10 Best Movie Streaming Services to Watch Latest HD Movies Online

There are various best online movie streaming sites available where you can legally watch movies online for free, but you’ll hardly find any latest HD movies accessible in these movie streaming sites. However, if you want to watch latest HD movies online, you need to pay a small subscription cost for best movie streaming services if you want to watch movies online without downloading. Still, there are many top class streaming movie sites that let you watch latest HD movies online for free, but many of these contain copyrighted/pirated material. So we never recommend you for these so-called “free movie sites.”

Instead, you may opt for a premium movie streaming service and enjoy watching the latest HD movies online. Many such movie streaming services also let you watch the latest TV shows online. Online streaming is the technique of transferring data in a continuous stream. It means listening to music or watching the video in ‘real time,’ instead of downloading a file to your computer and watching it later.

With the media streaming trend growing in popularity, now you can listen to free music online without downloading using any of the best music streaming services. Though you may easily play your favorite music online with the best music streaming apps for iOS and Android when it comes to free movie streaming – I prefer to watch free movies online with best movie sites.

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Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Services to Watch Latest HD Movies Online

Life has just gotten so busy that you hardly have time to do anything for yourself. Go to the post office, take the kids to Baseball practice, and go to the grocery store. By the time you are done with everything, it´s late, and there goes another day without seeing that movie you have wanted to see for the past few weeks.

Whenever I want to watch one of the latest movies to come out, I like to go to the movies. There is nothing like that big screen and that amazing sound. Unfortunately, you can’t always go to the movies, but with all the movies streaming services at our disposal, who need to go to the movies, right?

So let’s have a look at top movie streaming services where you may watch latest HD movies online without the need of any download.

1. Hulu

Hulu is one of the most popular movies streaming services out there, and it gives you a small taste of what it can offer with a limited number of titles for you to watch. If you want access to everything, Hulu has to offer, and you will need to cough up $7.99 a month.

Don´t get me wrong, Amazon and Netflix (that are also on this list) are excellent services as well, but they don´t get content as fast as Hulu does. How fast does Hulu get its shows? It´s almost instantly after airing on TV, while Netflix and Amazon take months or even a year to broadcast the same content.

Hulu - best movie streaming services - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

If you hate ads, then you should know that if you want to enjoy your favorite shows ad-free, the monthly price goes up. If you´re willing to put with some ads, then the price is $7.99, but if you want to go somewhat ad-free, then the price is $11.99. When I say somewhat, I mean that there are popular shows (not all) that will show some ads with the more expensive subscription.

A tip to keep in mind is that if you are a Showtime fan, it´s best if you get it with a Hulu Bundle since the price goes down from $10.99 to $8.99. If you want to see what it feels like to see limited commercials, you can enjoy three months free if you get a Roku device. You can use Hulu on iOS, Android, and The Web.

2. Netflix

Netflix is another serious contender in the movie streaming service. If you´re a fan of shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black or Marvel´s Daredevil, and then Netflix is the only place you can see them. If you´re interested in a single stream (only one person watching it at a time), then the price for that is $7.99, but if you want two concurrent HD streams, then that is going to set you back $9.99 (New members).

best movie streaming services Netflix - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

How many streams can you get? You can get up to four concurrent streams, and that can also include content in 4K. You can watch Netflix on devices such as game consoles, PC, Android, iOS, and The Web.

3. Crackle (Free)

If you want to enjoy movies that you have at least heard of, then Crackle is the place to go. On Crackle you will find over 150 full-length movies and up to 50 TV Shows. You can see movies as old as from 1960 to recent movies.

best movie streaming services to watch movies - Crackle - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

Crackle (even though it´s free) does have its downside, and it is that you will have to sit through quite a few commercials and the video quality is not as HD as Hulu or Netflix. The movies and shows it offers are a little on the corny side, and if you want to see something, you better act fast since the content rotates a lot.

4. Starz

One huge problem you are going to have with Starz is choosing what movies to watch out of so many options. You can choose between movies such as Pixels, The Wedding Ringer, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars, Ant-Man, and Aloha (just to mention a few).

best movie streaming services watch movies - Starz - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

Starz has also launched a streaming app where you can enjoy a free trial and enjoy HD movies for free, so you can see if the streaming service is right for you. You will only have to pay $8.99 a month, and you can also have access to a large variety of TV shows. The shows are divided into different categories such as Popular, Originals, Kids, and Classic TV.

5. Amazon Instant Video

With Amazon Instant Video, you will have 40 thousand titles to see, but not all of them have Instant video. The movies that have the Prime banner on the top are the ones you can stream for free. Amazon Instant Video does have something that Netflix doesn´t, and that is offline downloads. If you didn´t have time to finish that movie, you could always download it for later.

best movie streaming services amazon - Amazon - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

Amazon also lets you save some cash (not a lot though) by letting you add other networks such as Starz and Showtime. The discount is only for $2 or so, but at least it´s something. Instant Video is compatible with Roku, but it leaves Chromecast users out. You can also watch Amazon Instant Video on Android, iOS, and The Web.

6. Google Play Movies

When you hear or read the words Google Play, you automatically think about Android apps and games, but what about movies?

You can stream an HD movie for $5 and a standard definition one for $4. The rentals only give you two days to watch the movie, so don´t forget to watch. If you want to buy a movie, the price is usually less than $20, but the price will depend on the movie you want to get. You can also stream in HD if you want to.

best movie streaming services google play - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

If you have an Android device that is running on 4.0, or later you can stream the movie of your choice in HD. You can also use devices such as Android TV and Android TV Box. Google Play also offers TV shows that you can usually see the day after they aired on TV.

7. Vudu

If you like how Walmart works, then there is a good chance that you´re also going to like Vudu. This movie streaming service is Walmart´s pay-per-movie store, and hopefully one day it will give services such as Hulu and Netflix a run for its money. On Vudu, you can find all kinds of movies and TV shows, so I´m sure you´ll find your favorite. You´ll be happy to know that Vudu offers the movies right around the same time they come out on DVD.

best movie streaming to watch movies hd - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

Vudu also tries to lure new customers in by providing any UltraViolet digital copy there may be alongside the movie you purchase with a free digital locker service.

With Vudu, you only pay what you see and rentals can start from $3.99 and can go as high as $5.99 for HD with Dolby Digital Plus movies. You can use Vudu on your XBox 360, PS3, Mac, and any set-top streaming box. Almost forgot about iOS, Android, and a Windows Phone.

8. iTunes

Apple also has a movie streaming service to show off. You will find a large variety of new releases such as Nine Lives, Star Trek Beyond, Bad Moms, Finding Dory and much more! There are also TV shows such as The Good Place, Pitch, Arrow, Supernatural, American Horror and the list keeps going on and on.

best movie streaming services to warch online - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

On iTunes, you also pay only for what you watch, but you have the option of either buying or renting the movie. If you don´t want to miss a single episode of your favorite TV show, iTunes gives you the option of buying a total of 16 episodes for a fixed price.

9. Showtime

I´m sure that Showtime is a name you have heard before, but this time I am going to mention is the new streaming service. For $10.99 a month you can enjoy movies such as No Escape, Zoolander, Mission Impossible 2, The Illusionist and more.

best movie streaming services showtime - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

If you want to give Showtime a try, you can sign up on Android, Amazon, Roku, and Apple devices. Don´t worry if you didn´t see how you would use Showtime since support for more devices is coming soon.

10. HBO Now

HBO´s streaming service is called HBO Now, and it will cost you $14.99 a month. If you want to try the service first, you can get a free trial through apps such as Google Play, Amazon, Roku Player on HBO Now and the App Store.

best movie streaming services hbo now - Top 10 New Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

If you also want to look into TV shows, you´ll be happy to know that the new episodes appear at the most, an hour after they air on TV. You can see shows such as Boardwalk Empire, The Brink, The Comeback and more.

Other Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch HD Movies Online

So let’s find out which other free movie streaming sites allow you to watch HD movies online for free.

1. EVOMovies.com – Watch Free Cinema Movies Online

OZO Movies is one of the most famous names among best free movie sites. It is a fantastic movie streaming service with a huge number of HD movies for free streaming. Watching free cinema movies online had never been so easy. To start watching the latest HD movies online without downloading, you have to select the desired movie that you wish to watch and then follow the free movie streaming link.

Following the free movie streaming link, you may start watching free movies online without downloading anything. It has a huge number of movies in its database and adds new movies every week. You may also watch old movies from last 4-5 years. Overall, it is one of the best free movie sites that allows you to watch full-length movies online without downloading anything.

2. MyDownloadTube.com – Watch and Download Latest HD Movies for Free

MyDownloadTube is a free movie downloading site that allows you to download latest HD movies online for free but it also lets you watch movies online without downloading. You may sort movies by different genres and also search the movies of your choice using the top movie search bar.

MyDownloadTube is not movie streaming and downloading only. Instead, it is a multi-purpose site offering various types of downloads including streaming and downloading of PC games for free. Although you may find some annoying ads, quality of movies is always good. However, many ad blockers are available that you may use.

3. Vodlockerx.com – Watch Movies and TV Shows Online Free

Vodlocker is another free movie streaming site where you may watch latest released movies online without downloading. On the homepage itself, you’ll see a large number of movies available for free movie streaming.

Exploring the categories like “recently added movies” will help you watch new movies online for free. Vodlocker is an ideal site to explore new movies, TV shows, and videos online for free.

4. JustMoviez.to – Watch Movies Online for Free

When it comes to free movie streaming, I have always been a fan of JustMoviez. One of the most crucial factors that were missing from their top class movie streaming services was – availability of latest movies in their database.

But with the inclusion of “Watch Latest Movies” section – no doubt, JustMoviez is a top-notch free movie website with many powerful features and easy user interface. You may also watch most popular movies, movies by genre and TV series easily.

5. NewMoviesOnline.cc – Watch New and Popular Movies Online

As the name suggests, New Movies Online is quite a new movie streaming site as compared to other movie sites listed in this post, but it has got a good collection of movies in its database. And the best thing is that New Movies Online not only lets you watch recent movies, top rated movies, and most commented movies but also the latest HD movies for free.

New Movies Online allows you to sort movies based on genres of your choice. You may also request for new movies link that you wish to watch. New Movies Online also lets you search and watch your favorite movies online for free.

6. Alluc.com – Free Streaming and Video Link Search Engine

Alluc is one the most popular video link search engine which has a huge number of movie streaming links in its database. You don’t need to download any software or anything else. Neither you have to pay any subscription cost as all the available movies are free.

When you enter your search query and hit enter in the powerful video search engine of Alluc, it pops out a huge number of movie sites and video links related to your search query. Follow any of the links and stream movies online for free.

7. WolowTube.co – Watch Free Movies Online

WolowTube is the most promising movie streaming website at the moment for watching free movies online. It is mainly because of their massive database of 35 thousand movie titles. Also video quality is High Definition (HD), and the best thing that I love about them is that WolowTube streams movies without annoying pop-up ads.

All of this is usually hard to find on other free movie websites. On WolowTube, you may also watch about 200+ popular TV Series online. The site is very straightforward and easy to use, so it is our one of the top place for watching movies online.

8. FreeMoviesWatch.com – Latest Free Movies Streaming Link

If you are looking for free movie sites that allow you to watch free movies online without downloading, then, the best idea would be to follow the online movie streaming link and watch free movies online. But sometimes it may be a tough task to find out the movie streaming link for latest movies. Free Movies Watch accurately helps you do that as it allows you to search the latest movies streaming links as well as watch free movies online.

Though the site is new yet there are a huge number of movies in its database and all of the movies are available in HD. And the best thing is: Free Movie Watch adds all the latest movies before other free movie streaming sites. So you’ll surely get all the latest movies streaming links here before anywhere else.

9. WatchMovieStream.com – Full-Length Movies and Latest Trailers

Next to come to our list is – Watch Movie Stream. On this free movie site, you may watch full-length movies, latest trailers and new video clips online for free. The best thing is, all of the available movies that they offer a huge selection of public domain films for you to stream and watch online at your convenience are in HD [High-Definition].

So no doubt, you’ll love watching movie online if you are the latest high definition movie lover. Whether you want to watch the latest comedy movies, the latest horror movies, the latest action movies or anything else – everything is free!

10. FreeStreamingMovies.pro

Another free movie site to watch latest movies online is – Free Streaming Movies. It allows you to watch latest released movies online. You may browse the most recent movies through various categories like top rated movies, most popular movies or random movies.

Also, there is a movie search bar that helps you find your favorite movies quickly. Not only the latest Hollywood movies, but you may also watch the latest released Bollywood movies also.

11. Streaming-Movie.tv – Watch Free Movies in Streaming

Streaming Movies lets you find and watch the best HD movies for free. You may browse through various HD movies categorized by genres like action, adventures, animations, comedy, documentary, drama, horror, science fiction, thriller, war, etc.

You may also stream movies based on years, including the latest years as it adds the latest movies and videos very frequently. Streaming Movies makes online movie streaming easy and free for you.

12. FreeMoviesOnline.cc

Free Movies Online is one of the newest entries in the list of free movie websites as it has been around only for last 2 years. But on the homepage itself, you may find a good number of the latest HD movies for free streaming.

Though it doesn’t have a huge number of streaming movies in its database yet, you may find various latest movies since 2011 to present day. All the movies available on the site are in HD {High Definition} picture quality, and most of them are the latest released movies.

13. iMovieTube.com – Watch Free Movies Online

iMovieTube has an ever-increasing selection of films for you to watch online. If you want to stream latest movies legally in HD, then it is a perfect place to find the most recent movies of all of the 18 genres. Not only you may watch the latest popular movies online, but also you may share your video stream with others.

iMovieTube offers you a high-quality iMT player which provides you with super fast video streaming experience to play online movies instantly.

14. FreeFullMovies.net – Watch Full-Length Movies Online

Free Full Movies is another popular movie streaming site that also allows you to watch and download the latest movies. On the homepage itself, you’ll find a good number of the latest released movies as well as trailers of upcoming movies that are to be released next year.

You may also find the links to Divx movies, flash movies and most popular movies as well as movie streaming links in HD for all the movies released in the recent past few years.

15. TubePlus.cc – Watch Movies | Download TV Shows Online

If you love watching TV shows online, then there is good news for you that you no longer need to pay channel subscription cost because TubePlus allows you to watch, stream or download TV shows online.

Apart from the latest TV shows available for free download, Tube Plus has also a huge number of latest HD movies in its database. So you are surely going to enjoy free fast movie streaming service of TubePlus.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

So you have got these top movie streaming services. If you had a hard time deciding what show to go with, hopefully, you have chosen one from this list. All of them offer a large variety of movies but at a different price. Which one are you going to use? Do let me know if I missed any or add your favorite using the comment section below.

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