Comic Book Reader App - Comic Book App for Android - Top 7 Best Android Comic Book Reader Apps to Read Comic on Android

Gone are the days when your favorite comics were available as the paperbacks only. Now you can enjoy reading comics in digital ways. Well, that’s true. Many popular comics are available in digital format which you can carry anywhere and read anytime because you can find them on your digital devices like smartphone, laptops, or Kindle [...]

Selfie Camera App - Top 7 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android to Help You Take Beautiful Selfies

The new trendsetter – selfie shots – became widely popular with the recent launch of Smartphones boasting camera features specially tailored for selfies. Well, of course, taking a selfie shot is not something entirely new. But, with better front facing camera specs offered, it’s lively hot now! You will probably want to take a lot [...]

best stickman shooter games - 7 Best Stickman Fighting Games for Stickman Shooting Games Lovers

Stickman game character would always be loved. The fact that the character blends in any gaming genre are what people like. No matter if you are a shooting game fan or a soccer game lover. Stickman would always be there! From stickman fighting games or stickman shooting games to stickman soccer games. Stickman gaming character [...]

best stickman games - Top 10 Best Stickman Games for Android with Stickman Gaming Character

Do you already know about Stickman? You must have already spent golden days having a laugh! Fret not, if you did not know, we will surely mention that stickman is a fictional character who is depicted as too skinny but being brave enough to tackle almost any kind of situation. Stickman games for Android are [...]

Best Karaoke Apps - Top 7 Best Karaoke Apps for Android that Make You Sound Good

Karaoke music is trending so are the Karaoke apps. Previously, the music lovers had to sing along an instrumental track while performing at a friend’s wedding, professional event, and other places. However, gone are the days of singing along an instrumental track. Let’s welcome Karaoke apps. These are the singing apps that make you sound [...]

Best Clock Widgets for Android - Top 8 Best Clock Widgets for Android to Better Customize Home Screen

Widgets for Android are something that would always remain popular no matter what. Now, users tend to search for widgets that help them improve their productivity or simply to make things easier. Instead of launching the app and creating a new task, with widgets, you can create it with just a single tap. So, why [...]

Best Hookup Apps Like Tinder: 11 Best Hookup Apps Like Tinder to Meet New People

Hookup apps for Android are a new trend. We surely need that. Of course, we can’t go around and ask people for a date. Can we? So, a dating app or a website service helps to ease up the process. There’s no doubt that there are drawbacks. Also, you’ll find some of the users discouraging [...]

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