21 Sure Shot Working Tips to Grow Real Twitter Followers

Do you want to get more followers on Twitter? Do you wish to grow your Twitter followers count to build your business authority? Ever wanted to gain more real followers on Twitter to increase engagement on the tweets you share? 

There is hardly any Twitter user who doesn’t wish to increase his/her Twitter following. Increasing Twitter followers count is what everybody loves. This signifies the impact of social media in our lives. But to be very frank increasing real twitter followers count is not so easy. It takes time even if you keep looking for new ideas and working tips to get more followers on Twitter.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter ?

Having lots of Twitter followers is necessity these days. Because all of us know the power of having more Twitter followers. Whether you use Twitter for business or any other marketing purposes, having more quality real Twitter followers is very crucial. So in this post, you are going to know the various ways to get more followers on Twitter.

Though I would also be dealing with some ways which are useless, my top priority is to reveal those sure shot working tips and steps so that you may maximize your Twitter followers without wasting your time in useless tricks.

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How to Get More Followers on Twitter?

Let’s say you can’t wait to grow your followers base on Twitter. Okay here is the trick – Just start following #followmeback, #teamfollowback, #autofollow and other such Twitter accounts. They’ll follow you back, and after few hours much more such spammy Twitter accounts will start following you. And within no time, you’ll see a huge boost in your Twitter followers count. Thus you’ll get more followers on Twitter so easily within no time.

This is surely the quickest way to get more followers on Twitter, but definitely, this is also the useless method that’ll take you nowhere. Because all of such spammy Twitter accounts are operated by bots, who will never be interested in engaging with what you tweet.

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Get More Followers on Twitter – The Dumbest Method

When you’ll start using Twitter for marketing purposes, you know one fact that without having large followers base you are not going to reap anything from Twitter. So you may also go to a small gig selling services marketplace like Fiver and buy 3000 Twitter followers for $5 as many gig sellers will be offering this much “real Twitter followers” for such a little amount. But guess what will happen after that!

Most of those followers will start unfollowing you, and you can’t guess how disappointing it would be for you to see your followers disappearing one after another day. And you’ll finally reach where you had started. Thus this is the most useless method that you may try as it will not only take your time but also will take your money away from you. And in return, you’ll get nothing other than disappointment.

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So I must tell you that if you are using Twitter for business and marketing purposes, you need real people who might be interested in engaging with what you share. Because you definitely want to get more retweets, favorites, mentions, and clicks. Am I right?

Okay, here we go!

21 Sure Shot Working Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter

So let’s see what those sure shot working tips that would help you to get more followers on Twitter are.

1. Create An Eye-Catching Profile

Before you start your Twitter journey, your first home work is to create an appealing and attractive profile by providing your engaging information in the bio section. Make sure you build trust with your real identity rather than boosting with the fake identity.

People know you only by your profile. So the way you present yourself through your profile is very crucial to help you get more followers on Twitter.

2. Add Your Image [Most Recommended]

Do you feel shy of uploading your pics to the internet? Don’t be! Believe me; you look so cute. Show your original image to the World like me @RahulDubey137. Be you, show yourself. And I don’t know whether you know it… “People always love to connect with real people.”

Same is the case with your header image, choose one which reflects your business and looks attractive.

3. Create a Custom About Page

Though providing a good, engaging bio is always a good idea. But the fact is that it is tough to impress people with short bio because Twitter allows you to write a bio less than 160 characters only.

So a smarter idea would be to create a custom about page (may be somewhere on your blog) and link it to your Twitter profile. In this way, you would also be easily driving people to your blog.

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4. Follow Other Users

To get more followers on Twitter is somewhat like give and take method, so if you have to take something from others, you’ll definitely have to give. So follow others users, they might also love to follow you back.

And when they follow you back it’s a great beginning of a beautiful engagement. Also when you follow top users, you can learn lots of things about their way of tweeting, a way of engaging and way of marketing from just by following them.

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5. Send Interesting Tweets

We all know many people use Twitter for their marketing purposes but think about your followers. They never mind why you are there. All they like is some useful and interesting stuff from you.

So be interesting while tweeting. Never tweet anything which is not of value to your followers. Entertain them; they will retweet, do mention and favorite also.

6. Tweet At Peak Time

Try to know the peak time of your Twitter profile when most of your followers are available. You can use a free tool like Tweriod to determine the best time to tweet.

And once you came to know, tweet more at that time. This would not only make your tweets reach more to people who matter to you but also this increases the chance of more engagements. Thus, helping you get more followers on Twitter.

7. Don’t Spam Users News Feed

We know that tweeting more at tweet peak time can increase engagements and help you grow your Twitter followers. But this doesn’t mean you should start spamming your follower’s tweet feed by sending lots of Tweets. Remember the unfollow button is never too far from them.

8. Do @mentions to Top Authorities in Your Niche

It’s always a good idea to interact with influencing people by retweeting or doing @username mentions. Because by doing this you are not only featured in your follower’s news feed but also in those top authorities followers news feed. And since your visibility increases, the chances of getting more followers also increases.

9. Follow and Interact with Top Brands

As already discussed above, do similar with top brands because top brands also have large followers base and hence when your profile is featured, you are always in a win-win situation.

10. Link Your Twitter Profile to Other Social Channels

You might already have a good fan base on Facebook, stronger presence on Google+ and good interaction with peoples on other social media. Why not drive them to your Twitter profile? Simply link your Twitter profile with other social profile and give them a reason to visit it. Alternatively, you might also ask them to follow you but make sure you first ask their username and follow them.

11. Add Follow Button to Your Blog

Adding Twitter follow button to blog is one of the best practices to get more followers on Twitter. This is the best way to get targeted real Twitter followers because those who land on your blog are one who is really interested in your products or services. You may also add a link to your Twitter profile from your author bio section. This works best for me personally.

12. Ask for Retweets But Wisely

Link to popular authorities, brands or Twitter accounts and ask them for “RT” [Retweets]. When they retweet, again your visibility increases. But make sure you don’t prove yourself to be a spammer by asking for RT again and again.This might make them annoyed. However, doing it wisely can yield tremendous growth in your Twitter followers.

13. Start Using Triberr

Triberr is one such community and social platform where you connect with other influencing people of your niche. Tribes at Triberr are very powerful as many like minded people connect with each other and doing the social share of each other increases the post reach multiple times thus helping each other cause.

14. Join Tweet Chats

Brands and companies often organize “Tweet Chats” session. Taking participate in such “Tweets Chats” also helps you to get more followers on Twitter. So not only participate but also show your talent, impress others and make yourself visible. TweetChat.com is one such tool that makes it easy for you to join any Tweet Chat room easily and quickly.

15. Don’t Send Automated Direct Messages

Usually, many people use automated tools to send direct messages like “thanks for following, you can meet me at xyz.com.” Many affiliate marketers and gurus mark this as a smart way to bring Twitter followers to your landing pages (xyz.com) thus increasing chances of lead generation.

But believe me, there is nothing smartness in this technique. None of your customers would start buying your products in the first interaction. So never try to be over promotional as it might affect adversely.

16. Use Hashtags Well

Twitter is a game of hashtags, if you use it smartly, you can broaden your post reach and get more engagements. Also now and then something hot is trending, join such trending campaign and be more visible. This way not only you make yourself more visible but also get more followers on Twitter easily.

17. Vary the Type of Content You Tweet

While Tweeting most of Twitter users forget that Twitter is not all about sharing 160 characters tweets. Thus they tweet characters only. But what if you start varying types of content you tweet? Let’s say you start mixing up with different types of tweets like characters, images, videos, links, podcasts, etc. The result would definitely be 200% more engagements.

18. Be Active by Scheduling Tweets

Believe it or not, but you can’t remain active every time on Twitter. But your followers also don’t like inactive accounts. So smart idea would be to schedule your tweets to make them published for your followers even when you are not there. You can get advantages of some free tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

19. Pay Attention to Interaction

Though you may schedule tweets to publish them even when you are not there, I recommend you to be present there to interact with your followers. Scheduling and forgetting don’t make such impression as paying attention makes. So do favorite, say thank you publically and make them feel special who engage with your tweets.

20. Follow More Relevant Accounts

I already discussed above to follow brands and top authorities but following more relevant accounts increases your chances to get more followers on Twitter. First, know your target audience and then follow them accordingly. Smart tip – start following your competitor’s followers, many of them will follow you back.

21. Use Promoted Accounts Feature to Get More Followers on Twitter

If you may afford to pay for increasing followers, you may use promoted account feature of Twitter by spending money to get more followers on Twitter. These followers are not only real people but also you have options to target users based on demographics, interests, etc.

Another such working tool is Tweet Adder which automatically finds and follows relevant accounts, and when they don’t follow back, it unfollows them after few days. This is very effective to get more followers on Twitter as such users are those who are very active. [Start Free Trial]

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Don’t just try to get more followers on Twitter but instead try to focus on growing targeted and engaging followers who are interesting in your services and love to read and share what you tweet.

Did you found these sure shot working tips helpful to get more followers on Twitter ? Share with your friends on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. You may follow us @TechRPro for future updates. Also, do let us know what strategies you follow to get more followers on Twitter? Add it to comment box if I missed something.

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