Network Signal Booster Apps for Android - 7 Best Signal Booster Apps for Android to Boost Signal Strength for Free

We all have encountered a situation where we do not get enough signal strength or completely loose the network. Normally, that happens on the countryside. However, with the increasing number of carriers, it does happen in the urban areas as well. Not only due to the network issues but the phone is equally responsible for [...]

Top 6 Best SMS Apps to Block Spam SMS on Android

Gone are the days of traditional SMS conversations. Instead, the instant messaging clients for Android have widely replaced the traditional SMS chat. However, you will still be receiving a lot of spam messages from companies, services, and individuals which would try to lure you to opt for an offer or simply let you hand over [...]

ebook readers for Android - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

While you try reading a book (hard copy), it might turn into a nightmare if you are not a reading buff. However, nowadays, digital technology makes everything portable and more fun. With eBook reader apps, you could have a rich experience reading a book, whether that deals with the academics or if it is just [...]

Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android | Best Android AR Apps

Augmented Reality is not something new. This technology existed when Nokia N series smartphones were launched (Nokia N95 to be exact). However, Pokemon GO hyped up the term “Augmented Reality” among the Android users. You should know that Augment Reality is not just implemented or comes handy for games but also useful for other categories [...]

Comic Book Reader App - Comic Book App for Android - Top 7 Best Android Comic Book Reader Apps to Read Comic on Android

Gone are the days when your favorite comics were available as the paperbacks only. Now you can enjoy reading comics in digital ways. Well, that’s true. Many popular comics are available in digital format which you can carry anywhere and read anytime because you can find them on your digital devices like smartphone, laptops, or Kindle [...]

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