5 Things to Do When You Do Not Have Any Blog Post Ideas

There comes a phase when even great and legendary figures fail to make any mark. Consider an example of Cricket. If you know about cricket, you must have heard the name of one of the greatest ever cricketer of the world – Sachin Tendulkar. There comes a period when he rarely scores big for a [...]

How to Do Proper Attribution ?

Creative commons licenses are like lifeline for individuals, who want to use others creative work but can’t afford to pay. Many bloggers, freelancers, graphic designers or start-up entrepreneurs can’t afford to pay (at least initially) the charges or bill to original copyright owner of a particular creativity. But, creative commons licenses provide a flexible solution [...]

Getting Traffic to New Blog

Are you looking to know the ways of getting traffic to the new blog? Are you struggling to drive visitors to your blog? Then this post is really for you. You work hard and write an excellent piece of a blog post. But fail to catch the attention of readers. You hardly get someone to [...]

Backup Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most leading Blogging platforms. WordPress offers free ( blogging platform as well as paid ( blogging service. WordPress is a free open source software which lets you install your self-Hosted professional blog or website to run on it. According to latest stats, about 18% of sites all over the world [...]

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