PureVPN Review: Fast, Secure and Trusted VPN Service Provider at Affordable Price

There is no doubt that one would be looking for a reliable, quick and feature rich VPN service to get anonymous online and enjoy full freedom to access the internet. If total internet freedom is what you want, then there is no better VPN service to opt for than the PureVPN. It is one of the most trusted VPN services in the world. With plenty of user-friendly apps for various devices, great speeds, a wide range of VPN plans and a reliable customer service, PureVPN has won a million hearts in its short span of operation.

As you know, we are bringing a series of reviews of various VPN service providers for you. Previously we have reviewed VyprVPN which is one of the fastest VPN service providers. Continuing the series, today we are reviewing PureVPN. In this PureVPN review, you’ll get to know various features that PureVPN offers to ensure your security and anonymity at an affordable cost.

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PureVPN Review: Fast, Secure and Trusted VPN Service Provider at Affordable Price

About PureVPN

PureVPN was started with the main aim to offer absolute internet freedom and to keep the online privacy of its users intact. PureVPN gives its users the freedom to access any website without any fears of being watched or worries about getting hacked. By using the PureVPN service, your private data, and other vital information will remain safe. It prevents your sensitive data from being compromised to the web. No one will be able to sneak into your system and access its details, even if it is a trained hacker or a government snooper.

About PureVPN - PureVPN Review: Fast, Secure and Trusted VPN Service Provider at Affordable Price

PureVPN started its operations in the year 2006. It has been able to establish more than one million customers within these 10 years through its dedicated and trusted service. It is one of the most recognized VPN services in the industry at present with over 500 servers located in about 141 countries. PureVPN has its own VPN network, and therefore it assures you to enjoy the fastest VPN speed in the world.

It also offers easy to use and free application for a broad range of OS and devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also provides quality business VPN service with quality security, protection, and privacy through Secure Remote Access VPN, DDoS Protected Dedicated IPs, and NAT firewall protection. There are also dedicated VPN business plans to choose from to meet the needs of your business.

Plans and Pricing of PureVPN

PureVPN offers three different personal plans that come with different durations but hosts the same VPN features. The details of the three plans are as follows:

<<Check out PureVPN Plans and Pricing>>

PurVPN Review - Most Trusted VPN Service Provider Plans and Pricing Comapred

1-Month Plan

It is a monthly plan where you need to pay $9.99 every month to avail PureVPN features. It is an ideal plan for users who access the internet regularly only on certain days or period.

6 Months Plan

To avail this plan, you need to pay $47.94 once every 6 months, and this comes to just $7.99 a month. This plan is much lower than the monthly plan and is an ideal option for everyone who loves to stream online content and stay secure online.

12 Months Plan

It is the most beneficial plan for users who are 24 hours online. This plan costs you just $59.88 every 12 months. It is just $4.99/month, and you get 100% online security and privacy all round the year. It is the ideal plan for users looking to watch online content and also use public Wi-Fi hotspots to access the internet.

PureVPN offers its subscribers a wide range of payment options like credit cards, PayPal, coin payments, etc. Also, it offers all the VPN plans with 7-days money return policy. So, if you do not find the VPN service to be satisfactory or not suiting to your tastes, then you can cancel it anytime within 7 days of activation, and you will be getting 100% money refund.

Features of PureVPN

PureVPN Review - PureVPN Features: Fast, Secure and Trusted VPN Service Provider at Affordable Price

Let us take a deeper look at the features that PureVPN offers.

Wide Server Network

PureVPN started with VPN servers in 2 countries, the USA and Canada. Now, it has its network spread all over the globe. There are about 550+ PureVPN servers located in over 141 countries of the world. It has the second largest VPN networks in the world and allows P2P file sharing and downloading as well on selected VPN servers. It is spread across 6 continents, and you can make use of any of the 80,000 IP addresses offered to stay safe on the internet.

So, wherever you travel or in which location you are living, you will be able to connect to your favorite content on the web anonymously. Regardless of the plan or package, you opt for, you will get the option to access all the 550+ servers offered by this VPN service.

99% Uptime Guarantee

There is no doubt that you would be looking for a VPN service that is always active and with very less downtime. That’s what PureVPN offers. PureVPN runs on its network of servers and has the experts to make sure that the network is always up. PureVPN guarantees 99.99% uptime.

No Limits on Data Transfer

Many VPN networks limit the information sharing of its users. But with PureVPN, you will not face any limits on data and bandwidth. It will enable you to share, stream, browse or download files, videos, images or web content anytime and anywhere without any compromise. Data transfer and bandwidth are unlimited for any plan that you are choosing.

Unlimited Server Switching

There are no restrictions in place for server switching. You can switch from one server to the other as many times as you want and whenever you want. It will help you to stay anonymous online all the time. Whatever is the plan or package you have opted for, server switching is unlimited.

Multiple Logins

The beauty about PureVPN is that it allows users to log in with 5 different devices using a single account. So, once you have enrolled for an account, you get the freedom to access the internet anonymously on your PC, laptop, tablet, Android and iOS phone at the same time. You get to enjoy complete online freedom and safety on any device.

VPN Software and Apps

The best thing about PureVPN is that it has written its codes for the VPN software and apps that it offers for various OS and devices. It has apps for all major devices like the Android and iOS and provides proprietary software for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Military Grade Encryption

PureVPN offers you military grade encryption of up to 256-bit for its users. It means that all your data will be completely protected and secured. No third party will be able to access your data and thereby you will be safe from the prying eyes of government snooping agencies, hackers and internet fraudsters.

PureVPN - Secure Virtual Network Connection to Unblock Geo-Restricted Sites

Multiple Protocols Support

All the 550 servers of PureVPN support leading security and connectivity protocols like PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2 and L2TP/IPSec for different kinds of devices. The encryptions that PureVPN offers are: PPTP (128-bit encryption), SSTP (256-bit encryption) and L2TP/IPSec (128 and 256-bit encryption). OpenVPN offers the best speed and security. The service also provides you with the Automatic Protocol selection feature and this way the VPN automatically chooses a protocol that suits for your device. It is an ideal option for users who are not that tech savvy.

Self-Managed Network

There will be no third parties dealing with your data as PureVPN has a self-managed network. PureVPN handles all the data, and therefore you don’t need to worry about the intervention of any third party. That is why you also enjoy the fastest VPN service all through the day and night. The network also makes use of automatic load balancing feature to ensure its users get very fast VPN service every time.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

Whenever you access the internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots like airports, cafes, colleges, etc., we recommend you to use the PureVPN, as this will help in securing your data from hackers, spammers, and snoopers. You need not have any inhibitions accessing the Internet from Wi-Fi hotspots with PureVPN installed on your devices.

24×7 Customer Support

PureVPN has a dedicated and professional team of customer support staff to solve all the issues that you face while using the VPN service. No matter what time of the day or night it is or whether it is raining or shining, PureVPN customer support representatives are waiting to provide you with live chat support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Device Compatibility

PureVPN offers the best device compatibility among all the leading VPN services that you come across today. Some of the devices that it is compatible with are: gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox), Smart TV, desktops, laptops, tablets, Android and iOS devices, Roku, Chromecast, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, etc.

Some of the Other Unique Features that PureVPN Offers:

PureVPN Features - PureVPN Review: Fast, Secure and Trusted VPN Service Provider at Affordable PriceSplit Tunneling

It allows the users to access the content offered on the internet through their internet connection as well as the VPN at a given time. You will be able to choose the traffic that you need to access through the VPN server or your LAN network.

Dedicated IPs

It is an add-on feature that PureVPN offers for users looking to have complete control over their online security and privacy. It provides you with a unique IP address that gives you the option to rapid website access, eliminates all spams, and helps you enjoy 100% security and privacy. It comes at an additional cost.

DDoS Protection

It safeguards you from all possible DDoS attacks through the DDoS protection feature. It is also an add-on feature. You can enjoy ultimate and top class protection from attacks at all times.

NAT Firewall

This add-on feature adds an extra layer of security over and above what PureVPN offers. It will prevent the hackers and data miners from accessing your device, and they will not be able to exploit any loopholes whatsoever.

Internet Kill Switch

It is a feature that will ensure that your online privacy and anonymity is not exposed even for a split second. The internet connection will be instantly cut off by this feature whenever the VPN gets disconnected to maintain your online anonymity.

No ISP Throttling

PureVPN will defeat all attempts your ISP makes to throttle your internet speed as you always stay anonymous whenever you go online. The ISP provider will not be able to access what information your IP address accesses from the World Wide Web.

With so many features and self-managed VPN network, you will not find a better VPN service than PureVPN.

Pros of PureVPN

Pros of PureVPN - PureVPN Review: Fast, Secure and Trusted VPN Service Provider at Affordable Price

  • Leading VPN protocols support.
  • No restrictions on bandwidth, server switching and data transfer.
  • 550+ servers spread across 140+ countries.
  • Round the clock live chat customer support.
  • Over 20 devices compatibility.
  • Proprietary software and apps for leading OS and handheld devices.
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Easy to use VPN interface.
  • Military grade VPN encryption.
  • 7 days money refund policy.
  • Second largest VPN network in the world.

Cons of PureVPN

  • Does maintain log files of the users for some time.
  • No free trial option.
  • Limited servers for P2P file sharing and downloading.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

There is no doubt that PureVPN is an excellent and trustworthy VPN service. The main thing is that it offers three different sets of plans to meet the VPN needs of different users and offers all the features for any of these plans. The subscription price is also a decent one and people with regular internet use will find the 12-month plan to be very beneficial. Also, PureVPN offers plenty of unique add-on features to boost the user’s online security, privacy and anonymity. PureVPN has received a lot of positives and acknowledgments from the leading and renowned names in the industry.

Overall, PureVPN is a reliable, very fast and top notch VPN service provider that keeps its user’s identity completely safe and secure on the internet from the prying eyes. With plenty of attractive features and some add-ons, this VPN service is a must try for everyone who is looking to stay anonymous online. With the PureVPN service, you can access all kinds of websites, whether it is blocked or geo-restricted from anywhere in the world without being tracked.

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