Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know About Google Home

Google Allo, Google Photos, Google Docs and the services that start with Google just keep on going and going. Google Home is the latest addition to the list of Google’s products. You don’t have to be techy to know that Google is the leading tech giant to have a service for just about anything. Hey, no complaints here, if it’s useful and makes our lives a little easier, it’s definitely welcome.

Since Google is always working, it is no surprise that they are regularly presenting services or devices. In this case, it is a very useful device called Google Home that features advanced far-field microphones, a high-quality speaker with three audio drivers, and intuitive touch controls. No, it’s not an actual house with slides and different colored bean bags, it’s something you can take to your home.

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What is Google Home?

You already know what Google Home is not, now let me tell you what Google Home is. It is a good looking device that besides decorating your home; it is going to bring Google Assistant to just about any room. By just saying, ” OK, Google or Hey Google” you can activate the Assistant to ask it anything you want to. It is a lot easier to give a command from anywhere than having to reach for your phone or device. Google Home is going to try and compete with Amazon Echo, and only time will tell if it has what it takes to become number one.

Google Home - Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know About Google Home

What is Google Home Capable of Doing?

You already know what Google Home is, but now let’s get to what matters; what it can do for you. To try and beat Amazon Echo, Google Home is going to try and stand out in being better at controlling the smart devices you have in your home. If you have any of Google’s Nest series of products, then Google Home is going to fit right in. You will be happy to know that Google Home is going to be compatible with quite a

You will be happy to know that Google Home is going to be compatible with quite a few music streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn. But, if you are more into video services, you will be able to enjoy services such as YouTube (of course) and Netflix. The things you can do with Google Home are endless.

You can do things such as check what time your flight leaves, listen to your favorite song or even watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show. In a nutshell, it can do everything the Google assistant on your phone can do.

Google Home Features - Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know About Google Home

Google Home Has Some Style

Unlike Amazon Echo, Google Home gives you the opportunity to enjoy exchangeable bases. That’s right; you can change the base to all sorts of colors so they can match your style. You can choose between color such as Gray, black, copper, silver, purple and more! Google Home will give you the best service possible and still look good in the process. It also leaves Echo behind in the fact that you won’t need to sign up for a yearly contract to enjoy everything Google Home has to offer. Hear that Amazon Echo?

Google Home is Also a Bluetooth Speaker

The primary function of Google Home is it being a splendid Assistant, but it is capable of more. You can also use it as a capable Bluetooth speaker to give you the best sound it can. It’s a WiFi speaker that can stream your favorite tunes from the cloud with an amazing bass and clear highs. Your music selection is not limited to streaming services; you can also send your music from your iOS and Android device through Google Cast. You will also love the sound since it’s fantastic. Thanks to the three audio drivers that are facing in various directions and deliver that sonic sound we all want to from a device.

Google Home Drawbacks

One thing I would add, though, is sound kind of audio confirmation that Google Home has heard you. When it is idle, it will display a soft glow, so you know it’s on and when you say the magic words Google colors appear to confirm that it’s ready. But, what if you are far enough that you can’t see the lights? How can you be sure Google Home heard you? Hopefully, Google will fix that later. Google Home (from the looks of it) only has two microphones while Echo has a whopping seven microphones. I guess you can’t be the best in everything.

With that many microphones, you are sure you’ve been heard, even if you didn’t get an audio confirmation. Google Home also doesn’t execute tasks as well as Echo. Echo is better at completing a larger number of skills and thanks to its rich SKD it can do things such as call you an Uber or order that pizza you have been craving. Home can’t do that. You won’t be happy to know that you can only sync one Google account at a time. At least for now it can’t handle multiple accounts, something that could keep potential buyers from giving it a try.

Other Things Google Home Can Do

Google Home also knows you want some privacy from time to time. That’s why it has also included a mute button for those times when you don’t want it listening in on your conversations (hopefully that’s all you have to do so it won’t listen). You will also be happy to know that Google Home can even guess what you want. Yup, let’s say you want to hear that dance song from the Trolls movie. Google Home will automatically play the Justin Timberlake song called Can’t Fight the Feeling. You don’t need to have all the information so Home can give you what you want.

Since Google Home has access to your calendar and Emails (just to mention a few) it can get to know you better and give you information Echo can’t. With access, Google Home can also inform you about your calendar appointments, traffic update, tell you on any upcoming trips and set alarms. Oh, almost forgot, it can also multiple cooking timers and administer shopping lists.

The multi-room functionality is also great since Google Home will be able to play the same song in various rooms. It is a great feature since you will continue to enjoy your music and it won’t matter what part of your home you are in.

Google Home - Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know About Google Home

What is the Price for Google Home?

Google Home leaves Echo behind in price since it is cheaper; Echo sells for $180 while Google Home retails for $130. Home is also better at answering random questions than Alexa (the assistant name for Amazon Echo). Home is also smaller and more compact than Echo, making it easier to fit into your bag or luggage. There is an app you will need to download to your device, and the app is for both Android and iOS devices.

Speaking of apps, Home also supports content streaming from Chromecast-compatible apps. With this feature, you will have more than 100 sources to select from. Google Home is capable of delivering voice commands to other Chromecast devices as well.

Setting Up Google Home

I’m sure that there are devices that are a complete nightmare to set up, but you won’t have that problem with Google Home. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it is easy to set up and you won’t need even to enter your Wi-Fi password whenever to want to connect a speaker to the same network as your phone or tablet.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Google Home may not be able to keep up with Echo on some features, but the price makes up for that. Knowing Google, you know that they are going to improve their product. Who knows, maybe in time Home will blow Echo out of the water and once again Google will be the king of the universe. What are your thoughts on Google Home? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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