YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video-sharing site on the Internet space. Almost all of the netizens who prefer watching online videos would agree to this. But, being a popular platform, is YouTube the best video sharing platform? Yes, and no! There could be numerous reasons as to why it is not the best video sharing site (we’ll discuss below) and hence we need some YouTube alternatives.

If you prefer watching music videos (American mostly), YouTube wouldn’t be the best bet. Trust me, there’s something even better for this specific need. And, similarly, for certain other categories (short films, music videos, viral content etc), we do have a variety of the best YouTube alternatives that prove to be better than YouTube at some point of time. That’s exactly why we need YouTube alternatives.

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7 Best YouTube Alternatives Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

We’ve included only the most popular and reputable video sharing sites as YouTube alternatives to ensure that you watch quality content only. Wondering which are the best alternatives to YouTube? Find out the top 7 best YouTube alternatives below:

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a great alternative to YouTube if quality videos are your thing. You will not observe much-cluttered videos at Vimeo because of its pricing plans and user upload restriction.

Of course, a person will not upgrade (or subscribe) to a paid plan unless they are professionals. Well, there are chances that one could invest to upload something nonsense but that’s really rare when compared the freedom YouTube provides.

Vimeo - Best Alternative to YouTube - YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

Vimeo may not be the best video sharing platform but it could act as an alternative to YouTube if quality content is your aim. Also, Vimeo stands out from the crowd if you want to check out the latest English music videos of your favorite singers! It’s a treasure for such kind of things!

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is immensely popular in the Internet space and is easily one of the alternative video sharing sites to YouTube. As per my experience, you would end up finding more viral videos than quality content on the platform. If you have a liking for a general or popular genre of videos, you can enjoy using Dailymotion. The video database is humongous but you won’t probably find videos listed for every nitty gritty category available!

DailyMotion - Best Alternative to YouTube - YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTubeThe website’s optimization isn’t great as compared to YouTube. So, the user interface is compromisable. However, the trending videos are a treasure to your eyes! You may notice a lot of news publications take Dailymotion videos as the source of some exclusive or important stories. So, it has its importance – if you want it to be utilized.

Unlike Vimeo, this does not offer any paid subscription plans to use the video sharing platform with more power. The video upload file size limit is 4 Gigs (for 1080p) and the length of the video points at a 60-minute window. If these restrictions are not something you are worried about then Dailymotion can be one of the best YouTube alternatives video sharing platform.

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3. Metacafe

Metacafe is not the best place for quality videos. But, if you are looking for a YouTube alternative for viral videos, short films, and viral video content, it would be the perfect place to search for!

It is a quite simple video sharing platform for people who browse through funny and viral videos all the time. The only problem with Metacafe is – regional diversity. Metacafe is used mostly by US users and a handful of countries. So, that indirectly affects the variety of video content available. Apart from that, it is completely okay!

MetaCafe - Best YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Alternative Websites Like YouTube

In an essence, it is a video sharing platform with pure entertainment in mind. However, it isn’t community-based video sharing platform because it has a selected number of user accounts (or channels) that post regular videos – not everyone can upload a video.

4. The Internet Archive

You might be already knowing this but surely did not imagine it as a YouTube alternative video sharing platform. But, technically, it houses a portion of it.

The archive also includes documents, music, historical data on the web, software, books, and images. So, it is a one-stop solution if you are on the lookout for some incredibly popular video content that matters for research (or entertainment).

Internet Archives - YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

Unlike Metacafe, you get the ability share the videos to the community videos category present. You may find browsing for a long time to find what you are looking for. So, it is surely one of the best YouTube alternatives for a specific purpose but not as a whole.

5. Break

Break is one of the most loved YouTube alternatives if funny videos and clips are your ultimate thing!

The video sharing platform also lists and embeds some of the videos from YouTube making it one of the perfect places to search for funny and shocking videos. The website is not as popular compared to its early days. But, you still a get a decent amount of funny clips and pictures as well.

Break YouTube Alternatives - YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

You will surely enjoy it if you find unique content listed as per your choice. The user interface is not a big thing here. It needs a complete visual overhaul if the video sharing platform does not want to bite the dust

6. 9GAG

9GAG is an incredibly popular social media site where people share funny stuff curated from all across the web. The platform is mostly utilized to get the best memes out there! Must you have encountered on one I’m sure?

9GAG - Best YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

Along with memes/pictures, it also has a section for funny videos. It is surely better than any other video sharing platforms for funny clips. However, the length restriction is the only downside here. The videos shared on the platform (you can share them too!) look more or less like a GIF than of a video. But, if super short videos could keep you occupied (which they will!), then 9GAG would prove to be one of the biggest YouTube alternatives as an entertainment hub.

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7. StupidVideos

StupidVideos may not be a popular video sharing service now but it had its days of glory in the past. Similar to the other mentioned YouTube alternatives, this also lists some of the funniest videos on earth.

StupidVideos - YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

However, the videos are bit more organized here with a simple menu highlighting them. If you want to check out the stuff that did happen before 2010, this is the platform you should be browsing on!

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Well, there might be a lot of YouTube alternatives as we did just list them, it is still hard to choose something that could completely replace YouTube on the Internet. If your requirements aren’t generic and you do want to explore a variety of video content, you should try these YouTube alternatives. However, if you are more of a generic video browser, it would be hard to recommend you something other than YouTube.

For us, Dailymotion and Vimeo would be the best bet as alternative sites like YouTube. The rest of the video sharing services mentioned are focused on specific genre or region, so you have to try them to decide which one to bookmark.

Which one do you think is the best-suited alternative site like YouTube? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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