Top 7 Best Ringtone Downloading Android Apps for Free Ringtone Downloads

Ringtones have existed in one form or another and remained primary method for the alert about incoming calls, messages, and notifications since the existence of mobile phones. With the evolution of mobile phones, ringtones have also evolved and recognized with different names like – calling ringtones, SMS ringtones, notification tones, etc. Almost every mobile phone/smartphone [...]

Best Android Weather Apps - Best Weather Widgets for Android for Lesser Battery Drains

Customizability is one of the key features that makes Android OS stand out from the rest. Of course, you get a home screen on Android which you won’t find on your iPhone (oops!). So, clearly, you have the ability to add widgets to your screen to make the most out of your Android device. Well, [...]

Best Golf GPS Apps for Android - Top 7 Best Golf Apps for Android that Every Golf Player Needs

Golf is a club sport which is considered as royal by most of the people out there. Well, it’s not necessarily true just because the players look rich! Golf players need to take accurate shots so that in one course they could hit the ball to the hole in as much as fewer strokes as [...]

Hair Styler Apps - Top 7 Best Hair Styler App for Android to Try Different Hair Styles

Ever tried to wear an incredibly unique hair style but creativity seems to be the primary challenge? Do you desire to have some colorful hair designs done on your head like some of the celebrities but you don’t know how? No need to stress yourself further as the hair styler apps for Android make it easier and [...]

Top 15 Best Android File Manager & Explorer Apps for Better File Management

Android’s Play Store is getting competitive with loads of applications getting introduced to the users. Some of the aggressive Android purists believe now there are too much more apps on the Play Store than we need. It’s somewhat accurate because the number of applications confuses the user for the best option for his or her device. [...]

Best File Sharing App for Android - Best Android File Transfer App for Easy File Transfer - Transfer Files from Android to Mac

The storage offered for Android devices is expanding fast. The flagship devices are now coming with a base model coupled with 64 Gigs of internal storage, and the usual other variant comes combined with 128 Gigs of internal storage. Now, comes the scenario to save storage and free up space on Android. Alternatively, only sharing [...]

Top 6 Best Note Taking Apps for Android to Take a Note Digitally - Best Free Android Note Taking Apps

Saving trees? Indeed you should! When you have a smartphone with you, it should have a usage up to its fullest potential. And, using it for jotting down notes is a quite easy job. It can be done even when you own a low-end device which doesn’t perform well as you would expect. All you [...]

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