55+ Amazing Graphic Design Resume Templates that Win Job for Creative Job Seekers

One of the core reason why your resume doesn’t get accepted is – it lacks creativity. No matter, whatever job position you are applying for – there is always cut-throat competition. In such overcrowded environment, you need to apply with an eye-catching creative graphic design resume to stand out of the crowd. A large percentage of job applicants still believe that traditional Resume created using MS Word are effective, but in reality, they are wrong!

Usually, the recruiters are provided with a huge number of resumes to go through, and the average attention span is usually 4 seconds. Hence, if you want to impress the recruiter and win a job, then you need to be creative and design your resume based on amazing graphic design resume templates.

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55+ Amazing Graphic Design Resume Templates

With creative resume designs, you may win the attention of recruiters in less than 4 seconds as well as promote yourself as a creative personality – a characteristic that many recruiters are looking for in job applicants.

Even if you are applying for design related jobs, showing a sample of your graphic design skills is surely going to impress recruiter at first sight on your resume. So let’s dive into our collection of 55+ Amazing Graphic Design Resume Template Examples to get resume design ideas for inspiration.

1. Folded Resume CV by Amber Van Mieghem

Free Graphic Design Resume CV Template Folded Resume CV Design Ideas

2. Curriculum Vitae Resume by Fábio Moderno

Curriculum Vitae Free Graphic Design Resume

3. Follow the Red Line: Brochure CV/Resume Design by Neomi Bugli

Follow the Red Line Brochure CV-Resume Design Graphic Design Resume Sample Examples

4. Curriculum Vitae / Resume by Ashley Spencer

Curriculum Vitae Resume Download Free Resume Design Ideas Curriculum Vitae Resume CV Design Ideas

5. Personal Graphic Designer Resume and Self-Promotion by Tibor Brink

Personal Resume Self Promotion Graphic Design

6. Graphic Resume/ CV by Sara Catanzariti

Graphic Resume CV Design Ideas for Inspiration

7. Curriculum Vitae by Anton Yermolov

Curiculum Vitae Resume Infographic Design Graphic Design Resume Curriculum Vitae CV

8. Free Minimal Cv Template by Wassim Awadallah

Free Minimal Cv Template

9. Bubble Resume Template by CodeGrape

Bubbles-Resume-Template-Sample-Free-Download10. Professional Resume Template by Md Sharif Al Mahmood

Professional Resume Template Sample Free Profesional Resume Design Example Ideas

11. Elegant Modern Resume by Ramzi Hachicho

Elegant Modern Resume Template Sample

12. CV & Portfolio Mailer by Charlotte Allen

CV Portfolio Mailer Graphic Design Resume Template CV and Portfolio Resume CV Vitae Design Ideas

13. Freebie Multi-Page Resume by Nasir Uddin

Freebie-Multi-Page-Resume Free Graphic Design Resume Template Example

14. Self Promotion Curriculum Vitae by Leonardo Zakour

Self Promotion Curriculum Vitae

15. Resume Infographic by Ji Eun Yang


16. My CV/Resume by João Andrade

My CV Resume - Resume Template Example

17. Infographic Resume by Chen Zhi Liang

Infographic Resume Design Template Example18. Resume Self Promotion by Errol Veloso

Resume Self Promotion

19. Personal Resume by

Personal Resume Design Template Sample

20. Infographic Resume/CV Design by Jonayed Hossain jishan

Infographic Resume CV Design Templates Free Graphic Design Infographic Resume CV Vitae Design

21. Infographic Resume by Mahesh B.

Infographic Resume Templates Free Download

22. My curriculum vitae/skills by Simone Primo

My Curriculum Vitae Skills Resume Template Design

23. Resume iOS Version

Resume iOS Version Design Template Sample

24. my Creative Resume by Emanuela Caponera

My Creative Infographic Resume Design Template

25. Infographic 3d Paper Resume by Mohit Lakhmani

Infographic 3D Resume Design Examples 3D Infographic Resume Design Templates Sample Example

26. Personal Branding by Morgan Kane

Personal Branding Self Promotion Resume Design Template

27. Trifold Resume + PDF by S1M

Trifold Resume And PDF Template Design Example

28. Infographic CV + Mini Portfolio by Saghar Setareh

Infographic CV Mini Portfolio Design Resume Template Sample

29. Curriculum Vitae / Resume by Valerie Enríquez

Infographic Resume CV Curriculum Vitae Sample Templates

30. Infographic Resume

Infographic Resume Design Sample Templates

31. Graphic resume by Seraina Rizzardini

Graphic Resume Template Design Ideas

32. Self Promotion: Résumé & Job Application by Vidar Olufsen

Self Promotion Resume Job Applications Graphic Design Resume Job Appplications

33. Creative Resume by Lorenzo Blangiardo

Creative Resume Design Templates Example

34. Designer Resume by Juliana Negrete

Designer Resume CV Curriculum Vitae Template

35. Infographic CV by Ana Lourenço

Infographic CV Design Template Sample

36. Info-Graphic Resume by Chelsea Dutil

Infographic Resume CV Template Example Ideas

37. Curriculum Vitae by Leonardo Perez

Curriculum Vitae CV Free Design Template Ideas

38. Florian Resume by Floarion Oliveira

Florian Resume Design Template

39. Infographic Resume by Nick Storm

Infographic Resume CV Curriculum Vitae Template Example

40. Curriculum Vitae & Web Design by Ryan Eccleston

Curriculum Vitae Web Design Template

41. Creative Designer _ My Creative Resume by Swapnil Sapkal

Creative Designer _ My Creative Resume

42. Curriculum Vitae by Gauthier Saillard

Curriculum Vitae 2016 Grahic Design Resume Template

43. Personal Resume by Daniela Fronk

Hello I Am Designer Personal Resume Template

44. Curriculum Vitae by Giuliana Castelliti

Curriculum Vitae Graphic Design Template Example

45. Identity Branding, Infographic Resume & Namecards by Afifah Idrus

Identity Branding Infographic Resume Namecard Template

46. SMOG Creative CV by Miguel Rato

SMOG Creative CV Graphic Design Resume Template

47. Graphic Design Resume | Currículum Diseño Gráfico by Patricia Rueda Sáez

Graphic Design Resume - Curriculum Design Graphic Template

48. The One Page Resume by Grydster Design

The One Page Resume - Graphic Design Template

49. Creative Resume by Marianne Semana

Creative Resume Graphic Design Illustration

50. Infographic Resume by Lim Zhiyang

Infographic resume

51. Graphic Designer Resume Template by Lindsay Jacobson

Graphic Designer Resume Template Ideas

52. Resume Design Process Infographic by Stephanie Bullock


53. Self Promotion by Cristiana Costa


54. Graphic Designer Self Promotion by Kenton Presbrey

Graphic Designer Self Promotion Infographic Template

55. My New Graphic Design Resume by Mohit Khandelwal

My New Graphic Design Resume Template Ideas

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Though most of these graphic design resume templates are free to download, if you want to show your creativity in designing creative resumes for yourself, you may get inspiration and creative resume ideas with these graphic design resume examples.

Want to add your creativity? Add it using the comment box below. 🙂

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