5 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs for Indian Bloggers

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and trusted ways to make money. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is getting more and more popular among not only internet marketers but also bloggers.

Many of bloggers are using affiliate marketing as their main source of getting revenue from their blog while many other are using affiliate programs as best alternative of Google AdSense and other Ad-networks. Some smart ones are using affiliate programs along with Ad-networks to maximize their revenue as well as earning. If you are an Indian blogger or web entrepreneur and looking for the ways to make money from affiliate marketing then you are at right place as here I’m going to make you aware of best and high paying affiliate programs for Indian bloggers.

Best and High Paying Affiliate Programs for Indian Bloggers

Well, before going through this article I would recommend you to learn basics of affiliate marketing if you are new to this term. Even if you know the basics well, it is a great idea to refresh your ideas and thoughts.

5 Best and High Paying Affiliate Programs for Indian Bloggers

So here is a list of best and high paying affiliate programs for Indian bloggers. Checkout this : –

Earn Money From Best and High Paying Affiliate Programs for Indian Bloggers

1. Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is no doubt India’s most trusted and worth loving online shopping area. There is a wide range of product available there. The best thing is that – A single sign up to Flipkart Affiliate program lets you choose any of product present out there and promote in your own fashion. If you have a blog about technology, tech reviews, you can easily choose the electronic products like smartphones, mobiles, computers and many other electronic gadgets.

Apart from this, many products of lifestyle like clothes, foot-wears,  books etc are available which provide you a very good commission ranging between 4% to 15%. 15 % is really awesome and that is the reason why Flipkart is very trusted and high paying affiliate programs for Indian Bloggers. It’s easy and free. So all you have to do is –

  • Sign up for affiliate program >> Place and promote the affiliate links and banners >>> Earn commission and make money.

FlipKart Affiliate Program - Best and High Paying Affiliate Program for Indian Bloggers

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon has been one of the most leading e-commerce shopping website around the world. It too has a wide range of product to choose and promote like electronic products, books, movies, kindle devices, mobiles and smartphones etc. Initially, there was U.S. based affiliate program from which it was really tough to make money for Indian traffic as most of Indians prefer to buy from Indian shopping websites but thanks to them, now they have launched associate program for Indian users too.

Considering the fact that Amazon is leading shopping website worldwide, chances are high that it would take over other leading affiliate programs of India. May be just the beginning of that is – they are paying commission up to 5% on consumer electronics and 10% on rest of all products these days which is really quite high as compared to other affiliates commission structure.

So it’s a great idea to monetize your Indian traffic using amazon associates. The best thing that I like about Amazon associates is – they not only pay you commission for specific product that is bought from your affiliate link but also for any kind of shopping done. Isn’t it great that you are getting paid for even those product which you are not promoting ?

Earn Money Promoting Amazon Products with Amazon Affiliate Program

3. Ebay Partner Network

Ebay is one of  most popular shopping website worldwide and also one of the most leading e-commerce network. They don’t have a dedicated affiliate programs for Indians but one can join their global affiliate program. Ebay affiliate program is slightly different from other affiliate programs mentioned above.

They pay you for driving quality traffic to their website or one of their partner’s website. By quality traffic I mean to say that the traffic that brings business and sales to their network. Interestingly, you don’t get paid based on the sales or conversions through your affiliate link but your conversion rates depends upon the quality of sales from traffic that you bring to them by referring your visitors.

Earn Money Driving Quality Traffic to Ebay Partners

4. Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Started in Feb 2011, Snapdeal has pulled attention of not only Indians but also worldwide users. Deals at Snapdeal are really snapping and that is why it has achieved immense growth and success in about 3 years. Now Snapdeal is competing with India’s leading shopping portal Flipkart.

Snapdeal too has a affiliate program which you may use to monetize your Indian traffic as most of Indians prefer to snap a deal from Snapdeal. They pay you up to 10% of the sale amount to a maximum of Rs. 400. You may choose the products from a wide range of as many as 500+ categories. That is why Snapdeal affiliate program is one of the most popular and high paying affiliate programs for Indian bloggers.

The best think that I like about Snapdeal is – whenever someone buys something, they not only get discount coupons or promo codes but also free cash on delivery. So chances are high that your visitors will buy again and again from Snapdeal, so why not recommend them what they love ?

Snapdeal Affiliate Program - Best and High Paying Affiliate Program for Indian Bloggers

5. Infibeam Affiliate Program

Infibeam is also one of the most popular shopping portal and is growing at a very fast pace across India. Started in 2007, it has also raised itself prominently and has grown immensely. By joining Infibeam affiliate program, you have a good chance to make money out of the traffic that you get from India.

They have recently included Magic Box section that let’s a customer choose a product at lowest price. This magic idea is really amazing and many of online shoppers are shifting to Infibeam for magic price.

The best thing that I like about Infibeam affiliate program is – They let you install a search bar to your website, if a customer buys anything searching via the search toolbar, you get a commission from that. The commission percentage ranges between 1% to 10%. Thus making it one of the very high paying affiliate programs for Indian Bloggers.

Promote Infibeam Affiliate Program and Earn MoneyThe Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Though there are many affiliate programs present out there which you can utilize to monetize the traffic of your blog but I recommend these 5 as best one. Because these are not only best but also high paying affiliate programs for Indian Bloggers. However you are free to use your choice but I would recommend you to keep an alert as well as smart view while selecting your choice.

A better idea would be to choose the one which has better conversion rate rather than commission rate only because what is the use of sky touching high commission rate if none buys using your affiliate link ?

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However, do let me know which programs you are using and which is working best for you. For any query or inquiry, don’t forget to contact me. Also consider sharing your list of high paying affiliate programs for Indian Bloggers in comment section below.

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  • Avnish

    From the above shared all shopping affiliate program snap deal is my first choice because peoples always like to purchase from snapdeal easily.

    • Hello Avnish ! 🙂

      Thanks for taking time to share your views about best affiliate program of your choice. Yea, I agree that Snapdeal is one of the best affiliate program for Indians as people always love to buy from Snapdeal. But I have doubt over their authenticity of tracking affiliate commissions. Have you ever felt so ?

  • Manpreet Kaur

    I had heard about Flipkart, Amazon And ebay one but didn’t know much about snapdeal and infibeam.
    Do you have any idea about jabong affiliate program? They’re allowing people to sign up but I never got a confirmation mail from their side. :/

    • Hi Manpreet !

      To be very frank to you I haven’t yet interacted with Jabong Affiliate Program, so I can’t say anything about them as of now. However, let me have an interaction with them and based on my personal experience with their affiliate program will soon include them in this list (if they deserve).

      Thanks for putting your query here. Looking forward to hear more from you. 🙂

  • Chetan Nada

    hi rahul
    its nice tips for affilate marketing

  • AArti

    Thank you for sharing this list with us, I will definitely try some of these programs and I’ll see how it goes.

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