facetune - best selfie photo editor

Photos clicked through a built-in camera, or Android camera apps can never be enough for photogenic and selfie addicts. Though the scope of Android phones’ camera has enlarged to several megapixels, there are some requirements that a typical Android camera can never fulfill. And unfortunately, you cannot carry an SLS/DSLR or any other professional camera [...]

7 Best Face Swap Apps for Android to Have Fun with Your Photos

Face swapping is something that everyone who owns a smartphone has done at least once. And face swap apps have played a crucial role in helping you do face swapping easily. Whether it was out of curiosity to see what it was all about, or because you just loved the idea. Face swapping is something [...]

apps for lazy users - Best Life Changing Apps - 5 Life Changing Apps for Android that Every Lazy User Should Start Using

The current generation is becoming obsessed with life changing apps and gadgets. Partly, it’s beneficial but not using them the right way has a lot of drawbacks in the physical life. And, the most common problem that pops up in our mind is becoming Lazy. Well, it is sometimes useful when you have a lot [...]

What Every Android User Needs to Know Before Rooting Android

Rooting Android is something that opens a whole new world of possibilities, whether you want to install custom ROM, customize icons, or whatever else. However, there are some precautions as well that you need to take while rooting Android. There is also information you need to know; that will have you covered if something were [...]

Best Tower Defense Games for Android - Top 10 Best Android Tower Defense Games [Free and Paid]

Android Tower Defense games are usually addictive. The reason – you have a responsibility to save your territory from being attacked! It becomes a second virtual world to you. Of course, you should not take it much seriously that you start getting real crazy. But, it offers so much of fun to experience. Not just [...]

Best MP3 Music Tag Editor - Top 5 Best Free Mp3 Music Tag Editors for Android to Modify Music Tags

MP3 Music Tag Editor apps for Android are interesting additions to your device. You won’t observe the users talk about the best mp3 music tag editors just like your friends discuss one of the best racing games for Android in the classroom or at a meetup spot. MP3 music tag editors are no exception, and [...]

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