Super Smart Tricks to Click Beautiful Selfies

Now, we live in a world where people are becoming more and more photogenic. And “A selfie” is another addition to the list of various types of photos. Though there are many camera apps that allows you to click beautiful selfies. However, other photo editing apps are available that allow you to edit photos like a pro, yet [...]

eFax send fax online for free - Best Free Online Fax Services

When new technologies emerge and establish themselves, we expect the old ones to be dead — or, somewhat dead. There are a lot of things on that list, ranging from telegram to typesetting printing. And, some of you might put Fax in the list, which isn’t entirely accurate, for that matter! It’s so because Fax [...]

Best Audio Books Download Sites - Best Sites to Download Free Audio Books Online - Listen to Free Streaming Audio Books Online

Audiobooks are great way to relax yourself and listen to free books online without any need to carry a hard copy book in your hand to read. Yes, the traditional paper books are still adored my many book lovers, but book lovers are now showing more interest in audiobooks. We can’t blame them either, there are [...]

Top Best Web Browser for Linux - Best Linux Web Browsers

There’s no doubt that Linux is something! In the past years, Linux has become more or less a competitor for the paid Operating Systems such as Windows and Mac OS X. For that, the contribution of various Linux distributions out there such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. were critical. People used to have issues such [...]

GoToMeeting Best Online Meeting Tool Available Web - Best Free Online Meeting Tools for Web Conferencing

Today, almost everything in your office is connected online. From data backup to emails and from social networks to the website you own! Well, there are some important things that still stay offline, though impressive online-powered alternatives are there. Meetings are one of those things. Even in this internet era, we notify everyone, call them [...]

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