11 Best Free Mobile Recharge Apps for Android to Get Recharge Codes Everyday

Now a days, you may often see those free mobile recharge tricks trending on Facebook and other social media.

And it is quite understandable because the telecom services have chosen to be quite costlier in recent times. And that is the reason why we keep looking for any recharge coupon code before recharging our mobile numbers, so that maximum discount can be grabbed and the recharge might not be much costly. But what if I tell you about some of the Best Free Mobile Recharge Apps for Android to Get Free Recharge [coupon codes] everyday ?

Sounds good ? Of course, it should be !

Actually, many popular recharge websites run promotional offers of providing discount coupon codes to their users but usually these offers are available only during any festive season or weekends for a particular region and areas. Though a particular community is benefited by these mobile recharge coupon codes but let me tell you, they are just discount codes not the free recharge coupon codes.

Get Free Mobile Recharge Coupon Codes Android Apps

But fortunately, I have got some best free mobile recharge apps for android users to help you get free mobile recharge coupons everyday. These Android recharge apps are so cool that they offer you free recharge codes just for installing them. And apart from that, they are also offering cash backs, credits and discount coupons daily.

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11 Best Free Mobile Recharge Apps for Android to Get Recharge Codes Everyday

In recent past few months, we have seen a trend of showing ads in Android apps and paying users incentives for viewing them. This trend has given birth to a new way to get free mobile recharges right through your smartphones. Even top cellular brands have involved themselves in such cool idea of marketing. But anyways, that is a different topic for discussions and that’s not our business. Our business is to get free mobile recharges grabbing free recharge coupon codes from best free android recharge apps.

So do you want free mobile recharge coupons and other offers daily ?

If your answer is yes, then here we go . . . . .with our list of best free mobile recharge apps for android users !

1. Paytm

Let me start with one of the most popular free mobile recharge app for android apps to get free coupons. Yes, it is Paytm. Paytm is a very secure app for performing online recharges to your mobile phones, data cards and DTH. It also lets you shop online many products usable in your daily life like electronic gadgets, dresses, footwear etc.

Paytm - Best Android Apps to Get Free Mobile Recharge

Also you may book online tickets for bus transport journey in major cities using Paytm apps. But the best thing is that it also offers you free recharge coupons and promos which you can use during recharging your mobile.

2. FreeCharge

FreeCharge is yet another latest sensation in the list of best free mobile recharge apps for android users to get coupons. Like Paytm, it is also a safe and secure app where you can recharge your mobile phones, DTH and data cards as well as you can pay your postpaid bills online.

FreeCharge - Best Free Android Apps to Win Free Mobile Recharges

Though the app doesn’t officially offers recharges from itself yet you may enjoy free recharge coupons from many brands and affiliate merchants as it is partnered with, for example KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Costa Cofee, PVR Cinema’s etc.

3. mCent

One of the old campaigner on Global market has recently been introduced to Indian market as a free mobile recharge app for Android. You can join mCent to get sign up bonus as well as earn good amount for referring your friends. Also, mCent is an amazing app for discovering new cool apps where you may earn money for installing apps. On an average you can get Rs. 15 for every app you install and amount can go as high as Rs. 50 sometimes.

mCent Android Apps to Get Free Mobile Recharges

Also this aggregate of money from your account can be redeemed by recharging your mobile or alternatively you may also use it to pay your friend’s mobile bills.

4. Hike

Hike is one of the most popular and unique messaging app developed in India that works even in offline mode. Using Hike you may send unlimited messages to your friends who are on Hike as well as to them also who aren’t on Hike. And more importantly, it offers you sign up bonus to join as well as for referring your friends.

Hike - Best Free Android Apps to Get Free Mobile Recharges

When you join, you’ll get instant sign up bonus of Rs. 20 and each referred friends are equal to Rs. 20 added to your account. Thus when you reach Rs. 50 or more, you can redeem it to recharge your mobile for free. Hike is really an amazing android mobile recharge app to get free mobile recharges.

5.  Free Recharge Mobile – Dosera

Dosera is a new entry in the list of best android mobile recharge apps to get free coupons. Using Dosera you may perform quick online recharge for your Android smartphone as well as other mobile phones, DTH and data cards etc. It also offers some very exciting offers and promos which you can use while recharging.

Best Free Mobile Recharge Android Apps - Dosera

The working of this free Android mobile recharge app is quite similar to mCent and hence you earn for installing apps through it, which can later be redeemed.

6. Ladoo

Laddo is a very effective free mobile recharge app for android to get coupons everyday. The working is quite similar to mCent and Dosera [mentioned above]. All you need to do is download the free android recharge app, register and get started earning free mobile recharges. Just install the apps using it and get rewarded for each install.

Ladoo - Best Android Apps to Get Free Mobile Recharges

7. Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime is quite amazing way to earn free talktime for Android as you get reward for performing various activities on your smartphone using this app. Usually these activities may be installing Android apps, participating in surveys and polls, inviting friends to join and watching videos using app etc.

As you earn minimum redemption amount from rewarded credit for your activities, you can redeem it anytime to perform quick free mobile recharges on Android. Thus Earn Talktime acts as another effective free android mobile recharging app to get mobile recharge and coupons.

Earn Talktime - Earn Free Talktime and Mobile Recharges Free Android Apps

8. Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is a cash reward Android app instead of being an just another android mobile recharge app. But the reason why I’m mentioning it here is it’s amazing feature to offer you cash rewards for your activities which are quite similar to other free mobile recharge apps for android users mentioned above. You can perform various activities and earn cash rewards for them.

Tapcash - Earn Cash Just by Tapping

Once reached minimum cashout limit, you may redeem it directly to your PayPal account. Not to mention that you are free to perform free mobile recharge on Android after that.

9. Free Plus Mobile Recharge

Free Plus is yet another popular mobile recharging app for android users to get mobile recharge and coupons. The working is quite similar to other mobile recharge apps mentioned above. Download app >> Install >> Register >> Install other apps using it + Perform other activities >> Earn Money in Your Wallet >> Redeem it for free mobile recharge on Android.

Free+ Earn Free Mobile Regarges and Offers

10. Pokkt (Free Mobile Recharge Pocket Money)

Pokkt app is providing free mobile recharge on Android as well as coupons and other free talktime incentives to Indian users. All you need to do is download the app and complete various offers available using the app. These offers are quite similar to other above mentioned recharging apps while activities are generally to participate in surveys or install apps etc.

Pokkt - Best Android Apps to Win Free Mobile Recharges

Though the apps has recently arrived to android platform but has got many positive reviews and feedbacks. Overall, it is yet another best free mobile recharge app for android users, although it is new.

11. Free Mobile Recharge [Amulyam]

Though Amulyam was the first company to sponsor free mobile recharges in India but the reason why I’m putting it at last because the reward for activities performed within this app is not up to mark.

However, the working methods is quite similar to other free mobile recharge android apps, where you have to refer friends, install apps, participate in polls and surveys etc. but they pay quite less as compared to others.

Amulyam - Best Android Apps to Get Free Mobile Recharges

Though it’s my personal views about their paying but you are free to try this and share your views in the comment section below.

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Hot Offers

Though there are some other similar free mobile recharge app for Android platform which offer you incentives for performing activities but generally rewards for them is not as high as these best android recharge apps. Hence I have omitted them from the list of best android apps to get free mobile recharge. But you don’t really need to worry as I have some hot offers for you !

  • Gaana App is providing Rs. 50/- free mobile recharge promo code just for signing up. So download the app, install and sign up using your email id or even Facebook id. You’ll get free mobile recharge coupon code mailed to your registered email id, which you can use for instant recharge at Paytm.
  • Another one is Mojo which is offering Rs. 25/- per sign up. The process is similar.

So make use of these hot free recharge offers and do let me know whether these worked in the comment section below.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

As we are habitual of providing you pro view, so here is the pro review :-

Before recharging your mobile phone with any of these android apps, just Google for “free recharge coupon codes” or “free recharge promo codes” along with app name and try the promo code that you get after searching. If it is valid, you may get additional discount or cash backs while regarding through these best free mobile recharge apps for android users.

Hope this list of “11 Best Free Mobile Recharge Apps for Android to Get Coupons Everyday” will help you to earn free recharges, talk time and cash backs on Android mobiles. However, do let me know your views and feed back in comment section below.

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    I’M Also Use TapCash And Ladooo These Apps Awesome For Me.

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      This is best..thanks..but one another app which give high earning. Every day with new offer..it link is http://www.freeb.in/FreeB/ws/invite/7KDHUA11..so download and enjoy free recharge…and this app is only 2 mb..

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    hey friends earn recharge worth 200 Rs daily just by following the link given below from ur android… enjoy 🙂 😀 http://mcent.com/r/OLHACH

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