Top 6 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad

Audiobook apps are a savior when you do not have time to read the whole book or for some reason, or you do not like reading. Maybe you just want to continue reading a book or a story while commuting.

Whatever be the reason, Audiobooks come in handy for a lot of users. There are a lot of services offering Audiobooks through apps or websites.

In this article, we are going to discuss why should you prefer Audiobooks and if you do, what are the best Audiobook apps available for the iPhone and iPad.

Why Should You Prefer Audiobooks?

The first thing that I think why people prefer Audiobooks – it doesn’t take any of your “real” physical space. So, you can keep on listening to thousands of books without worrying about managing the paperback editions in your room.

Second, portability. Of course, no one wants to carry a book collection when you travel or head out, right?

So, in that case, the best Audiobook app can save you from the hassle and let you access your favorite content wherever you like.

Lastly, the immersive experience that you get with your headphones/earphones could be something better than reading the book silently. Technically, you will be more attentive to an audiobook.

There can be several reasons as to why people prefer (or should prefer) Audiobooks. These are just my personal thoughts on it – I hope you can relate to it.

Top 6 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here, I recommend some of my top suggestions for the best Audiobook apps. Do note, the list is in no particular order of ranking. So, choose whichever audiobook apps suit your iPhone the best.

1. Apple Books

Best iPhone Audiobook Apps - Top 6 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone

Undoubtedly, Apple’s own ‘Apple Books’ app will be my first recommendation if you are looking for the best Audiobook app for iPhone or iPad.

Apple Books is the best way to get a seamless experience of audiobooks on your iPhone or an iPad. The user interface is reader-friendly, if not too rich. It also features a dark mode, if you are wondering in case you need to read.

The best thing about Apple Books is – you get to download/listen to audiobooks and have the option to read digital copies when required. So, you can have two abilities while using a single app – which is impressive.

I would recommend you to give this audiobook app a try.

2. Amazon Kindle

Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone - Top 6 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone

Amazon Kindle is a great alternative to Apple Books if you want to explore a wider collection from a variety of authors (new and popular). Its unlimited subscription option is a quite attractive offer for every audiobook user.

In addition to the offer, it provides an excellent user interface and options while reading or listening to an audiobook. The best thing here is – if you already have Amazon Prime, you will get access to a big catalog for no extra charges. For some, it might be one headache less – but you can compare other options too.

This is also an essential app to have if you already own a Kindle device to read (or listen to) books when at home. You can continue the experience even while commuting by having the audiobook app installed on your iPhone and iPad.

3. Audible

Best audiobook app for iPhone - Top 6 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone

This is easily one of the most popular choices when considering an audiobook app for your smartphone. Of course, you should give it a try on your iOS devices.

Audible is known for a huge collection of Audiobooks. While it primarily focuses on audio content, you will get some exclusives and originals which you may not find on Apple Books or Amazon Kindle.

To give you a background, Audible is an Amazon company – so you need to sign in with your Amazon account.

It is worth noting that Audible services are not included with Amazon Prime membership in any way. So, it is a separate investment if you choose to purchase or subscribe to the Audiobooks available on Audible.

4. Libby

Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone - Top 6 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone

While researching on the topic to find suggestions, I came across Libby as an option for audiobook apps for iPhone. I was surprised to see that it was an app by OverDrive (which happens to be a decent digital distributor for ebooks, audiobooks, music, and video.

I may not be my personal favorite. But, it is pretty sure one of the best audiobook alternatives out there. However, unlike the other audiobook apps mentioned, Libby may have some restrictions in certain countries like India.

So, if you cannot get it working at your location – you can try the other alternative audiobook apps that we are going to talk about.

5. Google Play Books

Best Free Audiobook Apps - Top 6 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone

Google Play Books may not be the most recommended app for Audiobooks on the iPhone – but it is still an option.

The reason why it isn’t so popular is its catalog. The collection is huge but the curated content available is not so exciting. However, if you are into popular Audiobooks, you should find them listed here as well.

Considering that you already have a Google account and you prefer Google’s services or subscriptions, Google Play Books is rather an interesting choice for your iPhone.


New Audiobook for iPhone - Free Audiobook Apps for iPad and iPhone

If you want to explore more types of Audiobooks with a new experience, I would suggest you try the app on the app store. It is a simple and clean app that also features podcasts in addition to the Audiobooks.

Not just limited to curated content, it also offers a lot of free books to listen to every month. So, even if you do not want to spend a penny to engage yourself listening to Audiobooks on iPhone, this is one such option.

Fret not, being an undercard, this is also compatible with Apple Watch. So, this is definitely worth a shot.


Audiobook apps are quite useful and even though there are multiple services offering audiobooks, you should focus on the ones with the best-curated content and experience.

In addition to our suggestions, we will also recommend you to utilize a noise cancellation earphone/headphone while listening to an Audiobook for an excellent experience.

Which Audiobook app would you prefer having on your iPhone or iPad? Do you look for new content or stick to the popular ones?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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