Top 5 Best Music Streaming Websites to Download and Stream Music Online

The online music streaming services have completely changed the way we listen, organize and share our music tracks. With the internet revolution in recent past years, we have seen some remarkable changes in the world of media, and indeed, music is not an exception. There has been a great buzz of music streaming services to stream music online. Earlier, we have shared best music streaming apps for Android & iOS power users which let you stream music online for free right through your smartphone but as I told you earlier that online music streaming services have completely changed the online music world.

So now, you no longer need any physical media or dedicated music devices, etc. Even you don’t need to keep files stored in your computer to burden your PC storage or you no longer required any dedicated music streaming apps to overload RAM of your smartphone. And it is entirely justified as to why to make burden when you can stream music online for free?

Yes, there are various online music streaming services including best inter radio services with their features, advantages, and disadvantages over each other. So if you are curious to know the best online music streaming services, today I’m going to share list of top 5 best music streaming websites that not only let you stream music online for free but also let you download them as Mp3 to listen to them later.

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Top 5 Best Music Streaming Websites to Download or Stream Music Online

Previously, we have shared a collection of many sites to download free Mp3 music worldwide, and now it is time to make you aware of top online music streaming services that you’ll ever need to stream music online. These websites are already having a massive collection of music into their database and also frequently update with latest songs, tracks, and albums, etc.

So have a look on these!

1. is a very awesome platform to stream music of your choice. It claims to have digitally imported specialization in streaming music online and dance from all over the world. It is a great platform where you can listen and stream music online of your choice. website’s design looks quite attractive and clutter-free. And simple user interface ensures any user can easily find and stream music of his/her choice. For higher bit rates, you can also buy premium upgrades.

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2. Grooveshark

Update: Grooveshark was one of the most popular music streaming service providers on the web. Unfortunately, they shut down their services back in 2015. However, for Grooveshark users who are still enthusiastic about Grooveshark music, we have a separate post talking about best Grooveshark alternatives which are better than Grooveshark.

Another name that comes to this list of the top music streaming service provider is Grooveshark. It is one of the oldest and most famous online music streaming service having millions of songs in its database which it frequently updates. You can browse here and listen to music of your choice for free.

GrooveShark-Best-Online-Music-Streaming-Services-ProviderGrooveshark is an ideal place to stream and listen to music online if you are a music lover. You can quickly start streaming music as you don’t even need to create an account to save music in your playlists.

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3. is another popular online music streaming service provider which lets you listen or download music of your choice. It is unique as it keeps track of whatever you listened and based on that it follows your choice and recommend you related categories of songs. is an excellent music discovery service where you can discover awesome music tracks to download or stream online for free.

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4. Mp3Base

Let me mention my favorite online music streaming service provider of these days where I often love to visit. Yes, I’m pointing towards one of the largest online music directory available on the internet – Mp3Base. The site has quite simple but the attractive design which provides a comfortable user interface.

Mp3Box-Best-Online-Music-Streaming-WebsitesYou can browse music of your choice by going through categories like Artists, Popular by Genre and Top Songs, etc. The useful top search bar provides you an easy way to explore music whereas you can also find music by alphabetical selection. Mp3Base provides you a quick, simple and easy way to listen to streaming music online. You can also download them, and all these come for absolutely free.

Apart from these, what I love about Mp3Base is that the site looks less cluttered as there are no annoying ads there.

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5. 8 Tracks

Next to this list comes 8 Tracks. It is quite different from other listed music platforms and is undoubtedly unique of its kind as it consists of user-curated playlists which mean the internet radio is created by users and not the algorithms.


8 Tracks is a social networking internet radio where you can create your playlists, listen and stream music online as well as share your tracks with your friends on social media.

Want to Explore More?

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Streaming music online is a new trend these days as most of the people don’t like to save music files in their memory storage. Though there are much more online music streaming service providers, who let you download, listen and stream music online for free these are the best five that are quite popular websites among music lovers these days.

Do let me know, what do you prefer – streaming or downloading? Which is your favorite music streaming service?

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