Top 20 Best Productivity Apps to Make You More Productive

In today’s competitive era, everyone loves to stay on top but what it counts most to stay ahead of others is your productivity.  The way you organize yourself and manage your works determines your success. No matter, in whatever profession you are, everyone loves your performance. And to perform well, you have to be productive to achieve success.

Earlier, I have shared 22 effective productivity tips & ideas to stay ahead this year. But you would be surprised to know that there are many best productivity apps available for different operating systems like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Blackberry, etc. these days that makes your work even simpler.

Best Productivity Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Blackberry and Multi-OS to Keep You on Top and Productive

Today I have got an interesting infographic that unveils 20 Best Productivity Apps to Keep You Organized and Help You Stay on Top.

20 Best Productivity Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Blackberry

You must be knowing that your boss loves you when you are productive as none loves a cow who doesn’t give milk. So keep yourself organized and productive as being productive has got much easier with the introduction of various productivity apps in Google Play Store, App Store, and other apps market places. So being productive is just a finger tap away from you.

Let’s dive into this interesting infographic from Adecco which is entitled as “20 Productivity Apps to Keep You (And Your Boss) Organized“.

Top 25 Best Productivity Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, BlackberryKey Take Away from Infographic About Top Productivity Apps

There are various best productivity apps for android as well as iOS and other operating systems like Windows, Mac, Blackberry, etc. Most of these apps are available for free in Google Play Store, Windows Store, App Store and other popular market places. However, some of them are available on multi-platforms also.

These apps are very helpful in keeping you organized and hence are quite essential for business men and professionals. Depending upon various activities that these apps help you perform like managing your email, helping you stay focused, helping you in your task managements, helping you to collaborate with others, helping you to manage and monitor your expenses, helping you creating videos & presentations and finally helping you to stop procrastination, etc. we may differentiate them as follows :

Best Email Management Apps

  • Dispatch: It helps you empty your inbox quickly by either archiving, starring or marking the tem as unread.
  • The Swizzle : It helps you to unsubscribe from emails and newsletters easily.

Best Apps That Help You Stay Focused

  • YouMail: It helps you reply by text, in auto-forwarding, in transcription services and in blocking and rerouting calls.
  • Focus@Will: Focus@Will is a superb app that streams music to help you boost your concentration level.

Best Task Management Apps

  • forces you to look at your to-do list and decide which tasks to complete, delegate or put off.
  • ZenDay: ZenDay helps you visualize your day’s task due to its 3D user-interface. It quickly adds and removes work from your to-do list on Calendar days inside the app.
  • Sociidot: Helps you focus on important tasks by creating a story for each goal.
  • EasilyDo: The app keeps track of birthdays, weather, boarding passes and even track packages by anticipating your daily tasks and executing them for you.
  • Keep: Keep lets you jot down important points and take notes of important stuff and more importantly is the best productivity app that is optimized for google.
  • Clear: Clear allows you to create simple and effective to-do lists.
  • Evernote: Evernote is best productivity app for task management which is available on multi-platform. The best thing is that it lets you create notes as well as access and manage them on different OS platform wherever the app is installed.

Top Collaboration Apps

  • Flow: A collaborative task and project management app that separates different team and project into individuals.
  • Time-Trade Mobile: Now offer, manage and confirm sales and services meetings automatically through email, websites and social media using the time trade mobile app.
  • Zamurai: Zamurai helps you capture and share ideas and discussions.
  • Talk Board: It helps you and your team to sketch, brainstorm and create together in real-time.
  • Google Now: Google Now finds data and ties it to current activities.

 Apps for Managing Expenses

  • Abukai: It is an expense-tracking app available on multi-platforms that lets you photograph receipts and create an expense report automatically.

App to Help You Make Videos & Presentations

  • Videoshop: Videoshop allows you to edit mobile videos and quickly create presentations and slideshows.

Apps to Help You Stop Procrastination

  • PaperKarma: It helps you stop junk mails being delivered to your home.
  • Carrot: It rewards you for your productivity and punishes for your procrastination by crediting and debiting you points respectively which you can redeem for prizes.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Though these best productivity apps will help you to stay focused on your work and complete you to-do list quickly to improve your productivity but being productive depends totally upon you. Choose to stay organized and choose to lead the world.

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Hope these 20 Best Productivity Apps will help you to stay organized and stay on Top. Did I missed something? Use comment box below to add to this story.

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