33+ Amazing Wood Texture Background Pattern for Designers

Beautiful wood texture background pattern becomes a valuable asset for designers when it comes to design something related to nature or environment. If you are working on a green or nature related design projects, Wooden textures are beautiful and crucial for background design.

Creating a new wood texture pattern for background from scratch in Photoshop may be a daunting task and might be time-consuming also. However, there are an enormous number of seamless wood textures already available on the internet that can save your time and make things easier. Some are free wood texture while other are premium wooden textures for which you need to pay if you wish to use for commercial purposes.

To make your work easy, we are showcasing 33+ Beautiful High-Quality Wood Texture Background Patterns for Designers in this post.

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33+ Beautiful Wood Texture Background Pattern for Designers

Disclaimer: We have listed all the provided Wood textures with proper attribution to the original copyright holder. This also confirms that the license of these Wooden texture backgrounds wallpapers/images don’t belong/copyrighted to TechReviewPro. Please follow the provided link to make sure copyright or usage permission if you wish to use these wood textures for your design projects.

1. Wood Texture

  1. by Shadowh3
Beautiful Wood Texture Pattern - Wood Texture Background

2. Tileable Wood Texture

by ftourini-stock

3. Old Wood Textures

by DayDreamsPhotography

4. Wood Texture Pattern

by SilensTemplum

5. Fresh Wood Texture

by Beyond-Oddities

6. Dark Wood Texture Pattern

by xSweetSmile

7. Wood Textures

by QBit
Wood Textures -Wood Floor Texture Background Patterns

8. Valle Old Wood Textures

by enframed

9. Uncut Seamless Wood Textures

by borysses

10. Door Wood Texture

by Truefreestyle

11. Dark Wood Texture

by Petr Kovar

12. Free Wood Textures

by Andrew Taylor

13. Dark Wood Texture Plank Floor Wooded Texture Panel Free

by TextureX-com

Dark-Wood-Texture-Plank-Floor-Wooded-Panel-Free-by-Texturex-com 14. Wood Grain Medium Ash Texture

by SweetSoulSister

15. Dark Brown Wood Texture

by Andrew Taylor

16. Marble Wood Tile Texture for Wood Floor Texture

by FantasyStock

17. Old Wood Texture

by Randon-Acts-Stock

18. Wood Floor Texture

by gnrbishop

19. Wood Texture Wallpaper

by sebgonz

20. Beach Wood Texture

by L.C. Nøttaasen

21. Minimal Grey Wood Texture Pattern

by dimage

22. Dusty Wood Texture Background

by Tzolkin

23. Free Tree Bark Wood Textures

by SmashingApps

24. Real Texture Wood Boards

by Aimelle-Stock

25. Wooden Floor Texture

by PoProstuBuno

26. Wood Grain Texture

by Kyden Jordan

27. Weathered Wood Textures

by Mike

28. Tileable Light Wood Textures

by WebTreatsETC

29. Vector Wood Texture

by Prowinwall


30. Seamless Vector Wood Patterns

by ChewedKandi

31. Bruised Red Wood Texture

by Crimson-Designs



32. Light Wood Texture Background Pattern

by deiby

33. Seamless Wood Planks Texture

by 10ravens

34. Plain Wood Texture Pattern

by Breyer-Stock

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