34+ Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview & Common Mistakes to Avoid – [Infographic]

If you have ever been in a job hunt, you might have realized that how crucial and deciding is your interview. And if you have never been in such situation then let me tell you, now a days interview has become much more important than anything else for getting hired in almost any company, job or position. So get ready to prepare with crucial tips for your next job interview.

First Impression is Last Impression” – Have you ever heard that famous line ? Of course, you must have heard. Same is the case with your interview. If you got success in making your first impression effective, you have a good chance to end up getting that job and thus winning the interview. But if you failed to do so, your chances get lower.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Job Interview

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According to a recent survey it has been revealed that, out of more than 2000 hiring managers 33% claimed to know whether they were going to hire an applicant or not within first 90 seconds. Of course, first impression makes long lasting impression but why rest of applicants fail ? It’s some common mistakes that applicants make due to so called “Performance Pressure“. So what are those common mistakes and how to avoid them ? You will come to know in a short while…..as today I’m going to share some crucial tips for your next job interview !

Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview & Common Mistakes to Avoid

Going for a job interview may be a dreadful event as you never know what kind of questions recruiters will bombard upon you. Not only your answers to their questions but also the way you answer is important along with some other non-verbal activities. Hence you need to get ready with some crucial tips for your next job interview so that you may put an all round winning show in the interview hall.

The way you dress up, walk through the door into the interview hall – these are most important factors that decide how effective your entry is going to be. Remember you don’t need to be overly fashionable or wear any trendy clothes but yes, fashion matters.

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After that when you talk to them, your quality of voice, grammar and confidence are also influential factors. Also monitor what words you are going to speak and how effective those words would be. However there are some of common questions that are asked in almost all interview. So I would recommend you to prepare for them before interview. Who knows, you might be asked any of those questions in your next job interview.

  1. Tell me About Yourself…
  2. Why do you Want to Work for Us ?
  3. Why Did you Leave Your Previous Job ?
  4. What Do You Know About our Company ?
  5. Why Do You Think Yourself Proper for This Position ?

Here is an interesting info-graphic from CollegeAtlas.org explaining everything you need to know before going to a job interview. These crucial tips for your next job interview might brush up your weakness and boost your confidence so that you may be a winner.

Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview and Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Apart from your first impression, one more crucial part is how you respond to “Tell Me About Yourself” question. I know its quite disgusting to introduce yourself as you know what you are and other can never know what you are. But still you can make a good impression with a proper self-introduction. Because according to my point of view, the logic behind this is –

You never know anything better than yourself and therefore, you can never explain things in better way than expressing yourself. – Rahul Dubey.

If you are not sure how to explain yourself, here is a wonderful article from UnderCoverRecruiter explaining how to answer “Tell me about yourself“.

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Hope these crucial tips for your next job interview would help you to get hired easily. However, do let me know in comment section below if I missed any.

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