5 Best Minion Avatar Creator to Create Your Minion Avatar

Minions! My favorite! Well, whose isn’t? They’re the perfect little animated creatures with a real minionese language. Heck, I could go on about it, like – Kanpai! – (for Cheers) and so on. But, no matter how funny they are, they are cute as well! And, what if we had some minion avatar creators as well?

Of course, that would be sweet! But, creating your own minion avatar is not easy. Well, if you are a designer, you can do it – but not everyone is a great graphics designer. And, there’s no quick online tool available to help you create your minion avatar.

So, in this article, we will take a look at the best minion avatar creator to create your own minion. Also, I’ll let you know of some tools which you can use to design it yourself without generating the avatar.

How do you create your own Minion Avatar?

There are apps and services that help you use minion characters as stickers, avatars, GIFs, and so on. So if you want to create your Minion avatar, you would need a Minion avatar creator app that can help you in creating your Minion avatar.

5 Best Minion Avatar Creator to Create Your Minion Avatar

If you are looking for some of the best Minion avatar creator apps, we have got you covered. Let’s take a look at those apps to create your Minion avatar.

Note: The services/app listed below are in no particular order of ranking

1. Minion Stickers for WhatsApp

minion stickers for whatsapp - Best Minion Avatar Creator to Create Your Minion Avatar

Let’s face it – a lot of people are now mostly active on Facebook and WhatsApp. And, with the introduction of stickers on WhatsApp – you’ve got no reason to not try to find a sticker set with minions in it.

You can use the minion avatar stickers to make the conversation interesting. And, you can also take a screenshot of the sticker and crop it to use it as your temporary profile picture. I mean, why not? It is doable.

Also, this sticker set is not limited to a few reactions. There’s a bunch of minions in there, waiting to be unleashed as one of your favorite sticker!

2. Despicable Me GIF Creator (Official)

5 Best Minion Avatar Creator to Create Your Minion Avatar

Oh, my my! Yes, it is definitely a bummer that they haven’t made any official avatar maker – but they let you create GIFs from selected videos.

That compensates for something as well. Even if you cannot represent your personality using an avatar – a GIF tells a story as well, when you share it.

You just need to select the video and then go on creating multiple GIFs.

3. InsertFace Minion

insert minion face - Best Minion Avatar Creator to Create Your Minion Avatar

Insertface.com is one of the interesting websites on the Internet which lets you insert your face onto an image with a pre-specified hole to fill it up.

The link above directs you to the page where you can upload your photo and insert it as a face on a minion image. How cool is that?

Yes, it is kind of a minion avatar creator if you wanted a funny avatar of a minion with your face on it. Ha!

4. Canva

Top 5 Best Minion Avatar Creator to Create Your Minion Avatar

Canva.com is a web-based design tool. Even some of the featured images you see on this site have been created using Canva.

No, you do not have to be a designer – it’s too damn simple. Just drag n drop a few elements, tweak it, change it, color it, and resize it. It’s that simple.

To create a minion avatar, you just have to search for a shape that you can assemble to make it. Or you can purchase the premium elements and templates to design something interesting as your minion character.

If you want a quality avatar, you can never go wrong while using Canva.

5. Snappa

Create Your Minion Avatar using Best Minion Avatar Creator

Snappa is yet another tool like Canva. However, you won’t be able to create an avatar – technically. But, there’s definitely possibility of you making a cover image with a minion on it, which you can later crop to make a minion avatar.

How cool is it to make your own minion image right? Even though there’s no legit dedicated tool only for minion avatars – you can get creative with the help of these tools and achieve the same.

I’ll be excited to know if you made something using Snappa, let me know in the comments below.

Wrapping Up

There’s no dedicated minion avatar maker when I wrote this – if you’re reading this later, and there’s a tool I missed listing, let me know in the comments below.

Which one would you prefer to use in order to make your own minion avatar?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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