Top 8 Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

One of the cool ways to spend a vacation is to plan a trip and visit a beautiful place you always wish to be. While traveling during a vacation can be pleasant but at the same time, without any proper planning, your trip may not be so pleasant as you had wished. You may just end up asking for directions, or simply won’t be able to take full advantage of your travel. So it is crucial to plan everything ahead, this way you will only have to focus on enjoying your time instead of just getting confused. Thanks to a plethora of holiday apps we can access on our smartphones, planning holidays is much easier now.

There are many free holiday apps available to help you make your traveling fun and easy. From navigations to translation and communication to currency exchange, there is an app for everything. You just have to find the perfect holiday apps to take with you and get them ready for your next vacation trip.

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8 Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

To ensure your holidays don’t blow up on your face, we have gathered the best travel and holiday apps to assist you. The location might limit some of these holiday apps, so check the availability of the app’s services before going on the vacation.

1. HERE Maps

Navigation is the most important part of holidays. You don’t want to get lost in an entirely unknown location right? Although, Google Maps work just fine for navigation, but HERE Map might be a safer option when you are in a strange place. HERE Maps offline navigation will navigate you without any internet connection, so you will not have to worry about losing the network.

HERE Maps- Best App For Offline Navigation - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

Along with offline maps, it has everything you will ever need. You can see public transit maps, get a 3D indoor view of the famous places, real-time traffic details, save the map of whole countries, turn-by-turn navigation and much more.

2. Citymapper

Now that you have got a solution for the navigation part, it is time to ensure you get to travel comfortably. If you are planning on using public transport for traveling, then Citymapper is a must have app. Although it has very limited support for cities, yet the information it offers is very accurate. It will automatically find the best route to your destination and recommend public transportation according to the route and your need.

Citymapper-Get real-time public Transit updates - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

It will update you in the real-time about your train or bus arrivals and also notify you about your stops. It integrates with Uber, Car2go, Foursquare, Yelp and Twitter to let you take advantage of all these services right inside the Citymapper app.

3. Google Translate

If you don’t know the language of the area you are going, you can have a lot of problems. There are menus, signs, boards and many other types information that you will not be able to interpret. In such a situation, Google Translate is all you will need. It will let you translate 90 different languages, and also let you use your phone’s camera to translate words, signs, and menus, etc.

Google Translate- Translate up to 90 languages - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

It even has two-way speech translation to help you talk to people in their language. It works best with an internet connection, but you can download required language packs to use it in offline mode as well. You should note that the translation will not be perfect, but it should be good enough to get you going. Furthermore, all the features are not available for all supported languages (90 languages), so do check your desired languages before using any function.

4. Yahoo Weather

A weather app is a must on the holidays and travels to ensure weather doesn’t spoil your enjoyment. Yahoo Weather is a great free weather app for this purpose with the ability to give your forecast of 10 days ahead. It even attaches Flickr photos of the weather in your area (or desired area) to see the weather conditions with your own eyes.

Yahoo Weather- Best Weather App for Holidays - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

You can get weather notifications for your favorite places and see details about the weather with animations. You can even check out maps with heat and snow indications, and get a satellite view of the area.

5. XE Currency

Scamming a foreigner who has no idea what the currency rates are is all too easy. So don’t become the victim of these scams and use XE Currency to get the latest exchange rates. It covers all the world currencies and precious metals and updates all the rates every minute. It saves all the updated rates so that you could use the app even offline with most recently updated rates.

XE Currency- Get latest currency rates - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

You can use the built-in currency converter to convert currency on the go and even use it offline. Furthermore, the app is completely customizable, and you can use it according to your need. You can set update frequency, track base currency, reset rates with a shake and use XE Currency widget to get quickly updated.

6. Skype

You might already have Skype on your phone, but it can be a great companion if you are going for holidays outside your country where your carrier may apply roaming charges. Skype will let you call/message other Skype users for free, and you can take advantage of their paid subscription to call landline and mobile numbers much cheaper than what your carrier may charge you.

Skype- Call from any where - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

It will get you out of the hassle of keeping track of carrier charges and let you call people without worrying about spending hundreds of dollars. Additionally, being a VoIP service, it offers many other features that standard phone calls lack. You can video chat with people, chat or call a group of individuals and even share photos and files with other users of Skype.

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7. TripIt

Holidays, of course, involve traveling and when you are traveling, having an itinerary app is crucial. TripIt is a useful itinerary app that will keep track of all your reservations and tickets and keep you updated with their status. If you are a Google Apps user, then it will automatically take out details from your confirmation emails, or you can send the emails to TripIt directly.

TripIt- Best itinerary app for holidays - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

It will let you access all your itineraries anywhere with any device and also take note of them offline. You can get details maps of your traveling area and share your plans with other people over social media or via email. Your plans are also automatically synced with Google Calendar and Outlook.

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8. WiFi Finder

If you don’t want to depend on your mobile data for using all these holiday apps, then WiFi Finder can help you find available free and paid WiFi hotspots near your location. It covers over 144 countries and lets you find public and paid WiFi hotspots both online and offline. You can quickly filter the results to find the best WiFi hotspot near you.

wifi-finder- Find WiFi hotspots any where - Best Free Holiday Apps to Take with You on Your Holidays

The app is quite simple to use and also very light on the resources. It will track down your location and find all the WiFi hotspots near you, and even if you are offline you can still manually search for available WiFi hotspots in a particular area.

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The Pro Review From TechReviewPro

Holidays are meant to help us relax and relieve stress, but going to an unknown place can be unpleasant and stressful if you haven’t planned it well. You can use the free holiday apps recommended by us to plan your holidays and have a worry free holidays. Most of the best holiday apps mentioned above are available for free, but they do come with some upgrades or paid subscriptions to get the most out of them.

Although free features should be more than enough, yet if you don’t want to take any chances or want more for your holidays, a paid upgrade is always welcomed. If you use any other cool holiday apps during the vacation trips, do let us know in the comments.

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