43+ Best Bakery Website Design Ideas for Cake Websites and Online Coffee Shops

With the dot (.) COM Boom at its highest peak, every business is quickly taking itself online for more customers, sales, and revenue. There isn’t any reason why your bakery and cake shop should remain untouched from online commerce. Getting an excellent bakery website may instantly boost your revenue by increasing sales as you connect to more customers easily when you are online.

But having a proper bakery layout design or cakes websites design is equally important. For any best bakery websites design, most crucial thing is to represent the business of best coffee, cakes, and bakery online. No doubt, you’ll have to come up with the best bakery website design ideas to turn bakery, coffee or cake shop design inspiration into reality.

Coming up with cool bakery designs is tough, however, to make it easier for you to select your top quality bakery layout, we are showcasing a collection of 43+ Best Bakery Websites Design Ideas for Cakes Websites and Online Coffee Shops.

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43+ Best Bakery Website Design Ideas for Cake Websites and Online Coffee Shops

Though there are many bakery website design templates available for free download, if none of those bakery templates suits you, take a look at these 43+ best bakery website design inspiration.

1. Backed By Yael

Bakery Websites

2. The Cupcake Shoppe

bakery layout

3. Sugarland Backery

Best Bakery websites

4. Gracene’s Cupcake Boutique

cake designs

5. Adelaide’s Cake

Cake websites6. Carlo’s Bakery of Cake Boss

Bakery Website Design7. Chicago Bakery

cake shop

8. Delicious  Desserts

bakery website design

9.Indulge Bakery

Bakery Designs

10. Dots Cupcakes

cupcakes designs

11. Ginger Bread Construction Co.

Website Design

12. Sift Dessert Bar

Cake designs

13. Keith Cakes


14. Sweez

Best website design

15. The Cake Shop Bakery

Cakes and bakery

16. Monginis Cake Shop

cake shop

17. Dulces Sweets – Cake and Cupcake

Bakery and Cupcakes

18. Candy Cupcakes

bakery cakes

19. The Heavenly Bakery

Bakery Website

20. Grove Pastry Shop


21. Cupcakes By Carousel

Bakery Websites

22. Sweet Crumbles

Cake sites, Bakery sites

23. Elisa Bakery – Elisa’s Pastry Shoppe

Pastry cackes

24. Lone Star Bakery

bakery sites

25. Rococo Chocolates

Bakery, Cake and website design

26. Vanilla Bake Shop

Bakery, Design Idea

27. Moio’s Italian Pastry

Cake Sites

28. Die Muffin Manufaktur

Bakery sites

29. Charles Chocolates

Cake Bakery

30. Paradise Bakery

Bakery design idea

31. Sweet Jazmines Bakery

Bakery, Design idea

33. The Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe

bakery websites

34. Indulgence Pastry and Cake Shop

Pastry and cake

35. Dagoba Organic Chocolates

Bakery Website Design Idea

36. Gateaux Pastries

bakery design

37. Chocomize

cake pastry, bakery design

38. Doces & Delicias

best bakery websites

39. Cupcake Swirl

bakery layout

40. Malinova Cafe

Malinova Cafe - Bakery and Coffe Websites Design Inspiration

41. Dove Chocolate

Dove Chocolate - Online Chocolate Websites Design Inspiration

42. Recchiuti Confections Chocolate Website

Recchiuti Chocolate Websites Design Ideas

43. Candy Direct Vintage Candy Website Design

Candy Direct Vintage Candy - Oldest Candy Shop Online

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Online bakery shops are the new trend these days as more and more people are connecting to the internet, you are indeed missing a huge number of customers if your bakery website is not online. However, as we have provided the inspiration for bakery website design layout – just grab it and turn your ordinary looking bakery and cakes website into best bakery website ever.

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