Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband at Low Price of $109.99 with 12% Discount

These days smart bands are quite popular along with the smartphones in the market. The thing is, it works like your personal doctor who keeps records of everything related to your health. From heart rate to amount of calories you have burned, steps you have taken throughout the day. Even it monitors your daily exercise and informs you about the progress. Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband is very popular smart band from Xiaomi which is quite good at a budget friendly price.

I think you are familiar with the name Xiaomi! Yes, I’m talking about that brand which is just rocking in the market with its budget-friendly smartphones and cool gadgets. Obviously, you know it because of its flagship like features at a pocket-friendly price. So let’s talk about an excellent product from Xiaomi! – Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband. In this post, I’m going to discuss a smart band which I think is quite good at its work.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband Review:

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband is awesome smart band manufactured by Xiaomi. It has been designed for taking care of your health and fitness. The new smart band is good enough for having a major role in your daily life.

Best Xiaomi Smartband - Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartband

It monitors your daily workout exercises and notifies you about your tiredness level. Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate smart band is very much predictive with the name itself, the smart band monitors your heart rate and also recommends you some suggestions based on the collected data. Isn’t it sound good? If not, below I’m discussing its power packed features and specification that will definitely encourage you to have a try on it.

Exciting Features of Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smart Band:

AMZAZFIT smart band from Xiaomi is a health tracker, which tracks your cardiovascular health index. Do you know what is the cardiovascular health index? If not, let me tell you; cardiovascular is a circulatory system which includes the heart and blood vessels carrying oxygen and all necessary nutrients to the tissues of the body and eliminate all waste like carbon dioxide.

Hang on, don’t think that this is a Biology class. The smart band tracks your oxygen level, blood pressure, and nutrients level of the tissues. It monitors Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which indicates your tiredness level along with heart rate. It informs you when it considers any health related risk like heart attack. Xiaomi AMAZFIT also monitors your sleeping time, tracks how long you are sleeping, when you are going to bed and when getting out from the bed.

The smartband is also a pedometer which counts your every single step you have taken and the distance covered by you. Even it also notifies you how far you are from home and your destinations. It records all the data regarding your burnt calories on a single day. Xiaomi AMAZFT Heart Rate Smartband keeps all the information of your heart rate, blood pressure HRV, sleeping hours, oxygen level and makes a record based on your physical and collected data to provide some suggestion for better health.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smart Band Specification:

The Xiaomi AMAZFIT Hear Rate Smart band comes with inbuilt ECG type chip for effective and accurate data. Its OLED screen and touch type operating key provides a cool experience. The smartband is integrated with 95mAh li-polymer battery that consumes less power and generally provides 7 days of battery backup.

It is rectangular in shape with the dimension of 9.06 x 0.39 x 0.47 inches with a weight of 0.0100 kg. The rectangular shape dial is made up of Aluminium Alloy and 316L stainless steel provides a premium look. Its high-quality TPU band material provides medical grade manufacturing which is skin friendly. Meaning even if you are using it for the whole day nothing going to happen with your skins. The comfort level is just awesome.

The band also works and stores your data offline. Its IP67 waterproof technology provides you such comfort that you can use it anywhere anytime such as while washing your hand, cooking food, bathing and even while you are swimming in the pool.

AMAZFIT Smartband is compatible with most of the smartphone, doesn’t matter on which platform the device is running. Most of the Android and iOS phone works with Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smart Band. It provides Bluetooth version 4.0 for easy connectivity and synchronization.


Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smart Band works with AMAZFIT app which you can download from your preferred app store. The AMAZFIT App provides you all the details regarding your health. It also provides the family sharing feature so that you can add your friends and family member. After adding your family members in the app, you can check their health data which help you in taking care of your beloved ones.

I think Xiaomi’s smart band is a good smart band for you if you care about yourself and your loving one’s health. So stop thinking too much here is a great news, now you can avail this Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smart Band on GearBest with 12% off.

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