Noom Walk Pedometer - Best Pedometer Apps for Android - Best Step Counter App for Android - Free Android Pedometer Apps - Fitness Tracker App for Android

When the new technology comes, the older one becomes obsolete. Same is the case with pedometer apps for Android. Earlier, you had to spend few bucks for buying a pedometer to count and monitor your steps every day. A pedometer is a device used for estimating the distance traveled on foot by recording the number [...]

Best Wifi App for Android to Boost Wifi Signal - Best Android Wifi Booster Apps for Free

Nowadays, wifi signal is everywhere. No matter whether you are on the college campus, railway station, shopping mall, nearest pizza shop and the coffee shop or any other public places – you’ll find wifi internet connectivity everywhere. One disadvantage of Wifi signal connectivity is that even if you go a very small distance away from Wifi [...]

Best Voice Editor Apps for Singing - Best Singing Voice Editor Apps That Make You Sound Good

No matter how good you sing, the voice editing tools always come in handy for the final touch. It makes a “good” voice better and so on. While you take a look at the Play Store, you will find a lot of voice editor apps for singing. But, do they all really work? Do those singing [...]

amplify - Best Xposed Framework Modules for Android - Top 10 Best Xposed Framework Modules for Android

If you want the root user privileges on your Android device, you will have to root the device. However, we would not recommend rooting an Android device but it still comes with a couple of perks. While rooting a device is the base, what you want to do on top of it plays the most [...]

Free Music Apps No WiFi Needed - Top 10 Best No WiFi Music Apps that Don't Need WiFi

Music is a very powerful thing. It can either make you feel pumped while working out or it can make you feel sad. The reasons as to why you would listen to music are endless, but most of the time you either listen to music online with music streaming apps or do it without an [...]

Best Police Scanner Radio App for Free- Best Police Scanner Radio App for Free - Best Police Scanner Apps for Free on Android

Some people use police scanner apps for listening to police, fire, weather and rescue feed from all over the world while others use them just for fun and entertainment. No matter for what purpose you are using the police scanner apps, there are many good police scanner apps available in the app marketplaces like Google [...]

Network Signal Booster Apps for Android - 7 Best Signal Booster Apps for Android to Boost Signal Strength for Free

We all have encountered a situation where we do not get enough signal strength or completely loose the network. Normally, that happens on the countryside. However, with the increasing number of carriers, it does happen in the urban areas as well. Not only due to the network issues but the phone is equally responsible for [...]

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