Everything You Need to Quickly Know About iOS 9 Features

Apple regularly updates its mobile operating system iOS to compete with Android and other mobile OS. Recently, the company has launched a public beta version of iOS 9. Normally, beta versions are meant to be released for app developers and software testers so that they may search and fix errors, but Apple has unveiled it for public as well.

The latest version of iOS delivers some great features. From better multi-tasking features for making you more productive to even more ‘Proactive’ Siri to more enhanced performance with better battery life and improved security including more essential built-in apps for iOS 9 to help you do more everyday.

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What You Need to Know About New iOS 9 Features

Obviously, there are lots of amazing features available in iOS 9. Well, take a look at some of the highlights of iOS 9 features:

  •  Better Siri App that understands more queries with ‘Proactive’ intelligence
  • CarPlay through which you can play music in your car wirelessly
  • Transit Info in Maps that tell you more about trains, bus routes
  • Power saving mode that saves the battery
  • Higher security to keep your Apple device safe
  • A better notes app that lets you take notes with fun

To have detailed information about Apple’s new mobile OS – iOS 9 features, let’s look at this amazing infographic. The infographic is designed and developed by Nine Hertz – An iOS application development company, it shows some more refinements of iOS 9 that you might want to know quickly.

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Everything You Need to Quickly Know About iOS 9 Features

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Apple iOS 9 has got even more powerful mobile OS with better multi-tasking and ‘Proactive’ Siri which has got smarter with much more support for various natural language commands. So now talk to your iPhone and get more answers quickly as the search on your iPhone or iPad is powered by Siri in Proactive manner.

And what is most exciting among various iOS 9 features is : iOS 9 has inbuilt app for transferring your data from Android to iOS. Just download “Move to iOS” app and wirelessly switch your contacts, data, files, photos, videos, calendars etc. privately and securely to iOS.

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