Top 4 Best YouTube Name Generators to Generate YouTube Channel Usernames

Are you getting started with vlogging and need a good YouTube username? Are you a tech enthusiast reviewing new stuff and looking for the best YouTube channel name? No matter who you are – a good YouTube channel name (or username) matters. But, how do you find the best YouTube username for yourself?

You just don’t want to think a lot, or maybe you just want some ideas to brainstorm a potential username for your YouTube channel (or account). Well, whatever be the reason, YouTube username generators are always helpful when you want a bunch of ideas for your YouTube channel name or YouTube username.

There are a couple of cool YouTube name generators where you get the best of the recommendations. It is obviously a random spin where you get several names, and then you can pick one of them which YouTube channel name you like from these random YouTube name generators.

However, you do have to take care of certain things when choosing a YouTube username or channel name. In this article, we shall talk about the YouTube channel name generators and some of the important tips I want you to know while selecting a YouTube channel name.

Note: You may find a bunch of YouTube name generators online, not every website is safe to browser – so beware. Here, we recommend only the safest of them.

But before I get into nitty-gritty details about each of the best YouTube name generators, let me answer a few important questions regarding generating your YouTube channel username.

Is it legal to Generate YouTube Username?


There’s nothing “illegal” that you are doing here. It just gives you random names which you can potentially utilize for your idea of a YouTube channel.

However, do note that the random YouTube channel name generators do not say which of the names are already taken (or copyrighted). So, I would advise and highly recommend you to run a quick check before creating an account or a channel.

How to check if the YouTube Username is taken or copyrighted?

Well, it’s quite easy.

Just do a Google search for the name or search it on YouTube. If the name is conflicting with a brand/company or another YouTube channel, you should avoid using the same name just because it is cool.

If you are still not sure, you can ask a friend for a second opinion to re-check.

If you don’t find the name anywhere credible, you can go ahead and create an account, you shouldn’t have any issues.

How to Choose the Best YouTube Channel Name?

You will find a lot of marketing guides and resources telling you how to do it perfectly. But, you don’t need to read lengthy guides that don’t help you in any way.

Everyone has a specific set of requirements. If you want your channel to be relatable to people – you have to think of something common (yet unique).

If you do not care about the term at all – be creative to set what you like.

And, if you worry about the popularity or SEO when selecting a name, you will have to utilize keyword research tools to get more suggestions and decide which one to go with.

Top 4 Best YouTube Name Generators to Generate YouTube Channel Names

We have listed the best possible YouTube name generators that you will find across the Internet. The list is in no particular order of ranking.


Name Generator Biz for YouTube - Best YouTube Name Generators to Generate YouTube Channel Names

Key Highlights (Pros & Cons):

  • One of the simplest YouTube name generators
  • Supports custom prefix and suffix as per user’s requirement
  • Suffers from repetitive words like “Shows” / “TV” / “Vlogger” and a couple more.
  • 40-50 YouTube name listing at once.

It is the most popular name generator you will find listed when you search for a YouTube name generator online. To make it work, you just need to enter a prefix and suffix (or one of them) to start generating random names for YouTube channel username.

You will get almost 40-50 YouTube channel names listed at once when you click the generate button that says “Generate YouTube Names”. If you want more ideas, you need to click on the generate button again.

2. Business Name Generator

YouTube Business Name Generator - Best YouTube Name Generators to Generate YouTube Channel Names

Key Highlights (Pros & Cons):

  • A unique name generator with the ability to check if there’s a domain available for the name.
  • Annoying user experience when you type in the name for the first time (it opens another tab to recommend a web hosting service)
  • Simple username ideas – not too catchy.
  • Up to 100 name suggestions in one go

If you are serious about the name professionally – so that you may also end up making a website for the same, you can utilize this.

The Business Name generator helps you get YouTube channel name ideas and along with that, it lets you verify whether a domain (website name) is available with that or not. It is not a big deal for every YouTuber – however, if you are planning to make a brand out of it, you should also check if the name is available for a website or not.

Ignoring the annoying advertisement that takes us into another website when visiting the site for the first time – the rest is pretty neat.

3. Kparser YouTube Name Generator

Kparser YouTube Name Generator - Best YouTube Name Generators to Generate YouTube Channel Names
  • A YouTube name suggesting tool if SEO is the concern.
  • It does not suggest much unique names but scrapes from Google search results and YouTube to help you brainstorm similar ideas for YouTube channel name.
  • If you upgrade to the pro plan, you get more details on the name (popularity, search stats, and so on)

Kparser is actually a keyword suggesting tool instead of a full-fledged random name generator for YouTube channel names. Rather than giving you random ideas, it lets you select a source (YouTube, Google, etc) and the country of your choice to suggest relevant (or existing names).

If you want more details on how popular the term is or similar stats that matters for SEO, you can opt for the pro plan – if you want to try, that’s your call.

Fortunately, even if the names generated aren’t super catchy, at least, the user experience is better.

4. Spinxo

Spinxo YouTube Name Generator - Best YouTube Name Generators to Generate YouTube Channel Names
  • Variety of ideas with more customization options
  • Exact word matching (if needed)
  • Option to suggest rhyming words only

Spinxo is known as a variety of name generators. Even though it is one of the coolest YouTube name generators, it also helps you generate usernames for a lot of social media platforms (to grab the attention of your followers).

You get a wide variety of inputs to spin a random word. Precisely, you get 6 text fields to customize the name generator which includes – topic, focus, another keyword, things you like, an important keyword, and numbers/letters if any. Of course, everything’s optional – so you can make a lot of patterns with the help of these inputs.

In addition to those, you can also select if you want to generate usernames that match those exact inputs or if they rhyme well. It may not be very accurate, but it gives a wide variety of ideas.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Now that you know where to get the best YouTube usernames from – I hope you will share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Well, I can subscribe to your channel if you share your link with us, I would love to take a look at your channel and your YouTube channel name ideas.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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