50+ Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Live TV You Didn’t Know About

Kodi is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite movies, music, and shows. You probably spend quite a while watching Kodi since it’s an excellent way to relax at the end of a busy day at work. As you watch Kodi, you’re probably using a remote control app on your Android device or iPhone to control the media center software.

If you’ve been looking for another way to use Kodi, I think you’ll be happy to know that you can also use your keyboard. Thankfully, there are many Kodi keyboard shortcuts to spice up the things. By using your keyboard, you won’t have to use your phone so much. That way, you won’t have to charge your phone so many times, and you can use it to play games or receive a call from time to time.

It doesn’t matter if the keyboard you’re using is wired or not. Even though many users avoid using Bluetooth keyboards for reasons such as there being no Bluetooth in the BIOS and that they can also have pairing issues. The following Kodi keyboard shortcuts are going to save you some valuable time that you can use for the more important things in life such as playing games on your phone.

50+ Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Live TV

1. B – This key will let you schedule recordings in live TV

2. K – Live TV recording window

3. E – Use this to open the EPG (Electronic program guide)

4. J – To gain access to the live radio channels window

5. H – Live TV Channels window

6. 0 – The zero key will toggle between the last two live TV channels you saw

7. I – View information on a particular TV show

8. Up and Down Arrow Keys – Use these keys to browse through the channel list

9. Left and Right Arrows – With these arrow keys you can jump between channel groups

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts to View Photos

Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Live TV - Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi There’s a good chance that you only or mostly use Kodi to watch movies or your favorite shows. Give your phone or tablet a rest and look at your picture on Kodi. Here are some Kodi keyboard shortcuts to help you out.

10. , and . – (command and period), Use these to look back and forth through your pictures

11. +/- When you’re in picture mode, use these keys to turn the volume controls into zoom controls. By using the + key, you zoom in and by using the – key you zoom out.

12. 1-9 number keys – Maybe the plus and minus keys are not zooming enough, or they could be zooming in too much. To control how much you can zoom in you can try the number keys.

Audio Control Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi

13.  It’s happened to all of us at some point. You’re watching a movie, and you notice that the audio is delayed by a few seconds. Instead of having to put up with this throughout the film use the A key.

14. Use F8 to mute the playback

15. + and – Use these keys to control the volume levels during audio playback, video streaming and while you’re watching live TV.

Customize The Kodi Display with Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

You don’t have to deal with how Kodi shows you the media. If you’re not happy with it, give it your own personal touch with the following keyboard shortcuts for Kodi.

16. ctrl + S – Use this key combination to take a screenshot whenever needed. The screenshot will be saved in the preferred location from that point on.

17. \ – With the backlash key you can switch between windowed mode and full-screen mode. When you’re in windowed mode, you have access to more apps, software and also your file manager.

18. Z – Use this key to adjust the aspect ratio of the video you’re watching at the moment. You’ll be cycling through quite a few resolutions and ratios. Keep pressing this key until you’ve reached the right size.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts to Turn Subtitles On and Off

19. If you can perfectly understand what the movie is saying you can turn off the subtitles by pressing the T key. You can use the same key to turn them on as well.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Users

I couldn’t forget about you Mac users. Even though the keyboard shortcuts for Kodi mentioned above are pretty much for cross-platform users I wanted to include a section especially for Mac users.

20. Cmd + S – To take a screenshot

21.  Cmd + Q – Quit Kodi

22. Cmd + F – Access fullscreen view

23. Cmd + H /Cmd + M –  Minimize or Hide Kodi to the OS X dock

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts to Control Your Media Playback

There are also some media playback keyboard shortcuts for you to try. For example, you can:

24. Use X to stop video playback

25. P will play the video

26. Use the Space bar to pause or play the media. This is a trick you can also use on YouTube as well as many other media players.

27. Some movies can get boring. If you want to skip a section of a movie simply use the F key. By pressing the key once you’re only going to fast forward 2x pace and if you press the key two times the movie is going to fast forward 4X, Etc. Don’t forget that you can also use the right arrow key.

28. Right Arrow – skip forward in your media 30-seconds at a time

29. Left Arrow – Go back 30 seconds at a time

30. R – Use this key to rewind and the more you tap, the faster it rewinds.

Miscellaneous Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi

31. Esc – Use this key whenever you want to go to the home screen or go back to the previous menu

32. Windows Key – This key will let you access the Start screen/Start menu. You can also view the Windows desktop.

33. S – This will show you the shutdown menu where you can exit the software. You can also hibernate or shut down the host system (Mac or Windows)

34. Enter – Use this key to select your current option while on the Kodi interface

35. The Arrow Keys on the Kodi Interface – With the arrow keys you can move up, down, left, and right in the menu.

36. C – Press this key for the context menu while listening to music or watching a video.

37. M – This will give you the player control.The shortcuts should work on video playback or music visualization.

38. L – In video playback this key gives you the next subtitle and in music, you can lock preset.

More Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi

39. N – Current playlist window

40. With Ctrl + T, you control the subtitle position control

41. The U key you can move an item up (playlist editor and favorites window).

42. V – In video playback, you can use this key for Teletext and in music, you can see the visualization settings.

43. W – This key will mark the content as watched.

44. Whether it’s global, video, or music, use the X key to stop everything.

45. Y – Switch/choose a player. You can use this key to switch between a UPnP target player and an internal player.

46. Z – Zoom/aspect ratio in video playback

47. Page Up – Increase rating in music visualization and skip to next queued video or next chapter if no videos are queued.

48. Page Down – Decrease rating in music and skip to the previously queued video or previous chapter if no chapters are queued.

49. Backspace – Back

50. Left Bracket – Seek step forward ten minutes.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

As you can see Kodi has quite a few shortcuts for you to use. Now, you won’t be limited to your iPhone or Android device and you can use your keyboard for a change. Remembering all of the Kodi keyboard shortcuts is practically impossible, so don’t forget to bookmark this article so you can use it for future reference.

It may be annoying having to look at the list every 2 seconds, but that’s only at the beginning. Before you know it, you’ll be able to remember most if not all of the shortcuts mentioned on this list.

It’s all about practice. Since Kodi is something you probably use every day, you’ll find yourself executing these commands without you realizing you’ve become a keyboard Kodi master. Did I miss your favorite Kodi keyboard shortcut? If so don’t forget to leave a comment below?

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