Top 6 Best Affiliate Programs for Blogging Niche Newbie Bloggers

Blogging is no doubt, the central topic of all topics and one of the most popular niches of the blogosphere. As everyone even having selected a different niche needs blogging advice and tips to blog properly so that blogging niche blogs may find themselves in driver’s seat. But you know, what is the most confusing step – “Selection of best affiliate program for blogging niche blogs to monetize their blog.”

With the availability of a large number of affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs, it becomes quite easy to select any program randomly but to make a big impact and get going in affiliate business you need to choose them smartly. Selecting the top affiliate programs out of the various affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs available may be helpful to maximize your blog revenue. Thus, getting the most out of your blog’s revenue can be easy if you properly promote the right affiliate program.

Best and Top Affiliate Programs for Blogging Niche BlogsTop 5+1 Affiliate Programs for Blogging Niche Blogs

So to help you choose the right affiliate program, let me share my list of “Top 5+1 Affiliate Programs for Blogging Niche Blogs“. So let’s see.

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is no doubt, world’s most popular and ever growing domain registrar company. It lets users get a domain name of their choice as well as provides web hosting. GoDaddy has successfully been running an affiliate program for bloggers and publishers.

Since GoDaddy is the first destination for every online marketer to register their domain name. So it would be a wise concept to promote their services on your blog and make money from sales.

Though GoDaddy closed its direct affiliate program last June [2014] month yet, you can join their affiliate program and promote their services by being affiliates of popular market places like Commission Junction, ShareASale or Affiliate Window.

GoDaddy - Top 5 Affiliate Program for Blogging Niche Blogs

2. HostGator

Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator has been world’s leading web hosting service provider. The user base and customers of HostGator are ever increasing at a fast pace. HostGator also has an award winning customer service due to which many of customer love to be a part of HostGator.

HostGator provides an excellent earning opportunity for its affiliates who promote their services through their efforts. The sales commission are very lucrative as you can earn up to $125 for each sale. That is why HostGator is among very popular affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs.

Promote Hostgator Earn Money

3. Bluehost

Bluehost was founded in 2003, and it claims to be one of the best web hosting service provider. Bluehost has a unique feature of money-back guarantee in which users can get their money back if not satisfied by their services. Also, an award winning 24/7  customer support ensures that even non-techie people enjoy hosting without much problem.

Putting ice on the cake, they have an affiliate program for bloggers or web owners by dint of which you can earn up to $65 per referral. Bluehost affiliate program is proving to be one of the best affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs nowadays.

Promote Bluehost and Earn Money

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is a reliable hosting service since its establishment in 1997. It offers great web hosting services, but at the same time, it provides you the opportunity to make unlimited earning through its affiliate program. You can earn up to $97 for every sale that you make, but one of the unique features is that you earn $5 for each sub-referrals too.

In other words, if you refer 5 persons and each referred by you, refer 5 persons then you will make a total of $ 97 x 5 = $ 485 + ($ 5 x 25= $ 125) = $ 610. Wow ! Isn’t it surprising?

Promote DreamHost Earn Money as Affiliate

5. Elegant Themes

Elegant themes are premium WordPress theme with the very dashing look. When it comes to Elegant themes, you need a WordPress blog to install them. So I’m sorry to mention them in blogging niche as even a Blogger or any other platform blogs can have blogging niche.

But the fact is that I couldn’t stop myself from mentioning it here due to some great features of their affiliate programs. Some features worth mentioning are :

  • You earn up to 50% commission which is I think highest compared to other themes.
  • You get a renewal commission every year- What a bonus surprise gift!
  • Only PayPal account is needed for joining – even you don’t have to be their customer to be an affiliate.
Promote Elegant Themes and Make Money

 5+1. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the popular and very trusted web hosting service providers. But it has been a hot topic of discussion in last few months due to its high paying affiliate program. Yes, WP Engine provides an awesome opportunity to publishers to make money by promoting them.

WP Engine - Best Affiliate Program for Blogging Niche Blogs

They pay a minimum of $200 per customer you refer. And if you got successful in referring customers you are all set to enjoy even higher commission. For example, if you refer 60 customers you’ll earn $1500 each. So just do some maths, $1500 x 60 = _____. It’s up to you to fill the blank space!

And more importantly, it has a two-tier affiliate program similar to DreamHost [discussed above] that lets you earn the commission whenever your sub-referrals make sales. This is an awesome feature of WP Engine affiliate program that makes it best affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Though there are many top affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs which are free to join and you can use them to make money. But I would recommend you to promote the one which best suits you and your targeted audience.

I often see bloggers mess up their blogs with two or more counter part affiliate programs and end up wasting their potential to make money. So here is a tip especially for you – please don’t promote any affiliate program along with its counter part in the same blog.

Promoting two or more counter part affiliate programs (for example – a Bluehost banner along with or above the HostGator banner) – may be good for making more money point of view but in the long run, you lose credibility. So, have patience and promote one but join all because wherever you get a chance to mention them, get the best out of that chance by driving them to your affiliate link.

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I hope this post would help you to earn money from any of these top affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs. Do let me know if I missed any via the comment section below. By the way, which affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs would you recommend?

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