Google MentalPlex, Google Gulp and Other Funny Google’s April Fool FAQs You Should Know

Every year on April 1st, you try to think of the perfect prank to play on someone. You spend hours and hours trying to think of the perfect prank. Magazines, Newspapers, and other media also get in on the fun of playing jokes on their readers. They take advantage of their reputation of being a serious and trustworthy source of information, so when April Fools comes around, we all easily fall for their pranks.

If you fall for a prank, you obviously feel silly afterward, but you have to admit that it was fun. After you realize that you have been a victim of an April Fools prank, you just can’t wait to get back at that person. It’s going to be hard getting your revenge since they are going to expect it, but that’s part of the fun.

When certain tech giants such as Google get the reputation of playing a prank on their followers, it is less likely that you will fall for their pranks. Even though you expect Google to try and fool us every year, just trying to think of how they are going to pull it off keeps you busy.

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What is Google MentalPlex?

Google MentalPlex is a different kind of search engine. It was first posted on April 1st, 2000 and aimed at guessing more than what the traditional Google Search Engine. What Google Mental does is that guesses what you are going to search for by using 1.3 billion variables. It uses things such as:

  • The current air humidity, pressure, and ozone content
  • The last five sites you were on
  • Your brainwave activity and personal aura
  • Astrological configuration when you visited
  • Vectors and speed of you mouse movement

Google MentalPlex is the search engine of the future since you don’t even have to type anything since it can guess what you want to look for.

The Best Pranks by Google - Google MentalPlex, Google Gulp and Other Funny Google's April Fool FAQs You Should Know

Thanks to Parapsychology, Pseudointelligence, and improbability this mental search engine is possible. Since Google MentalPlex can guess what you want, you don’t waste time trying to find the right words for ideal results. It also doesn’t matter what language you speak since it pokes at your mind when you let it.

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Google MentalPlex FAQ

Does Google MentalPlex read minds? – Of course not! Google MentalPlex uses the safest methods to give you the best search results. It detects electric field variations that are made by concentrated thought and can translate the field variations as extended categories of content.

Is Google MentalPlex search dangerous? – Not at all. Google MentalPlex is the safest way to search since you don’t even have to type anything, thus sparing you from suffering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Google warns that if you are not used to concentrating, you will experience dizziness, headaches or flashes of brilliance. Don’t panic if this happens to you since it passes quickly.

Who Shouldn’t Use Google MentalPlex? – Google made MentalPlex thinking of everyone but there are some people who shouldn’t use it. For example, if you’re Cynical, Skeptic, or are considered a doubting Tomas then you might want to pass on this.

What is Google Gulp Beta?

If you’re into sports, then you’ve obviously had a sports drink. You drink it to quench your thirst and give yourself more energy. It is nothing out of this world to see an athlete with such a drink in his/her hand, but what about a sports drink for the brain?

That’s where Google Gulp comes in. As you can see by the name, it’s in Beta version, so there are still some things to sort out.

Google Gulp - Best Google April Fool Pranks - Google MentalPlex, Google Gulp and Other Funny Google's April Fool FAQs You Should Know

What Google Gulp does is that it speeds up the process that is sent by electrical impulses called neurotransmitters between neurons through axons operating between synapses. Keeping it short, the more you drink, the better you feel. With Google Gulp, your DNA is altered to make you smarter.

You can choose from a variety of Beta flavors such as Carroty to Glutamate Grape. With these drinks from Google, you will have the perfect drink to eliminate your thirst for knowledge.

How to Get Google Gulp?

If you just have to have Google Gulp, getting is not so easy. All you have to do is turn in a used Gulp Cap at your local supermarket. You can also have a friend give you one, but if you don’t have any friends that have one, then you are not as cool as Google, sorry.

Google Gulp FAQ

Isn’t it Dangerous that Google Gulp Changes My Brain Chemistry? – Not at all. Remember, Google Gulp Changes your brain chemistry for the better, who wouldn’t want that? Besides, the drink was tested on lab rats, and they seem to be doing fine, at least for now. There was that one rat that went blind, but I don’t think it had anything to do with the drink.

Don’t forget that once you open Google Gulp, a secret and invisible message is sent to Google telling them you accept all the terms and conditions. So, you can’t sue if you start to lose your hair.

What happens if I Don’t Use Google Gulp? – Don’t worry; it’s not like the cops are going to know your door or anything like that. Whenever you don’t want to use it, simply go to the Google Gulp preferences page and toggle it off.

Will Google Come Out With More Food Products? – You know that Google doesn’t like to comments on its future projects. It likes to keep things under wraps but never says never.

Will Google Gulp Always Be in Beta? – If there is one thing that Google hates is when you pressure them. They will come out of Beta when they want to and not just because everyone is pressuring them. The tech giant likes their freedom.

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Google Fiber Dial-Up Mode FAQ

Google wanted people to have more time for the most important things in life. Since the Internet speed was so fast, people just didn’t have time for things like hugging their kids, calling their parents or talking to another human being. Google changed that by presenting Dial-Up Mode, but what are people asking? Let’s find out:

Is Google’s Dial-Up Mode for Real? – Of course, it is! (laughing because you believed me). As I mentioned before, Google wants you to recover the time lost with other actual people.

Does Google Dial-Up Mode Support Dreamcast? – You can try, and you will see how you will even have a chance to go to the supermarket and get back.

Where is The Phone Cable? – It should be at your local store, I mean if they still sell it.

Smartbox by Inbox FAQ

Can you imagine an inbox that notifies you when you have mail? or an inbox you can take anywhere? It almost sounds like magic doesn’t it? Google wanted you to enjoy this kind of mail, and that’s why it created Smartbox by Inbox. When something new comes out, people usually have questions, let’s see what they are:

Seriously, Who wouldn’t steal this? – Just about anyone would steal it since they would get a pretty penny for it. If you get one and it’s stolen, just buy another one, problem solved.

Why is there a tablet on the side of it? – So you can have access to all the apps that Google has for you to enjoy. Instead of using them in the comfort of your home, walk outside (even if it’s raining) and use it there.

Why would I carry that around? – If you didn’t how would you have access to your mail? If you are a busy person then carrying it around is a must.

What if someone jut picked it up and ran away? – If that happened, then it looks like someone needs a new Smartbox, don’t you think? If for some reason, someone steals it again, just keep repeating the buying process over and over.

Can I program Smartbox to reject bills? – Of course, you can. Besides rejecting spam, you can program Smartbox to reject just about anything. To set this up go to Settings > Sub-Settings > Mail > Sub-Mail > Smartbox > Block > Bills.

What is Google Actual Cloud Storage?

When someone tells you that their data is securely saved in the cloud, they are not completely honest. Why? Well, because your information is not in an actual cloud. It’s on a server who knows where that can be blow up at any time. So, can you honestly say that your data is in the cloud? No!

With Google Actual Cloud you can. Google actually created an actual cloud, hence the name Google Actual Cloud. Now, with this Google creation, you can honestly say that your data is in a Google Actual Cloud.

Google Actual Cloud Storage FAQ

Will Google Actual Cloud Storage solve California water crisis? – Um, That’s a good question.

Does Google Actual Cloud connect via rainbow? – Google has a secret connectivity system for its everyday connectivity. They will only use a rainbow connectivity in emergencies.

When the weather is dry, will my app generate moist to keep it airborne or will it just wait for the wind to take it to another place? – To use Google Actual Cloud, you will need to download the app from Google Play that can be your for a gazillion dollars. The app will generate all the moist you will need, no need to worry.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Please tell me you didn’t actual believed any of this did you? I’m sure you didn’t, but after going over some of Google April Fool’s pranks, one thing is clear, they have a sense of humor! Google is always working hard to bring us the best apps and services out there, but you have to agree that all work and no play make jack a dull boy.

It’s only natural that Google will want to goof off from time to time and the only day they can do that is on April Fool’s Day. There is no doubt that Google is great at pulling off these kinds of pranks that many users just can’t wait to see year after year.

It’s great that Google goes to all this trouble to make us laugh by creating a video and using what I can only assume is Google employees who want to have fun. What is your favorite Google April Fool’s prank? Let me know in the comments.

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