10 Most Inspiring Design Quotes That You Must Know Today – [Infographic]

Design is what makes a difference between a normal and abnormal. Design is a result of creativity. A designer can design anything in a manner that it would have never been before.

For designers, design is living and design makes living. If you are a designer, you are really awesome. No matter whether you are web designer, graphic designer, multimedia designer, interior designer, architectural designer, automotive designer, software designer or game designer – its your designer’s skill that makes a creativity awesome.

Inspiring Design Quotes

I salute your designing skill. And that is why I’m presenting this info-graphic about 10 Most Inspiring Design Quotes . But if you are not one among those designing professionals then no need to worry ! Because –

“There lies a designer in everyone. One can design and craft his/her life in whatever way he/she wants” – Rahul Dubey.

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10 Most Inspiring Design Quotes


Recently, I came across this infographic via Visual.ly which deals with 10 most inspiring design quotes. In this infographic, the quotes of some successful persons of their field has been summed up at one place. Take a look at this infographic, who knows one of them might strike your mind and inspire you to make a difference. 🙂

10 Most Inspiring Design Quotes

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The idea behind such post – “10 Most Inspiring Design Quotes” is to help you get inspired. So get inspiration and be a designer of your life. 🙂

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Hope you enjoyed reading this ! Which one of above is your favourite quote ?? Do let me know in the comment section below. Do you have any other quote(s) about design that you would like to get listed here ??

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