How People are Using Twitter ? – A Twitter Marketing Approach – [Infographic]

Twitter is one of the largest social media network.

Many people are already using Twitter. And the use of Twitter is increasing exponentially. A large number of people join Twitter everyday. That is why number of Twitter users is growing at a fast pace. Even a larger number of tweets they make which are live on Twitter. Depending upon the choice and need, it completely varies how people are using Twitter.

Twitter offers you to tweet “What’s Happening ?” with you with a maximum of 140 characters. Though unlike other social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn etc. you won’t be able to post your large status. But tweeting within 140 characters is interesting and has a different fun.

How People are Using Twitter ?

You can find many people on Twitter like your favorite celebrity, brands, companies, friends and family as well as co-workers and colleagues. Thus, many people join Twitter to connect with their favorite celebrities, brands, companies, friends and family. And some join even just because others recommend them. No matter why people join Twitter but what matters most is – “How People are Using Twitter?

How People are Using Twitter ?


Recently, I came across this info-graphic which deals with a detailed visual analysis of “How People are Using Twitter ?“. The credit for this info-graphic goes to Lab42 who recently surveyed 500 Twitter users over the age of 18. They surveyed to find out how they use the site, who they follow, and how they interact with brands on Twitter. Take a look at the info-graphic which depicts “How People are Using Twitter”. 

A Visual Analysis of How People are Using Twitter ? - [Infographic]The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

After analyzing that how people are using Twitter, you would come to know that a large percentage of users follow brands and companies on Twitter. And most of them follow brands just to get discounts. So being an internet marketer, if your brand is on Twitter – This might be beneficial for you. And if your company or brand offers any service, consider offering discounts to get maximum out of your Twitter followers.

With the fact that the use of Twitter as well as other social media is increasing, Twitter can be a very effective platform for not only tweeting but also making your tweets productive. Knowing the exact idea of “How People are Using Twitter” will help you develop a proper Twitter marketing strategy. Wishing your success on Twitter! Cheers…!

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