7 Cool Math Games for Kids – Cool Math Games to Play at School

Math Games for kids are great since such cool math games are fun and boost your kid’s cognitive skills and problem-solving skills as well. Such games that kids can play at school are hard to find. School kids first started to play cool math games on paper, while as some cool math games were developed to play digitally later, kids started to play such math games at school as well using their tablets or downloading these games from steam. If you are looking for some cool math games to play at school, here you’ll find the best math games for kids.

Who does not hate Mathematics at some point in time? Everyone does! Even the genius people on earth find it frustrating when they can’t find a way around a question after a long period of time. Whatever be the case, even if your kid hates it, they need to know the basics, that helps a lot in the long run. So, to make things merrier and easier, numerous cool math games for School kids have been developed.

Fret not; you do not need to look for the rare species in the wild, we at Some School Games done it already. You just need to check out our list of 10 cool math games for kids that your kids can play at School and then let your kids enjoy it!

7 Cool Math Games for Kids to Play at School

If you are familiar with us and you already know about Some School Games, we have only featured the games that are safe for kids. Do note that we’ve mentioned only the games listed on Steam, another marketplace for educational games isn’t as trustworthy as Steam is.

Free or paid, we have your back with the best of cool math games ready for you to check! Download these cool math games for kids and start playing math games at school. If you find any games blocked by your school firewall, you can play school games unblocked as well.

1. Cross Set

Cross Set is a puzzle-based cool math game revolving around numbers. It is not directly a game which involves the subject “Mathematics” as in academics.

However, when a student tries to play the game and thinks about the pattern and puzzle with the associated numbers. They develop a sense of recognizing patterns quickly.

It may not help get the solution, but it boosts the ability to look for a solution for the given problem in Mathematics.

Cross Set - Best Math Games for Kids - Cool Math Games

The indirect methods for learning always work subconsciously when the direct method does not work. This cool math game is available on Steam for just 84 INR (50% off current sale).

The price might differ when you check for it (with the offer gone). Normally, it is 2.99 USD. It could give you a similar experience as Sudoku but a lot more challenging and enjoyable.

Of course, it’s not Sudoku. It’s one of the coolest math games for kids, instead.

2. Math Rescue

If there’s someone who needs to be Introduced with Mathematics (or just recently did), Math Rescue could be a quick and fun-filled math game for kids.

It indeed is one of the cool math games given that it’s a game hailing from the past decade! Respect! It’s a story-driven game where you have the role to solve problems as you progress and then rescue a given number.

Math Rescue - Cool Math Games for Kids

You beat the enemies by solving the arithmetic operations displayed on the screen. What an amazing concept of presenting mathematics challenges! Isn’t it a cool math game to play?

3. Monkey Tales Games

Being a great part of some school games recommended for kids, this game is quite popular. No doubt why it is on the list of best cool math games suitable for school.

The game has been carefully crafted by the feedback of parents and teachers. The game is filled with adventure and a lot of mathematics as well. It is by far the most polished educational game for math lovers even though not being the best for some.

Monkey Tales Games - Cool Math Games for Kids

The game features dynamic difficulty, which assesses the level of the child playing and accordingly adapts to an optimal level. You don’t need to correct your kid; the cool math game will help them rectify their mistakes and help them understand the correct way as well.

Looking for a good math game to play at school? You should definitely try this cool math game.

4. Divide By Sheep

Divide by Sheep is a unique math puzzle game for kids where you get involved in a story and try to save your little friends by figuring out the math.

It is a cool math game with a concept of using your mathematics skills to save your friend. You will need to constantly utilize your addition and subtraction capability to help win the game and rescue the sheep.

Divide By Sheep - Cool Maths Games for Kids

The graphics quality of the math game is on par how an education game should be. If you were looking for a cool math game with an interesting concept, there’s no looking further!

5. The Counting Kingdom

Although there are many cool math games for kids available, you’ll hardly find any math game like The Counting Kingdom. This features a gameplay of saving kingdom and dynasty while solving basic mathematics at the same time.

This is a math game that your kids can play at school and develop problem-solving skill while polishing basic mathematics learning as well.

The Counting Kingdom - Cool Mathematics Games for Kids

The Counting Kingdom is a great board-like game for school kids. Well, it does not feature advanced arithmetic operations, but very fundamental addition and subtractions.

You need to solve the mathematics problems to save the beautiful kingdom. It is restricted to certain countries, so you will have to check the availability in your country. This cool math game is generally available for 6.99 USD.

6. Calcu-Late

Calcu-Late is certainly one of the coolest math games available for School kids. It revolves around a story of a boy who wants to participate in the Olympics but fails to do so. And, then he participates in a tournament which promises to grant any kind of wish made beforehand.

Calculate Game for Kids - Cool Math Games for Kids

So, if your kid solves the problems encountered, the boy will get the help he needed and your kid will still enjoy doing maths.

This is a very cool math game that your kid can play at school. This math game is available for just 0.99 USD, you should go grab it!

7. Everyday Genius: SquareLogic

SquareLogic is an impressive math game as one of the honorable mentions for some school games that you can play at school. It incorporates both logical thinking and mathematical solving problems within the game.

Squarelogic - Best Maths Games for Kids to Play in School

So, in a nutshell, this cool math game is a hybrid of both things. If you want your kid to develop logic skills and get good at Maths, you can get this math game on Steam for just 4.99 USD.

Which Math Games are the Best for Kids?

Now that you have the list of best cool math games for kids that fit for being one of the best school games. Get them for your kids and help them learn Maths quickly and easily!

Let us know your thoughts about the games we mentioned in the comments below.

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