Top 6 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android

There can be a number of situations when you would need to utilize one of the best video compressor apps for Android. Well, maybe, you just want to shrink the file size – which allows you to keep more video files while managing your storage space efficiently or maybe you just want to share a video real quick over a slow Internet connection (or probably a metered connection).

Whatever be the reason, compressing a video (or encoding it) has its benefits. Of course, you get to free up storage space on your smartphone. But, also, when encoding the video to a different format, makes it compatible with more video players.

The story does not end there, you must be aware of the quality loss that occurs when you compress a video – but if you are careful enough with the codec you choose – the quality might turn out to be unaffected (mostly).

Top 6 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android to Compress Videos on Android

In this article, we will take a look at the best video compressor apps for Android and we’ll also get to learn some of the basic terms that relate to the video compression technique.

1. VidCompact Video Compressor

VidCompact is one of the best video compressor apps available for Android. It is a completely free app to compress videos on Android but contains in-app advertisements – which isn’t too annoying.

It lets you compress the videos and also gives you the ability to convert a video to MP3 format. VidCompact supports most of the video formats that include – MKV, FLV, AVI, and MOV.

vidcompact video compressor - free video compressor app for Android

This video compressor app is a package in itself because it also supports the basic video editing tools such as merge, trim, cut, reverse, stabilize, slow motion, crop, adjust rotation, and so on.

It compresses the video fast without impacting the quality (in most of the cases). If you want the basic video editing tools, the ability to convert videos to MP4/MP3, and be able to compress them, VidCompact should be the choice.

2. Video Compressor – Fast Compress Video

Video Compress is yet another impressive video compressor app for Android. However, it takes a very simple approach to the task without any additional tools with it.

video compression app android - Fast Video Compressor App Android

You do get the feature of converting the video to MP3 but that’s just it. It does not let you edit the videos, except rotate it. The user interface is quite simple and easy-to-use.

The good thing is that while compressing the video, it makes a copy of the original – just in case. It also lets you set the quality of compression – so if you want to squeeze the video file more, you may choose to compromise the quality to some extent.

Also, you can extract the subtitles using this app. What more do you want in a compressor app?

3. Video Compressor by Sunshine

Video Compressor by Sunshine is one of the most helpful video compressor apps available at the Play Store. It supports multiple video compression – in other words – batch compression.

The quality settings provided here include – FHD (Full HD), HD, and SD (Standard Quality). So, it does not support 4k videos.

video compressor by sunshine - Apps to Compress Video on Android

Even though it does not support UHD videos, the compression ratio of a 1080p video is quite impressive without much quality loss. Also, you can play the compressed video right within the app.

Unlike other video compression apps, it does not feature video editing capabilities, but if you are someone looking for a dead simple video compressor app with multi-video support, this should be the one.

4. Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit

If basic video editing tools along with the compression ability aren’t enough, Video Dieter 2 could be the savior. Video Dieter 2 lets you compress your videos without any significant quality loss. Also, you get to tweak the video quality and the exact resolution of the output video after compression.

video compressor app for android- Compress Video on Android

You can trim, add a background music, set the video resolution, apply time lapse / slow motion, and also capture some moments of the video. Video dieter 2 is known for its fast transcoding, so it is definitely something you should try out.

5. YouCut Video Editor

YouCut is primarily a video editor app that supports video compression as well. The reason it’s being put on the list – is because it is a free video editor app which does not include a watermark on your output video. So, if you want to avoid watermarks in a video while being able to edit it and compress it, YouCut should do the trick.

video compressor app - Top 6 Best Video Compressor Apps to Compress Video on Android

You can also merge multiple video clips into a single video. Unquestionably, it does contain in-app advertisements, but when you get to edit a video, the ads will not appear – which is a good balance between monetizing the app while not having annoying pop-ups around.

YouCut also proves a feature to adjust the video speed (fast/slow) as per your requirements. Not just trim, it also lets you cut the video to create separate video clips. In addition, it lets you adjust the video color, brightness, contrast, saturation, and so on.

Video filters and FX effects also come baked in with the app along with the ability to add a custom song to your video. If you want an advanced set of controls for your video while being able to compress the video, YouCut will prove to be your favorite.

6. Panda Video Compressor

Fret not, Panda Video compressor is yet another alternative if you want a dead simple video compressor app with no fancy abilities.

It lets you resize the video and then compress it to reduce the file size. Of course, it supports all the major video file formats that include MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MPEG, and so on.

panda video compressor app - Top 6 Best Video Compressor Apps to Compress Video on Android

So, we’ll recommend you the Panda Video Compressor app if you are in no mood to have editing tools at your disposal but just the compression tool. It does the basic stuff well i.e. compressing video easily on Android. That is why it is one of the simplest apps for video compression on Android.

Wrapping Up

There are loads of apps that claim to be one of the best compressor apps but do not waste your storage space installing them. We have tried and tested the above-mentioned apps for your convenience. And, be sure to bookmark this page because we’ll be regularly adding better video compression apps as they go live on the Play Store.

Yes, they do contain in-app advertisements but you can get rid of them by paying a small one-time fee. So, it’s not that big of a deal.

Still, did we miss any of your favorite video compressor apps for Android? If yes, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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