20+ Most Amazing Facts About Google Plus That You Might Not Be Knowing – [Infographic]

Google Plus is one of the most interesting and powerful social media. Google Plus is owned and managed by Google Inc. which is one the top most brand of the world.

As of now, Google Plus is second largest social network after Facebook. Launched on 28 June, 2011 – It is fastest to reach such a large user base. And during the journey of such immense success so far it has surely thrown others out of competition.

Google+ is quickly becoming second most favorite social media for many users including me. Google Plus is not only becoming favorite among general users for socializing but also for business purposes. Many businesses and brands are setting up themselves quickly on Google Plus. Internet marketers, bloggers, freelancers and many other entrepreneurs are also getting the best out of their Google+ presence.

20+ Most Amazing Facts About Google Plus That You Might Not Be Knowing

Basically, Google Plus is known to be a social networking site. But what is most surprising and amazing among all facts about Google Plus is that Google Inc. itself describes Google Plus as a “Social Layer“. Google+ not only enhances its other online properties but also works as an authorship tool. A tool that helps writers or content developers to claim their ownership directly [Source >>Wiki Article].

20+ Most Amazing Facts About Google Plus That You Might Not Be Knowing

Also, here is some more amazing facts about Google Plus. Facts that you might not be knowing. So check out this info-graphic. Just to be aware of those facts about Google Plus.

20+ Most Amazing Facts About Google Plus That You Might Not Be Knowing

Infographic Courtesy >> Big Foot Digital

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Some Funny Facts About Google Plus [11+10 = 20+]

  1. Google+ was firstly launched in June, 2011 as invite only service. Later, it got public in September 2011.
  2. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has more followers on Google+ than founder of Google, Larry Page.
  3. 5000 – this is the number of peoples you can have in your circle on Google+ profile.
  4. Google+ has 60% more users than Twitter.
  5. 70% brands have now presence on Google+ and they found it a very handy way to be popular online.
  6. Google+ has a unique feature of in-buit video chat facility – “Hangouts“.
  7. Google+ can be very helpful in improving SEO of a website.
  8. Google Plus mobile application is the 4th most popular apps in the world.
  9. Father of Google+ Vic Gundotra didn’t know HTML that is why there is poor website navigation of G+.
  10. After serving Google for 8 years, Gundotra himself has departed from Google. It is one of those mysterious facts about Google Plus.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Being a blogger, whenever you discuss something about Google and how it works, you get a great response from your readers. That is why a world without Google seems not to be so interesting. Google Plus not only helps you get a good SEO friendly reputation and ranking in search engines. But also in claiming authorship of your content and building a good reader base.

One of the most powerful facts about Google Plus is that everyone who knows the power of social media in generating sales, traffic or deals is quickly shifting to Google+. So if you have been ignoring Google+ so far, its high time to get started with Google+. And get the best out of it.

Some very interesting facts about Google Plus which I came across somewhere (Sorry don’t remember where), which I must share with you is –

“If your customers are on Facebook, use Facebook,

If your customers are on Twitter, use Twitter,

If your customers are on LinkedIn, use LinkedIn, But

If your customers are Online, use Google+. ” – Unknown.

Hope you enjoyed knowing some cool and amazing facts about Google Plus. If I missed any do let me know via comment section below.

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