13 Best Live-Streaming Apps for Live Streaming on iPhone and Android

Have you ever tried building a fan following or an engaged community of audience by live-streaming on social media? Then you must not be unaware of live-streaming platforms and the live-streaming apps that let you do so. Heck! Even if you are not a frequent live-streamer, how about sharing some exciting and happy moments of your life with people on the Internet? Well, if you are a social media person, you definitely won’t have any issue with it.

However, how do you do that? How do you ensure that you live-stream some of the memorable moments of your lives on social media, and that too in supreme quality? By selecting the best live-streaming apps.

Live-streaming apps make it easy for you to go live on various social media platforms and share your happy moments in high quality. But, among tons of live-streaming app options available, how do you select the best for yourself? This blog post has your answers incorporated.

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Top 13 Best Live-Streaming Apps for Live Streaming on iPhone and Android

I have analyzed, listed, and explained some of the best live-streaming apps with their features below. You can go through them, analyze them a bit yourself, and see which live-streaming app fits your needs the best. Keep reading!

Here are some of the best live-streaming apps with each of their salient features for both, iPhone & Android below.

1) Twitch: Live Game Streaming

Twitch is one of the best and the most recognized live-streaming apps when it comes to gaming. Numerous gamers all over the world use Twitch to record their live gameplay and share the same on social media.

Twitch Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Twitch Live-Streaming App:

a) Twitch provides numerous user-friendly live-streaming options for both, viewers and streamers. These features ensure high-quality live-streaming, which is a majority of users love Twitch.

b) Each feature module comes with a chatroom. It enables users to chat with each other and hence increasing the overall engagement of the stream.

c) Yes, Twitch is widely popular for game streaming. But, you can count on the same for any niche. The advanced features that it comes alongside make it a popular live-streaming app for any niche.

d) More than 15 million users use Twitch. This number validates the quality of streaming that this platform provides. Hence, if you are looking for an option that can provide high-quality live-streaming services, you don’t need to look further than Twitch.

2) YouTube Live Stream

YouTube by no means requires any sort of introduction. This app has been the biggest and the most popular live-streaming app. You can even monetize your content here. However, you will require considerable popularity before you do it.

YouTube Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of YouTube Live-Streaming App:

a) The best thing about YouTube? It provides you full access to the control of things. Hence, you get full control of the content that you need to put on this channel.

b) Be it hosting events, interacting with people, or anything else, you can count on YouTube live-streaming app to cater to your requirements efficiently.

c) We all know how huge YouTube is! Hence, with this platform, it’s just about consistency. YouTube rewards consistency with huge reach, hence desired results.

d) The customer support team of this platform is amazing. You can count on it to resolve your issues in simply no time. Of course, YouTube does care about its reputation.

e) YouTube provides analytics, that help you to keep track of your success and hence strategize your content accordingly.

3) Facebook Live Stream

More than 2.425 billion active users! Yes, the number is huge. And, this number clearly makes us trust this amazing application when it comes to live-streaming. Millions of content creators use Facebook for live-streaming.

Facebook Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Facebook Live-Streaming App:

a) As mentioned, the popularity of Facebook can really offer you a huge reach. If you effectively use this social media platform for live-streaming, your success in terms of getting a huge reach is assured.

b) Facebook is extremely rich with features. Be it live polls, featured links, or anything, you can effectively use these features to achieve success.

c) Facebook does come with an insights option that you can effectively use to track the stats of your content. Facebook is one of the best apps to start live-streaming.

d) Facebook has some amazing built-in functions that can help you out in terms of creating some very interactive videos. Hence, you can ensure that the live-streaming you do is visually engaging, and of course, of high quality.

e) Be it scheduling your live-streaming in advance, sharing your screen with the users you want, or anything, you get complete flexibility on this platform.

4) Instagram Live

Like the above two live-streaming platforms, Instagram doesn’t require any sort of introduction too. In today’s date, Instagram isn’t an app to explain. The Instagram live-streaming is one feature of this mighty app that you can effectively use to reach millions of people, hence generating the results you desire.

Instagram Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Instagram Live-Streaming App:

a) Instagram too comes with a plethora of features that you can effectively use to create engaging content. These features if used effectively genuinely have the ability to yield the results.

b) The interface of Instagram is extremely easy to understand and designed to help you quickly and easily go live using your phone. Hence, even if you are a beginner, going live on this platform won’t make you scratch your head.

c) Instagram is regular with bringing updates and enhancing the user experience in terms of coming live and delivering quality content.

d) Be it polls, Q&A sessions, or anything, Instagram provides you access to numerous functions. You can effectively use these functions to increase engagement in your live-streaming.

5) Vimeo

Vimeo, a strong competitor to YouTube, is another live-streaming app on my list. If you are looking for something that comes without any sort of ads, hence distractions, Vimeo can be your ideal choice.

This live-streaming app has been widely used all over the world, and with the amazing features that it comes alongside, the popularity of this app is completely justified.

Vimeo Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Vimeo Live-Streaming App:

a) As mentioned, Vimeo is completely ad-free. Hence, your viewers won’t be getting annoyed by those unnecessary ads by any means.

b) Vimeo offers you huge storage space as compared to other live-streaming apps. You can effectively use this storage space to store your data.

c) You can organize your videos with ease using Vimeo. This app really makes video management easy for the users.

d) You get immense flexibility with everything using this app. Be it video management, or content posting, you can manage things as you want.

e) Vimeo by no means compromises with the quality. You can count on this amazing app to deliver high-quality content to your users and hence increase user engagement on the merit of quality.

6) Twitter Live

No surprises! Yes, Twitter is the next live-streaming app, and yes, it does offer a live-streaming feature. Not many users are aware of the same, which doesn’t allow them to use this app with full efficiency.

If you are using Twitter, and not using the live-stream feature, you are missing out on a lot.

Twitter Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Twitter Live-Streaming App:

a) The first and major benefit of the Twitter live-streaming app is that it provides an extremely easy-to-use interface. Hence, even if you are a beginner, you can count on this app to go live without any sort of technical worries.

b) Twitter offers several interaction options that you can effectively use to increase engagement on your live stream.

c) Twitter doesn’t follow a “one size fits all” approach. If you are a business, an individual, or a brand, features vary, and you can effectively use each of them to yield success with your live-streams.

d) Twitter allows you to save your live stream after it is over. You can effectively use the same video on different platforms.

e) Twitter allows editing to a live stream. You can edit things like thumbnails, titles, images, etc. Hence, you get customization flexibility here.

7) Streamlabs: Live Streaming App

Streamlabs is another popular live-streaming app available for both, iPhone and Android users. Be it gaming or for any other purpose, you can count on this amazing app to cater to your requirements with the utmost efficiency.

StreamLabs Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Streamlabs Live-Streaming App:

a) Streamlabs allows you to personalize your streams with various themes. This personalization can directly or indirectly boost the engagement of your live streams considerably.

b) Streamlabs rewards you if you stream more. You start earning points from the day you set up your account here. Hence, it is genuinely a lucrative app in terms of live-streaming and earning amazing rewards.

c) You get your own private server with this app. This implies that even if your internet gets disconnected, your stream won’t go offline. Hence, you won’t be losing viewers by any means.

d) Streamlabs support multiple platforms. Hence, no matter on what platform you desire to stream, you can count on Streamlabs to do the job perfectly right for you.

e) Another amazing feature or say benefit of this app is integrations. This app efficiently integrates with some of the most powerful and amazing tools that you can effectively use to increase the engagement of your live streams.

8) Livestream: Watch and Broadcast Your Live Stream

Livestream is another popular live-streaming app that you can use not only for streaming, but also to share your content effectively on various social media platforms. The app comes with a large number of advanced features that can directly impact your content quality, and all positively.

LiveStream Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Livestream Live-Streaming App:

a) This app offers a seamless way of sharing your stream on various social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or anything, you can easily share your stream on almost every popular social media channel.

b) Livestream comes with numerous filter options that you can effectively use to give your stream a touch of personalization.

c) Livestream simply never lags. It is perhaps the smoothest app as compared to other similar live-streaming apps. Hence, the user experience of your viewers won’t be compromised by any means.

d) The built-in chat feature of Livestream increases the engagement of your live-streaming to a considerable extent.

e) Livestream never compromises with quality. No matter if you are streaming or watching any content, you won’t experience anything that can be termed low-quality. This is a major benefit of this amazing app.

9) Bigo Live – Live Stream, Go Live

Bigo Live is another popular live-streaming app that you can effectively use to share your happy moments, stream your gameplay, or anything else. This app can be effectively used as a video chat. Bigo Live is one of the most popular live-streaming apps for iPhone users, and rightly so.

Bigo LiveStream Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Bigo Live Live-Streaming App:

a) No matter what genre you desire to go for live-stream, you can count on Bigo to cater to your every requirement. Hence, it eliminates that genre worry completely.

b) Bigo Live is present in more than 150 countries. Hence, the range of this app is quite huge. Thus, the probability of you achieving the desired results is high.

c) You get numerous filters and sticker options when you chat with other users. It indirectly imparts a positive effect on your live-stream.

d) This app supports audio conversations too. Hence, you can communicate with your friends and viewers by using this feature too.

e) Bigo Live allows you to give your live stream a personalization touch. You can customize your live stream. Though not advanced, it offers several customization features.

10) YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat

If you are looking for a live-streaming app that comes with a very simple interface, YouNow won’t disappoint you by any means. Though simple interface, YouNow is one of the most powerful and complete live-streaming apps.

YouNow Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of YouNow Live-Streaming App:

a) As mentioned, YouNow comes with a very simple-to-understand and use interface. Hence, even if you are a beginner, you can use YouNow without any sort of trouble.

b) YouNow is one of the most powerful live-streaming apps. It incorporates some of the most advanced editing features that you can use to uplift the quality of your stream.

c) This app integrates with almost every mighty platform. Be it YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or anything, YouNow integrates with each of them.

d) Other than live-streaming, you can use YouNow for meetings, webinars, presentations, and much more. Hence, this app isn’t only confined to live-streaming.

11) Restream.io: Create and Multistream Live Video

Restream.io is one of the most efficient live-streaming apps that you can effectively integrate with multiple mighty platforms. This app not only helps you out in terms of content creation, but also makes social media engagement easy for you.

Restream Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Restream.io Multistreaming App:

a) Restream.io can be your go-to tool for both, live-streaming and increasing the social media engagement of your content.

b) Restream.io allows you to customize your live stream and hence ensure that the engagement on the same is quite high. Of course, the personalization touch will definitely help out your engagement.

c) This live video multistreaming tool provides audience analytics. You can effectively use it and check out the stats of your live-streaming with the utmost ease.

d) The customer support team of this app is quite efficient and quick. You can count on the same to resolve all of your queries and issues within no time.

12) Wirecast: Live Video Streaming Software

Wirecast is one of the most powerful customisable live-streaming apps (more precisely, live video streaming production software) that can help you out with content creation considerably. This app comes with amazing advanced features that you can effectively use to create quality content.

Wirecast Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of Wirecast Live Video Streaming Software:

a) Wirecast defines quality. It by no means compromises the quality of content, which ensures that your streaming will be of top-notch quality.

b) This live video streaming tool is quite easy to use. You need not worry about any sort of technical aspects when using Wirecast for live video streaming.

c) Wirecast allows you to customize your live streams to a considerable extent. Hence, you can use your creativity and ensure that your stream is amazing.

d) This live-streaming app integrates with a wide range of powerful third-party applications. Hence, it provides you access to some of the very important and powerful tools.

13) StreamYard – Create Professional Live Streams

StreamYard provides the easiest way to create live-stream and ensures that you are able to do the streaming with the utmost ease and efficiency.

StreamYard Live Streaming App - Best Live-Streaming Apps to Start Live Streaming

Features of StreamYard Professional Live-Streaming App:

a) This live-streaming app seamlessly works with various mighty platforms like Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, etc. Hence, you get seamless access to several robust platforms.

b) You can multistream to several channels at once with StreamYard. And, this multistreaming is assured to be smooth and of high quality.

c) StreamYard offers you several advanced features that can increase your audience engagement to a considerable extent.

d) StreamYard comes with a top-notch customer support team. In case, you face any issues with this app, you can count on this fantastic customer support to resolve them in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Live-Streaming Apps

How do I select the best live-streaming app?

With a live-streaming app, you need to analyze several things like the offered quality, the reviews, the customer support, pricing, and much more.

The more you do your research, the easier it will be for you to select the best live-streaming app.

Do live-streaming apps help me to increase my reach?

Yes, and No. Most of the live-streaming apps do have features that help you go live efficiently, thus, helping in terms of increasing the reach. But any app won’t increase your reach if you don’t do the work. Because ultimately, it’s you who do the work. However, it’s wise to check out the app features before going with the same.

Can I customize my live stream?

Yes. Most live-streaming apps allow the customization of live-stream. However, like a traditional video or image, advanced editing is a bit difficult with live-streaming.

Does live-streaming consume more data than traditional streaming?

Yes. Live-streaming does consume more data as compared to streaming. It also largely depends on the quality of video you prefer to go with, but the data consumption is always a bit more than compared to streaming.

Is live-streaming free?

It depends on the live-streaming app that you go with. With platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc. live-streaming is free. However, some apps do charge some amount for the same. It’s always recommended to check the pricing information once before you finalize on one live-streaming app.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Selecting a live-streaming app must be easy for you now. Yes, there are a plethora of options available, but reading the above analysis, and doing your own research will make things easy for you considerably.

A live-streaming app can not only help you with live-stream, but also help you out in terms of increasing the visibility of your content. Hence, you simply cannot mess up with selecting the best live-streaming app.

So, which live-streaming apps have you decided to go with? I am eager to know your choice. Do comment the same below!

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