5 Things to Do When You Don’t Have Any Ideas What to Blog About

There comes a phase when even great and legendary figures fail to make any mark. Consider an example of Cricket. If you know about cricket, you must have heard the name of one of the greatest ever cricketer of the world – Sachin Tendulkar. There comes a period when he rarely scores big for a couple of innings. That is the phase when a batsman is said to be out-of-form.

5 Things to Do When You Do Not Have Any Blog Post Ideas

Similarly, in blogging there comes a phase when you are out-of-form, and you don’t have any ideas of what to blog about. You completely run out of ideas. You start with a high determination to write a great post and make a big mark, but due to lack of motivation and inspiration, you end up without writing a single sentence. This is called Writer’s block. If such happens with you, then you don’t need to worry as you are not alone who fail to make an impact. Even great professional bloggers like Darren Rowse and Pete Cashmore face the situation like this.

What to Do When You Don’t Have Any Ideas What to Blog About?

So when you find yourself in writer’s block of such situation when you don’t have any ideas what to blog about, make sure you do some productive works so that you might not end up wasting your precious time. Today, I’m sharing this infographic via visual.ly which gives you clear mind map and ideas of what to blog about.

Update: Due to security reasons, we have removed the infographic from this page.

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From the very first day of your blogging journey, you would have found yourself in such writer’s block some times. Many of professional bloggers come up with an idea to take a break for some time to get fresh thoughts and ideas of what to blog about. But what I feel is – Blogging is becoming much more competitive. So taking a break will neither be good for your regular readers nor search engines.

That’s why I came up with a smart idea to remain motivated and inspired as well as productive. Doing something different like this not only ensures – you don’t end up wasting your time but also makes your blog spicy and much more attractive.

Thus, you get ideas of what to blog about as well as you remain productive which is good when you take blogging seriously in the long run. Do let me know what ideas do you follow when you don’t have any ideas what to blog about?

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