15 Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Technology has advanced a lot. It has made life easier for us along with saving our time and costs considerably. Well, technology has also given plenty of options to make money with a bit of ease, smartness, and creativity.

Yes, there are plenty of options when it comes to money making apps that you can effectively use to make money on your phone. You can effectively use these apps to give yourself a solid side-income option.

You can use some of these options as a full-time earning option too. However, you must be creative and smart enough to make money out of these money making apps.

So, what are these money making apps? How do you money out of these apps? Keep reading the answers below.

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15 Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Check out the best money making apps that you can effectively use to make money by using your phone below.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular money making apps that you can effectively use to give yourself a source of side income. You need not invest a lot of time and effort to earn money by using this app by any means.

Swagbucks App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Swagbucks:

a) Be it watching videos, taking surveys, or even playing games, this money making app offers you plenty of options to earn money. Neither of these options is time-consuming.

b) With each task you complete, you earn points. You can redeem these points to get gift cards, cash back, or direct cash to your wallet.

c) Like many other money making apps, this app doesn’t have any specific waiting timeframe. You can redeem points for cash as soon as you earn them.

d) If something like crypto is your area of interest, you can also earn a Crypto Voucher gift card option, which is another major feature, or say, the benefit of this money earning app.

How to Make Money with Swagbucks?

Check out the simple steps to make money with Swagbucks below.

1. Firstly, download the Swagbucks app and register yourself there.

2. Once you register yourself on this app, and sign in to your account, you will see a list of surveys available, competitions, etc. You can participate in them and make money using this app.

3. You can also use the Shop section here to make purchases from here, and earn discounts from this app.

4. Swagbucks is just about registering, and signing in. Once you sign in to your account, you can make money with ease by participating in simple tasks.

2. Fiverr – Freelance Services

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing apps that offer more than 200 category options to work on and make money. Numerous people purely earn their bread with Fiverr, and this money making app hasn’t been a disappointment by any means.

Fiverr Freelance App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Fiverr Freelance Services App:

a) Once you get going with Fiverr, the sky is the limit for you. There are plenty of options to make money here, and you won’t be running out of work at all.

b) Some projects here can pay you as high as $1000. Yes, it all depends on your skills. If you are skillful and creative enough, this platform can help you close some huge gigs.

c) Fiverr freelance services app offers a seamless and easy communication platform. Hence, you can communicate with your clients and potential clients with ease here.

d) Lastly, this money making app is really easy on the eyes. The neat interface along with amazing visuals ensures that your gig-finding process is by no means boring or tiring.

How to Make Money with the Fiverr Freelance Services app?

1. First, download the Fiverr app and register yourself as a Fiverr Seller or, say, service provider.

2. You will be displayed several skills or say domains where you can provide services for. You can select them according to your skills.

3. Once done, Fiverr will display projects relevant to your selected niche.

4. You can also set up attractive gigs and invite customers to them. You can also add your portfolio here, which would add that attractive feature to your gig description.

5. When you close deals, you can charge part payment in advance, and the rest of it after delivering the work. Fiverr will take some amount of the total amount as a commission.

3. Foap – Sell Your Photos

Foap is another money making app where you can sell photos to make money. This photo-selling app can be your great money-making option if you are an amazing photographer. Here, you can sell your photos and videos to make money out of them.

Foap App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Foap:

a) Foap doesn’t demand any extra effort to start. Just create your account, upload your content, let people watch it, and love the same, and you are all set to go.

b) The photo-selling app is used by millions of users. Hence, you can stay assured of the fact that your content will have eyes to watch, which increases the chances of it getting sold with ease.

c) You can stay assured that if your content is really good, you are going to earn huge value for the same. This platform does respect hard work and creativity, which is a major feature of any app.

How to Make Money with Foap?

1. To begin with, download the Foap app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Once you download the app, register yourself by using your Facebook or email ID. Signing up via Facebook would directly take you to your dashboard, while, if you register with an email address, you will have to fill out a registration form.

3. Once you land on the dashboard of your account, you can start uploading photos here. Just tap the “+” icon to add a new photo.

4. After you add a photo, you can add a caption here. Try to add something attractive. Don’t write to sell your photo, as it would reduce the chances of potential buyers getting attracted to it.

5. Also, do add tags to your photo. Adding tags would make customers land on your photo after searching for them, or something relevant to the used tags.

6. Once you are done uploading your photo completely, just wait for the potential buyers to show interest in your photo and purchase the same.

4. Acorns – Invest Spare Change

If you are looking to save and invest for your future, Acorns money making app is your definite answer. The app has more than 20 million downloads, and it validates the quality that the app comes alongside.

Acorns App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Acorns:

a) The app incorporates more than 7000 bonds and stocks of top companies. Hence, you get plenty of options to invest with this app, which is a major feature of the app.

b) This money making app comes with 256-bit encryption that ensures high security for you. As you are going to invest with this app, security becomes an important aspect for you.

c) The app helps you earn cash-backs with specific retailers. Hence, you can effectively use this app to save some bucks too.

d) This app comes with great customer support that can help you invest in the right funds. Hence, you can invest rightly and ensure that your wealth actually grows.

How to Make Money with Acorns?

1. Download the Acorns app by using the link below, and create your account on this app.

2. Once you sign in to your account, click “Invest”.

3. Then, enter the amount that you wish to invest or deposit on this app.

4. You will be asked to enter your bank details. Submit them, and click Review.

5. Once done, check out the best options to invest, and start investing. Keep an eye on the stats and see how you are performing with your investments.

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is yet another popular money making app where you can earn cash by participating in surveys. With Survey Junkie, you can earn money by sharing your opinions about services you got with a brand. You can take surveys that will make you earn virtual points. Then, you can redeem these points for gift cards or cash.

SurveyJunkie App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Survey Junkie:

a) If you prefer to go with gift cards as your reward for taking a survey, you get an extensive collection of the same. These gift cards can help you get lucrative discounts from several brands like Walmart, Starbucks, etc.

b) The neat interface of this survey app makes it easy and even fun for you to answer surveys.

c) Survey Junkie is quite a popular money making app. Hence, several people answer this survey with this app. A brand usually analyzes all the feedback received from this app. Hence, you can get a better experience at the brand on your future visits.

d) You by no means need to invest extra effort and time to participate in this survey. Answering it is quite easy and less time-consuming.

How to Make Money with the Survey Junkie app?

1. The first step to making money with Survey Junkie is to download the app and register yourself here.

2. Once you sign in to your account, check out the surveys available.

3. If you find surveys from any of the brands that you have visited, and wish to rate their services, tap the same, fill out the form and complete the survey.

4. Once you complete the survey, you will be earning points. After you complete the threshold value of 1000 points, you can withdraw the cash earned.

5. Alternatively, you can opt for gift cards of the specific brand. Please note that you will earn points only when you complete the entire survey.

6. MISTPLAY: Play to Earn Rewards

MISTPLAY is another reward earning app that allows you to earn rewards for playing games. If you love playing games, MISTPLAY not only offers you an amazing game to play, but also an opportunity to earn rewards while playing.

Mistplay App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of MISTPLAY:

a) This app works on the point system. You earn points when you play the game and are rewarded with $5 for every 1500 points.

b) You also get an option of redeeming these points for gift cards like Amazon, PlayStation, etc.

c) The milestone of 200 points makes you earn 100 bonus points. Hence, you will reach 1500 points in much less time.

d) Lastly, MISTPLAY comes with amazing gameplay. Hence, if you are a gaming fan, this game won’t disappoint you by any means.

How to Make Money on the MISTPLAY app?

1. Download the MISTPLAY app using an invitation code or the link that is given below.

2. Then, register yourself on this app. You can sign up with either Facebook or Google account.

3. Once done with registration, pick your avatar. Then, you will be asked about your favorite games. It helps the app to display those games or something relevant to the same.

4. Once you register here, you will earn a bonus of 200 points. Now, you can start playing and earn points with every game you play.

5. Once you have enough points, you can either redeem your points for cash or purchase gift cards out of them and redeem them.

7. Rakuten: Cash Back & Deals

If you are an avid shopper, Rakuten might be your ideal app to make money. This cashback and deals app offers as much as discounts of up to 40% for shopping from various giant retailers, restaurants, and food delivery services.

Rakuten App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Rakuten – Cashback & Deals app:

a) The app is affiliated with thousands of mighty retailers. Hence, you get several options for claiming discounts, which is a major benefit of this app.

b) The payment with this app is either via cheque or PayPal. You can select the payment mode at your convenience.

c) Using Rakuten is quite easy. From claiming cash back to receiving the payment, you won’t be facing any troubles at all.

How to Make Money with the Rakuten app?

1. Once you have downloaded the app and registered yourself, you can sign in to your account to check the offers available for your card.

2. When you find an available offer, and if that offer suits you, you can link that offer to your card.

3. Now, make a purchase and redeem the card and offer to get discounts.

4. You can also relink the offers available to the store. With it, you will be earning cashback in your account once the store confirms your purchase.

8. Upwork for Freelancers

Upwork is yet another best money making apps that various freelancers use to make money and earn a living online. Upwork for Freelancers is one of the best freelancing apps that you can effectively use to make some extra bucks by providing various services like writing, designing, marketing, etc.

Upwork for Freelancers App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Upwork for Freelancers:

a) I loved the seamless payment process that Upwork provides. The payment process is extremely secure, seamless, and transparent on this money making app.

b) You get a variety of options to showcase your skills and earn money here. Be it writing, designing, or anything, you won’t be running out of work options at all.

c) This money earning app provides you with the flexibility to set a schedule and pay rate as you want. Flexibility is one major reason why numerous freelancers trust this app.

d) You can communicate with clients directly on this money making app for freelancers. Hence, you can effectively use Upwork to build your network and give yourself a platform to boost your career.

How to Make Money with Upwork for Freelancers?

1. First, download the Upwork for Freelancers mobile app and click Sign Up. You can register yourself by using your Google Account, Apple ID, or email address.

2. Then, fill up your information form where you will be asked to update your skills. You can create your portfolio here, which would strengthen your overall profile. You can also add your educational background here, to get more relevant offers.

3. Then, you will be asked to submit your hourly rate. You can customize the same whenever you desire.

4. Once you are done with setting up the profile, you can explore various available projects relevant to your skills, and bid for the same. You would also receive proposals from potential clients. Once active, keep an eye on your profile consistently, or else you might miss out on amazing projects.

9. Ibotta: Make Money Shopping Everyday

If you are a frequent online shopper who is looking to save money and earn cash back, Ibotta can be your good bet. No matter if you shop online or make an in-store purchase, the Ibotta app can help you save & earn money considerably.

Ibotta App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of the Ibotta App:

a) Ibotta works with numerous giant brands all over the world. Hence, you can save considerable bucks by shopping with these brands. You get plenty of options due to the large-scale collaboration of the app.

b) You get the cashback instantly as soon as you upload your purchase receipt. Hence, like several other make money shopping apps, you need not wait for days or weeks to get a cashback.

c) The make money app allows you to earn extra cash when you complete a shopping milestone.

How to Make Money on the Ibotta app?

1. Once you have downloaded the Ibotta app and registered yourself, open the app and explore various shopping categories available here.

2. Now, select the offers that go well with your requirements and preferences, and redeem them. You might be required to answer some poll questions, or survey questions to redeem the offer for any brand. However, the activity does vary for every brand.

3. Once done with redeeming the offer, upload your purchase receipt and get the cashback. Check out the offers once again, and submit the receipt if you find everything correct. You will get cashback as soon as you submit the receipt.

10) OfferUp: Buy Sell Letgo

OfferUp is a money making app that helps you make money by selling your old furniture. Also, you can shop from here and save some bucks by getting discounts and cashback.

OfferUp App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of OfferUp:

a) Creating a listing with this app is quite simple and fast. It’s just about clicking a nice picture and uploading the same on this app.

b) The payment with OfferUp is instant. You need not wait for several days to get your payment for your furniture.

c) Using this money making app is quite simple. You need not invest any extra effort to understand and use the interface of this app by any means.

How to Make Money with OfferUp?

1. Open the app, sign in to your registered account, and click Post.

2. Now, select “Take Photo” to take pictures, or “Select Photo” to upload a photo from your gallery.

3. Enter the title and description of your photo. You can also add more details by adding categories and sub-categories for the photos you are uploading.

4. Then, set the price of the items you are uploading to sell. You will be asked to set some other details like the location, shipping norms, etc. I highly recommend submitting them to avoid any confusion later on.

5. Now, click “Post”. Let the buyers notice your items, and if interested, they will send you messages to inquire about your posted items.

11) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app is another make money app that offers a rewards program that allows you to earn money by filling out small Google surveys. You will find a range of surveys here that you can participate in and earn lucrative rewards.

Google Opinion Rewards App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Google Opinion Rewards:

a) As mentioned, you get a range of surveys here. You can participate with ease in any of them and earn rewards. Hence, the options to earn money with this app are immense.

b) You can also redeem the earned credits to purchase games, books, apps, etc.

c) Google Opinion Rewards app of course doesn’t demand any extra effort from you. It’s all about sharing your experience and earning rewards. Plus, the interface of this money earning app is quite simple and neat.

How to Make Money with the Google Opinion Rewards app?

1. Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from your Google Play Store. Once done, launch the app using your Google account.

2. Firstly, you will be asked to fill out a test survey. Please note that this survey is only to give you an idea of what this app incorporates. You won’t be receiving any earnings with it.

3. Now, you can explore various survey options. You can check out if any of them matches your experience, and fill it out.

4. By the end of the week, if you have taken enough surveys and collected enough points, you can select Google Play Balance as your payment source or purchase something from the Google Play Store using these points.

12. YouTube

YouTube, one of the biggest entertainment apps, can also be an effective tool to make money. Along with making money, you can also use this app to gain some popularity all over the world.

YouTube App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of YouTube:

a) First, you can upload both, YouTube Shorts and long-form videos here. YouTube gives you an equal opportunity to make money from both of these options.

b) YouTube provides you with an easy way to upload video content and make money. Just a good quality video recording, a simple upload, and some consistency with creating content, and you are good to go.

c) With YouTube, you can also gain immense popularity. Millions of users use this money making app, and if you stay a bit consistent, you can gain popularity all over the world.

Steps to Earn Money with YouTube Shorts & Long-Form Videos on YouTube:

1) Firstly, set up and build a YouTube channel. Of course, it would work as a platform where you will post all your video content.

2) Then, start adding video content here. Make sure that the content you post is of top-notch quality.

3) Nowadays, uploading YouTube Shorts is also a reliable way to make money. YouTube comes with a dedicated YouTube Shorts fund that allows you to make money. You can add both, long-form content and short-form vertical videos on this platform.

4) Once you have uploaded a considerable amount of content, gained a good audience, and meet the requirements of YouTube to monetize videos, you can monetize them. Of course, you would have to wait for approval from YouTube before you start earning with the YPP (YouTube Partner Program).

5) You can also set up Google AdSense, which will help you to make money via ads along with views. Of course, this is done after getting approval for YouTube Partner Program.

6) Keep a track of your results to see how well they are doing and what revenue are they generating for you.

13. Instagram

Instagram is much more than posting photos, reels, or stories just for likes and comments. Yes, just like YouTube, Instagram can also be a money making app where you can also post to make money out of your digital presence.

Please note that Instagram will pay you every month, however, you must have earned at least $100 that month to receive a payment. For instance, if you earn $40 in January and $70 in February, you will receive $110 in March.

Instagram App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of Instagram:

a) Be it posting videos, posts, or reels, uploading content on Instagram is quite easy. You don’t require any special skills to upload content here.

b) You get auto-generated captions and stickers here that you can effectively use to enhance the engagement of your posts.

c) You get a wide range of business features to make money with Instagram. Hence, if you are using this platform for professional purposes, you can count on this app to do the job right.

d) Affiliate marketing is also one of the best ways to make money on Instagram, and you can effectively use affiliate marketing as a strategy to make money on this money making app.

How to Make Money with the Instagram app?

1) The first step here is to start posting content regularly. Try to deliver some value with your content, use hashtags appropriately, and ensure maximum reach of the same.

2) Once done with setting up an active Instagram account with a quality number of followers, and when you have started getting enough reach and engagement to your posts, you can reach out to brands relevant to your domain for affiliate marketing. You can redirect your audience to the brand’s website, and you will be earning a commission on every purchase made via your referral URL.

3) Next, you can also make money via sponsored posts here. However, you must be an influencer to do so, and you must have a good following to make money with the Instagram app this way.

4) If you are a good writer, you can start Instagram caption services, and sell them to brands. Several brands are good at creating visually attractive posts, but struggle when it comes to writing captions. You can do some research, figure-out such brands, and reach out to them with your portfolio, and if all goes well, you might be closing a big project for yourself.

5) You can even sell your poster photos or several things here. Instagram is a hub for e-commerce marketing. Just set up an Instagram shop, tag your product pages in your post, and redirect your traffic to the product pages. If potential buyers find it well, they will make a purchase, and it would make you money.

14. TikTok

TikTok, mostly used for entertainment, can also be a great source to make money. Numerous people are making money with this vertical video-sharing app, and if you have enough skills, you can be one of them.

TikTok App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of TikTok:

a) TikTok gives you plenty of options to make money. It’s just not about making money with videos. You can use this plethora of options effectively to earn some bucks.

b) Creating videos on TikTok is quite easy. Also, with the popularity that TikTok enjoys, it’s not at all difficult to gain reach here. Just some consistency, some quality, and some creativity, and you are all good to go.

c) TikTok can be a strong platform to build a network with influencers. From here you can grow, and establish yourself as a content creator on a huge platform like YouTube.

How to Make Money with TikTok?

1. First, create your account on the TikTok app, and start creating content here. Make sure to understand what the platform demands, be clear with your skills, and be consistent with posting the content.

2. Now, when you gain enough visibility, you can reach out to the influencers of your domain and collaborate with them.

3. Also, you can promote products here by using your creativity. Yes, affiliate marketing is possible here. It’s just about promoting a product in the flow and without sounding spammy.

4. If you are in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy, you can use TikTok’s creator fund account and make money. However, you need to meet the eligibility criteria of the platform here.

15. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular app to find jobs, and hiring people. However, the platform has plenty of opportunities to make money, of course, if used well.

LinkedIn App for Making Money - Best Money Making Apps to Make Money on Your Phone

Features of LinkedIn:

a) If you are looking for a job, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find one. It delivers those quick opportunities that you can explore.

b) LinkedIn is a perfect platform to let the world know the skills you have got. The platform allows you to set the skills you have, and let employers know about the same.

c) If you are into content creation, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for you to post your content, get reach, and hence, get leads.

How to Make Money with the LinkedIn App?

a) Firstly, with LinkedIn, you can expand your network. Expanding your network gives you a platform to earn some bucks as you get references to the sources from where you can make money.

b) If you are looking for freelancing opportunities, LinkedIn is your place to find some. Several employers post here about the requirements, and you can apply for the same as a freelancer. Of course, your skill sets and requirements must match.

c) LinkedIn rewards the content with more visibility. If you post your content here regularly, and it gets enough visibility, you can earn lucrative cash rewards from LinkedIn.

d) You can also make money with affiliate marketing here. Of course, you need to have a large number of connections or followers for the same. You can advertise a product smartly here, redirect your connections to the affiliate platform, and you will earn on every purchase made with your affiliate link.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Money Making Apps:

What sort of effort level do I require to make money with a money making app?

What sort of level you require to make money with a money making app purely depends on the money making app you decide to go with. Some money earning apps offer you an extremely easy platform to make money, while some apps do demand some tasks and efforts to be completed.

How do I recognize if a money making app is genuine or not?

This is one of the most common questions that users ask when deciding on any money making app. To recognize if a money making app is genuine or not, firstly, check the user reviews on Google Play Store or App Store and see the experience of past users with that particular money making app.

Then, do some online research about the app and see if you are getting positive signals or red flags about the same. Just some research must be enough to let you know the genuineness of the money making app.

Are transactions on money making apps secure?

Transactions on money making apps can be secure or insecure depending upon the money earning app you decide to go with. If you go with a genuine money making app, you need not worry about transaction security at all. However, I always recommend getting the money deposited in a secondary account rather than your main account.

Also, avoid submitting any sort of confidential information on any app whenever it is not required. Just some alertness here would ensure that you don’t become a victim of any scam.

Can I count on money making apps for my full-time income?

Yes, and no. I advise, no, with some terms and conditions. Until you are making money by using your skills like content writing, graphic designing, etc., I highly recommend that you use this app only as a part-time income source. In this world, it’s always wise to have a strong financial backup if you want to make full-time income only with money making app. However, in this post, I have also mentioned some other money making apps on which you can count for full-time income.

Do I need to submit any documents while withdrawing money from a money making app?

Yes. A money making app might ask you to submit some identification documents while you withdraw money. However, it will be a one-time process. You won’t be required to submit them again once you verify your identity.

Is there any threshold value in terms of the amount I can withdraw before I do it?

Most apps come with a small threshold value of the amount before you can withdraw it. However, it purely depends on the terms and conditions of the app and varies with every money making app.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Making money with your mobile phone and giving yourself a reliable source of extra income must be easy for you now.

As mentioned, you need to check the genuineness of a money making app before you select one. In this fast-moving world, having an extra source of income is a must, and a money making app can do it right for you.

So, with which money app are you going? Are you still having any doubts regarding any of the apps explained above? If yes, don’t hesitate to comment them down. I would be quick and more than happy to sort them out for you.

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