high CPM video ads.

  • Muhammad Farooq

    I am using cpmpoint.com and this is working well for me and also accept all types of sites.

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