66 Free Traffic Generating Ideas to Boost Your Blog Traffic Instantly

Using effective traffic generating ideas can boost your blog traffic instantly, thus helping you to achieve your blogging goals.

One of the common reason why most of bloggers quit blogging is – “They don’t see any progress towards achieving their blogging goals“. These goals may vary for different people. Some want huge traffic boost, some want their e-books to be sold, others wish to sell their affiliate products frequently, and some of them are just willing to share their ideas to a power packed crowd. But to achieve any of these goals, you need some free traffic generating ideas to boost your blog traffic.

Free Traffic Generating Ideas and Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Because nothing happens without website traffic. And believe me nothing is worse than blogging without motivation. To keep blogging, you need motivation. Of course, money is greatest source of motivation. Some may disagree with my these words but let me tell you a truth,

“Those who tell you that money is not a source of motivation for them to blog, they simply make you fool” – Rahul Dubey.

Of course, many are passionate about blogging and it’s their “Passion for Blogging” that primarily motivates them but somewhere money has also a crucial role to play. Because you need to pay your hosting bills, domain renewal costs, cost for attractive premium themes etc. And that is why you need to boost your blog traffic to keep doing what you are passionate about.

Free Traffic Generating Ideas to Boost Your Blog Traffic

You know, traffic is the back-bone of a blog. As you can’t stand properly without your backbone, similarly your blog can’t without traffic. But the major problem is how to get traffic to your blog ?

I have already shared some basic ways to get traffic to a new blog earlier. Now I’m going to discuss as many as 66 Effective free traffic generating ideas to boost your blog traffic.

So here we go…. !

  1. Learn new changes in Search Engine Optimization techniques and implement them, none can stop you generating huge traffic from search engines effortlessly if you optimize your blog posts well for SEO.
  2. Target proper keywords in your blog posts but make sure they are LSI (long-tail) keywords. Learn profitable keyword research technique that drives traffic and sales.
  3. Create a Facebook Fan-page of your blog and add this Facebook fan-page to your blog.
  4. Share your blog posts through Facebook fan-page after publishing.
  5. Increase your Facebook page likes and reach more targeted audiences on Facebook.
  6. Add your blog URL and other relevant information to your Facebook profile(s).
  7. Join various Facebook groups that reflects your niche and share your blog posts there.
  8. Grow your Twitter followers and tweet links to your blog posts.
  9. Create a stunning Twitter profile and give your profile viewers a reason to visit the link of your blog added on your profile.
  10. Create a strong presence on Google Plus and share your blog posts publically.
  11. Update your Google+ profile with all important details and add your blog URL as well as other social profiles in contributor section.
  12. Join Google+ communities which are relevant to your niche and share your blog posts there.
  13. Create a professional profile on LinkedIn and add your blog URL in your profile. Many like minded professional may love to connect you.
  14. Share your blog posts publically on LinkedIn, there are more than 250+ million users there.
  15. Join your niche based LinkedIn groups and share your latest post. This will surely boost your blog traffic easily.
  16. Use eye catching and attractive high quality blog images, such images often gain readers attention and drive them instantly to your blog post.
  17. Use pin-able blog images and pin them to Pinterest.
  18. Add alt-text to images in your blog post thus improving SEO of your post.
  19. Share your images on images sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Instagram etc.
  20. Watermark your images with your brand name or blog URL. This works as a viral marketing technique on Instagram and other places.
  21. Submit your blog stories in relevant category on Stumble Upon.
  22. Share your blog posts on various other social book-marking sites like Digg, Delicious etc.
  23. Submit your top blog post on Reditt but make sure you don’t be over self promotional else you’ll get banned.
  24. Create YouTube video channel of your blog and share interesting videos and tutorials.
  25. Grow your YouTube channel subscribers and add link to your blog in videos.
  26. Add your blog URL in your email signature. This works really.
  27. Present your blog as a brand from the first day, make sure you have these 4 things that your blog must have from first day of blogging.
  28. Add email subscribing widget to your blog and let your visitors join your email list.
  29. Build your email list from the very first day. Successful internet marketers have one thing common – they all have huge email subscribers.
  30. Provide incentives to subscribers to get their email. Otherwise you may find it tough to grow email list. But once your email list started increasing, this would really boost your blog traffic easily.
  31. Write catchy headlines for your blog posts – they work like a magnet.
  32. Publish regularly – Not only your blog readers love fresh content but also search engine.
  33. Maintain quality of your blog posts. Without proper quality of information you provide in blog post, all efforts will be waste.
  34. Create controversial blog posts sometimes at least once in 2-3 months. Controversial posts often gain people’s attention. Make sure you don’t do it frequently else it may affect your credibility badly.
  35. Comment on other blogs in your niche.
  36. Reply to your readers comment and make them feel special.
  37. Add your latest blog post links when commenting on comluv enabled blogs.
  38. Join blogging communities like Blog Engage, Kingged, Do Splash, BizSugar, Klinkk etc.
  39. Be active in forums relevant to your niche. Some of popular forums are Digital Point Forum, Webmasters Forum, Affiliate Marketing Forum etc.
  40. Attend blogger’s meet in your locality.
  41. Join hangouts and webinars. You not only learn and share from each others but also get few more fans and followers which indirectly help you to boost your blog traffic.
  42. Don’t be boring by posting textual stuffs only. Make your blog post spicy by adding multimedia resources like info-graphics, slide share presentations, videos, pod-casts and other visual presentations.
  43. Interlink your old similar posts. This increases page-views and reduces the bounce rate. Eventually it’ll boost your blog traffic.
  44. Curate your contents on various content curator websites like Scoop.it, Newsana, Newsvine etc.
  45. Work on look and design of your blog. Attractive web design is loved by all and readers love to visit again and again.
  46. Improve your site’s loading time, your visitors leave your site instantly and never come back if your website is slow in loading.
  47. Make sure your website has a responsive design [Here is 10+4 reasons why] because number of mobile users are growing at a faster pace these days.
  48. Ensure whether your site is compatible across different Operating Systems and devices along with browsers compatibility. It is most crucial thing to note while designing a website.
  49. Add your social profiles on appropriate position in your blog so that people may follow you. This is also an important part of web development.
  50. Add social sharing buttons around your blog posts and motivate your readers to share your posts. Social sharing buttons like Digg Digg and Flair works best as they float throughout your post.
  51. Include an RSS feed option during web designing.
  52. Keep your blog neat and clean, placing too many ads make your blog’s design cluttered and your visitors never like that.
  53. Do write useful tutorials, people often link to such blog posts as a learning resources. Thus providing you natural backlink.
  54. Build high quality backlinks. This not only improves your rank in search results but also help you boost your blog traffic easily.
  55. Be an active social influencer and participate in others social activities as well as do remarkable activities on social media.
  56. Allow people to contact you personally and help them whenever they ask for your help. This often works (for me).
  57. Make a list of popular bloggers in your niche and share it in your blog post. After publishing contact them personally, you’ll be surprised to see that they would be working to boost your blog traffic. In fact, they’ll share your blog post on their powerful social profiles.
  58. Interview popular bloggers of your niche and publish it on your blog. Again they’ll be working to boost your blog traffic.
  59. Similarly, you may try sharing their posts by mentioning their @username on Twitter and profile mentions on other social networks. They may do the same for you. And when they’ll do….it’s a win-win situation for you.
  60. Triberr is one such community where you gain points for sharing other bloggers post and others do the same for you depending upon the number of points you gain while sharing.
  61. Do guest posts. Guest posting is like introducing yourself in a power packed crowd build by others.
  62. Make yourself available to speak about your expertise in public events. You’ll often end up gaining few extra followers.
  63. As your blog grows, display your traffic report, earning reports, awards and prizes. You’ll gain credibility as well as few more loyal readers always.
  64. Run giveaways, sweepstakes, contests and promotions. This is sure shot method to boost your blog traffic instantly.
  65. Try what others are doing and continue if that works. If not, leave that and try something different that really boost your blog traffic.
  66. Try….try…try…try….try….try….try…try and TRY !

To win the race you’ll have to be in the race – Unknown.

Effective Tips to Increase Your Blog TrafficThe Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Yes, if you have to win the race keep yourself into the race. Because quitting is like accepting the defeat. And why to accept defeat when you have 1000+ other ways to boost your blog traffic and win this race ??

Hope these effective free traffic generation idea would help you to boost your blog traffic instantly. Though I have tried adding most of possible ways yet if I missed any, please do let me know via comment section below.

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This is a quick post to help you boost your blog traffic instantly [few readers who asked me personally about “How to increase blog traffic ?” recently]. However I’ll keep adding few more working and effective tips to boost your blog traffic in near future, so consider book-marking this page for future reference. Also you may contact me personally for any help using my Facebook profile or contact us page.

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