How to Know Who is Connected to my WiFi on Mac and PC?

No matter whether you control a public WiFi or just have a basic personal WiFi network, knowing who is connected to your WiFi always helps. Who knows, maybe someone might have unauthorized access to your network. So knowing who is connected to your WiFi network can certainly help you stop unauthorized users from accessing your [...]

Google Search Tips and Tricks You Didn't Know About

For most users, Google Search is just a big search bar that lets you search for your queries. All you have to do is enter what you would like to search for and get related results. However, behind that simple blue search bar, Google Search hides tons of secrets and those lesser known Google search [...]

Delete Snap Stories - How to Delete Snap Stories on Snapchat?

Snapchat is an incredibly popular multimedia messaging app. A few years back, it was kind of the only go-to solution if you want to share images/moments of your life with your friends as pictures or “snaps”. However, with Instagram adding the same features became a big-time competitor to Snapchat in no time. Even if Instagram [...]

How to Send Your Location to Someone on Internet?

Nowadays, it is very easy to send your exact location using your smartphone’s GPS to someone instead of explaining where you are. It is so much more efficient – that even food delivery apps and taxi services utilize it to get to their destination faster. Of course, it is not rocket science. But, you do [...]

Terraria Bosses - Terraria All Bosses Order - How many Bosses are there in Terraria

If you are a fan of 2D action-adventure games, you must be knowing about “Terraria“. Popularly known for its Bosses (also Terraria Bosses) – It is an amazing game available for both PC and consoles. If you ask me, it is a god-like game if you like such games and no wonder why it’s been [...]

How to Install Steam on Ubuntu Linux? - Install Steam Ubuntu

Steam client is a must if you want to play some of the latest games on your Linux machine. If you are using Ubuntu, or just about any Linux distribution (mostly Ubuntu-based), it is very easy to install Steam. I’m sure most of you do not even need this guide to help you install the [...]

Apps Like Wish: 11 Cheap Shopping Apps like Wish

Wish is an interesting shopping app which connects the buyers directly with the manufacturers for the cheapest deals possible. It is an incredibly popular app for Android and iOS, and you would want more cheap shopping apps like Wish, right? Of course, if you are a shopaholic, you need more options, right? Nowadays, you will [...]

What does sudo apt-get update command do? Complete List of Linux Commands

When you choose to install a Linux distribution, you have to prepare yourself to know some of the important terminal Linux commands that you can’t escape from. And, one such command is: sudo apt-get update You will need to utilize this command if you are using Ubuntu or any other Ubuntu-based distribution or flavors. In my [...]

How to Install and Play 2048 Puzzle Game in Linux?

Puzzle games are one of my favorites when I have nothing to do. And, considering the time when you run a Linux machine – obviously you do not have the latest gaming titles – so you end up playing old games or something additive worth your time. 2048 Puzzle game for Linux is such a [...]

age restriction youtube - How to Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube?

Have you ever tried watching any such YouTube video and not being able to watch as the YouTube content was age restricted? If yes, how do you get access to age-restricted videos on YouTube? If you have a Google account, and you are signed in to YouTube – you can watch any video of your [...]

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