How to Play Atari Breakout Games? – 6 Best Websites and Apps to Play Atari Breakout

Google has a large number of hidden Easter Eggs where you may find interesting stuff and play exciting games right on the search engine. Atari Breakout is one of the most popular Google Easter Egg games you can play. Even in an era when newer generation is more attracted towards 3D games and the games with excellent graphics, Atari Breakout is still popular, and how thrilling the experience of playing Atari Breakout is, only 90s video game lovers can say.

What is Atari Breakout?

Atari Breakout is a classic online video game that you can play in the Google search results. All you have to do is image search for “Atari Breakout” in Google and start playing Atari Breakout. Developed by Atari.Inc in 1976, it is a classic arcade game which is popularly known as “Atari Breakout”.

How to Play Atari Breakout Games?

There is more to Atari Breakout than bouncing that small ball back and forth. For example, when the game starts, it starts with eight rows of different colored bricks. You will see Green, yellow, orange and red blocks. You have to use a small ball that will ricochet between the bricks and the paddle. Depending on where you play Atari Breakout game, some things may vary, but you start with three lives.

The color of the bricks matter and are not just there for decoration. Every time you eliminate a block you earn a different amount of points. The yellow bricks get you one point the green bricks three points, orange bricks five points and the bricks at the top earn you seven points.

Don’t get too comfortable with the size of the paddle since it shrinks to one-half its size after you get to the red row and have touched the upper wall. The moving balls also suffer changes but in speed, not size. After four, 12, and after making contact with the red and orange rows is when the ball is going to suffer a change in its speed.

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Best Apps to Play Atari Breakout Games

Now that you know everything there is to knowing how to play Atari Breakout, it’s time to play!

1. Break Bricks for Android

If you use an Android device, an app that you can play Atari Breakout on is Break Bricks. It’s a free Android app you can download from Google Play, and that has 4.0 rating.

When you get to the playing screen, you will enjoy an underwater background where you will have to level-up. Towards the bottom of the screen, there is a touch area that you can use to slide your finger back and forth to guide your paddle. I had my finger slightly outside of this area, and I could still control the paddle.

Break Bricks for Android - How to Play Atari Breakout on Android - Best Android App to Play Atari Breakout Games

Like any other game, Break Bricks starts off easy so you can get the feel of the game. Once you start gaining confidence and start leveling up, things start to change. For example, as you go from one level to the next, the bricks get harder to break. That’s right; one hit is no longer enough, and you have to try once more.

Since it might take forever to break those special bricks, the game drops a unique feature that will give you three additional balls to play with. This is where things get tricky since you now have to prevent four balls from dropping to the bottom of the screen.

The game also drops other helpful tools such as a clock that slow down the speed of the ball, green arrows that widen the paddle, a shield that will prevent the balls from falling through and red arrows that will shorten your paddle. Needless to say that you have to stay away from these red arrows.

When you get to higher levels, the game will start placing bricks that can’t be broken at all. That is how you can play Atari Breakout on Android.

2. Old School Blocks for iOS

No offense to Android, but if I had to choose between the Android and iOS breakout games, iOS wins. Old School Bricks was a lot more entertaining and had features the best Android breakout didn’t.

Old School Bricks doesn’t have a designated touch area like the Android Breakout, so you will need to touch the paddle to guide it slightly. The ball in this Breakout did move faster and thus made the game more entertaining.

Play Atari Breakout on iOS - Old School Blocks for iOS - Best iOS App to Play Atari Breakout Games

As you break bricks, you get access to great tools and supplies. You can either get tools that give you shooting abilities for a few seconds to help you eliminate those bricks faster. You can also get hearts for more lives, Color balls for extra balls while playing and Stars.

Not everything that drops from the bricks is something you want. Be careful not to touch the white skulls that fall in a red bubble, since it means game over for you. There are times when the game drops so many useful tools that you can finish the level in less than 30 seconds.

As you go up in levels, the design of the bricks also changes. You can enjoy designs such as a question marks to colorful squares. You will also appreciate the fact that you are not constantly interrupted by annoying ads. I don’t remember being interrupted once with an add.

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Best Websites to Play Atari Breakout Games

You know what breakout games you can play if you own an Android or an iOS device, but let’s take a look at some best Atari Breakout sites to play Atari Breakout Games.

Google has its dedication to Atari Breakout in its images. That’s right. If you go to Google Images and type in Atari Breakout, after a few seconds the images will rearrange. The images themselves will turn into the Atari Breakout games and the paddles, and the ball will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Play Atari Breakout - Best Websites to Play Atari Breakout Games - How to Play Atari Breakout Games in Google

Don’t look away since the game will automatically start, but the ball moves so slowly you could look away for a minute and still have time to play Atari Breakout.

3. is a site where you can play the classic games without ads getting in the way. After a 3 seconds intro, you can get down to business and start playing.

To get the ball jumping, you will need to click on any white space on the screen and then use the arrow keys to guide the paddle.

Atari Breakout - - How to Play Atari Breakout Games?: 6 Sites & Apps to Play Atari Breakout Games

If you want to play Atari Breakout distraction free, click on the Light Switch option on the upper right-hand corner. Click on it and everything, but the game screen will go black. If you ever want to get out of Light Switch, just click anywhere outside of the game screen, and everything will go back as it was.

You will also see a Fullscreen mode. If bigger is better for you, then you will surely find this Atari Breakout option useful. Towards the bottom of the screen, you will see your score; blocks left to destroy and lives left.


Why not play the classic directly on the site of the company that created it, right? If you head on over to, you can play the classic game in three different modes. You can choose between Cavity Mode, Progressive Mode, and Double mode.

Cavity Mode is the normal mode you probably used to play in. When playing in this mode, you will notice that the ball you are going to be using to destroy the bricks will blink, giving you time to place the paddle.

Atari Breakout - Official Atari Breakout Game - How to Play Atari Breakout Games?: 6 Sites & Apps to Play Atari Breakout Games

When I tried it, it didn’t release the ball until I placed the paddle under it. Every time you lose, look out for the blinking ball that shows you where you have to place the paddle.

Once you get started, and you start destroying the bricks, you can free two extra red balls that will also help you. Those red balls will already be jumping around when you first start the game.

If you just want to keep playing and don’t want to have to stop because you destroyed all the bricks, then try Progressive Mode. As the name indicates, the more you progress, the more blocks will appear. They will just keep coming down from the top of your screen. It’s like the never-ending story, but breakout style.

Then there is Double Mode. This mode will give you a different angle as to how you can launch the ball. Dual mode indicates that you are going to have two paddles to help launch the ball. The paddles will move together and at the same speed, but give you an advantage.

The advantage you have is that, if you can get the ball between the two paddles, you can launch it in a way that helps you destroy hard to reach bricks. Sometimes you have one small block to destroy at the corner of the screen, but no matter how you try to launch the ball, you can’t seem to get it. Trying to destroy that one brick can take several minutes.

The Advantage of Double Mode

In the double mode, you can destroy that one brick in a single launch. No more trying ten times to destroy one brick. Getting the ball between the two paddles might take some practice, but it’s good to know that you can count on that tool.


Since you never know when the other Atari Breakout sites might be down, the more Atari Breakout options you have, the better, right? is another way to access the classic game quickly. In comparison to the previously mentioned site, this one gives you a small screen to play on, but not too small. Perfect fit if you want to see everything in one are and not have to look around or scroll down so much.

Atari Breakout - - How to Play Atari Breakout Games?: 6 Sites & Apps to Play Atari Breakout Games

You can move the paddle by either using the arrow keys on your keyboard or moving the mouse cursor back and forth. I found that it was a lot easier using the cursor than the arrows keys, but that’s just my opinion. Try both options and see which one better fits you.

6. Cloud Breakout for the Kids

If you have children, then there is a good chance that they might watch you play Atari Breakout. The traditional design for the Atari breakout game may be a little too boring for them since kids love colors. Cloud Breakout gives them the colors they love and makes playing the game a whole lot easier.

Atari Breakout - Cloud Breakout for the Kids - How to Play Atari Breakout Games?: 6 Sites & Apps to Play Atari Breakout Games

This breakout game is a little different from the one you are used to playing. In Cloud Breakout, your kids have to catch a cloud that falls from the sky. It doesn’t fall very fast or very often, giving them enough time to prepare themselves. They will certainly love the blinking clouds that will keep them coming back for more.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Atari Breakout is a game that will continue to be popular regardless of the years that pass. It’s a violence-free game that is suitable for people of all ages, and that keeps you entertained for hours and hours.

As you can see, there are various versions of Atari Breakout but the core of the game is the same, and you can bet that many will continue to copy it’s still forever. Have you played Atari Breakout? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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