How to Get More Traffic to Blog ? - Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Blogging is like crying in wilderness unless or until your blog has a decent amount of audiences who often visit your blog as reader. When you start blogging, your first goal is to create a well designed good looking blog which reflects your creativity. But blogging being a dynamic world ensures you come across new [...]

Best Sites to Download Free WordPress Themes

There is nothing much helpful in designing an attractive site than a good looking theme. An attractive theme can make even an ordinary website to look awesome. Though there is a large percentage of websites running on the WordPress platform. But most of them can’t afford to buy premium WordPress themes. So there comes the [...]

Install a WordPress Plugin Easily

Looking to install a WordPress plugin? Installing a WordPress plugin can be a challenging task, especially, when you are new to WordPress dashboard. It is entirely understandable, because, WordPress is considered to be one of the toughest blogging platforms. Its often said that “Plugins are the real power of WordPress.” Plugins are special tools that [...]

How to Find High Quality Free Blog Images Using Flickr

High-Quality images are mostly loved these days. If High-Quality images are royalty free, they become more amazing. Finding high-quality images is a tough task. And if you need to find high quality as well as royalty free images for your blog, it becomes a challenging task. Though most of the sites do not offer high [...]

Create WordPress Sitemap for Better SEO

So you want to create WordPress sitemap of your site? Good ! This might be a challenging task if you have just started blogging on WordPress and you don’t have that much technical know-how. WordPress is considered to be a challenging platform for bloggers as you need to have that next-level knowledge to blog properly [...]

Simple Blogging Mistakes to Quit Blogging-SlipUp

Every blogger who jumps into deep ocean of blogging has a dream of making it really big and worth talking. But most of them commit some simple blogging mistakes. And fail to make even any impression of their personality in blogging world. Blogging is becoming a trend these days. Unlike earlier, blogging is not only [...]

How to Install A WordPress Theme Easily ?

Are you looking to install a WordPress theme ? Installing a theme can be a challenging task on any of blogging platform especially when you are new to blogging. As you know that WordPress is considered to be next level (professional’s) blogging platform where you need to have next level knowledge in order to make [...]

5 Valid Reasons Why You Must Have Images in Blog Post

One of the common blogging mistakes that I have seen new bloggers making, again and again, is – Not using the proper images in the blog post. You might not be one of those but even experienced commit such mistakes in some of their blog posts, thinking images is not a must have factor for [...]

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