12 Cool School Games You Can Play at School

At a school where you have laptops or desktops equipped, school kids are most probably allowed to play some games at school. Well, of course, only the games suitable for school kids are allowed to be accessed. And such games may be termed as some of the best School games to play. Normally, we would be considering PG 3 or PG 6 games. However, with the research we’ve done, we will be mentioning 12 of some school games you can play at school.

Fret not; we will be listing out only the best School games that aren’t too violent for the kids at school. Apart from the games available (popular choices), there are some specialized games that are developed to become one of the perfect school games to be easily accessed by most of the students when needed. No matter whether you play the games at school or at your home, we have filtered out the best games that we think are suitable for the school kids.

Well, with some school games for PC mentioned, we do not agree with the idea of ruling out the outdoor school games. The school kids need to play some outdoor school games as well along with PC games for school kids. All things considered, let us get to know some school games that you can play at school or at your home.

Are there School Games Unblocked?

Well, yes, a lot of schools block several games to play at school. It is understandable to block a school game if it not safe for work. However, a couple of good games are blocked as well. We have a separate resource telling you how to play some school games unblocked.

About Some School Games

Some school games are meant for fun while others are aimed at educational values. No matter what the purpose is, if the kids are allowed to play games at school (for their benefit), it is always a plus for education.

The school games could be developed by the school authorities or simply bought from 3rd party stores like Steam.

Some School Games - Cool Games to Play at School

Steam is a client through which you can get a lot of games (some for free and others being paid ones). To choose the best suitable school game for your kids, you need to know about some school games.

How do you choose the perfect school game which can be played at school? Which genre of school games should you prefer? What kind of school games are blocked and can you really unblock them?

How to Filter the Genre of School Games?

There can be a lot of games available touted as one of the best school games. However, you need to filter out the genre of the game to point out some school games that would be the most beneficial.

For instance, you need to figure what needs to be more emphasized upon according to the age of the school kids, maybe it would be practical knowledge or just the fun way to teach them an academic subject.

Some genres include family-friendly, puzzle, simulation, & strategy to pick the best school games out there.

Which Games Aren’t Suitable For School?

The games which include violence or contains mature content is totally not suitable for kids. Even if the game does not aim to arouse a bad thought, the kids wouldn’t be able to understand but form a different perception through the game.

You need to make sure that the game is family-friendly or not. Even if it is not completely family-friendly, at least the guide or teacher should be easily able to make the kid understand what’s going on and what has to be learned from that particular game.

How Can Some School Games Help Kids Benefit?

When kids play a game, they generally indulge with the characters and the action that happens within the game.

The game leaves more impact on a kid instead of a teacher telling him/her to learn or do something. So, video games help in increasing the pace of learning and experience.

About Some School Games - Cool School Games you can Play

Even when a kid does not agree to something, it is easy to make it realize via a game that can be played at school. With their performance in playing video games, they can be assessed for improvements and drawbacks.

Too much of something is always bad, so the exposure to school games should be limited that would keep them efficient.

Should You Download Free School Games Or Purchase some School Games?

We would not advise downloading a free school game from an unauthorized site because the game content could contain almost anything because they are not reviewed.

If the game is free to play on a trusted market like Steam, then you may go for it. But, other than trusted clients like Steam, no other 3rd party sites should be utilized.

The game’s content could contain something which is inappropriate for a kid or the computer systems at school might get infected with a malware or virus.

So to help you choose the best games to play at school, we have picked up some school games that your kids can play at school.

12 Cool School Games You Can Play at School

In this article, we have listed 12 of some school games that you can play at school. These are the best school games and you can play them in school as well as on the home PC.

1. Zeus Vs Monster – Math Game for Kids

Zeus vs Monsters is one of the cool math games for kids, preferably one of the best school games to play at school. It presents an action-adventure with mathematical questions.

Indeed, it is one of the best school games you can play at school. Well, you may not get an algebra to solve but only basic arithmetic operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division.

This school game for kids has 50 levels and 10 bosses to defeat. It will definitely keep your kid hooked on to the game while letting him enjoy the time he spends doing the math.

ZEUS MONSTER - Some School Games You can Play - SomeSchoolGames

Also, in addition, your kid would indirectly get to know about some of the stories of Greek mythology. The school game characters include Greek gods, Zeus and Athena, and mythical creatures/monsters such as Titans, Giants, Minotaur, Cerberus, Medusa, Typhon, Chimera, Centaur, Satyr and Hades. As your kid progresses, the math problems would gradually turn from very easy to very difficult.

So, it’s not just a cool math game to enjoy as a normal school game, it is challenging as well. The teacher or the parent can change the settings of the game according to the level of skills your kid has.

The hard settings would let any eight or ninth grader practice some math operations and the easy level is suitable for school kids below that age. The game costs $5.99 and is available on Steam.

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2. Farming Simulator 17

If you want kids to learn about farming, which is a major thing to learn – there’s probably nothing better than Farming Simulator 17. It is a bit pricey school game for kids with the price tag of $17.49.

You will be able to explore North America with hundreds of acres of land with a variety of machines and crops. None of the equipment and crop production process has been imagined, it’s all as authentic as it gets. In this cool school game, you will be able to harvest several types of crops that include sunflower and soybeans.

With this simulator installed, your kid does not need to even touch the textbook in order to understand what farming is, what kind of difficulties do they face, and how it is done. You will not be restricted with just one or two types of crops but a lot more.

For a small kid, playing the game might be difficult but the experience of this school game in the guidance of a teacher or a parent would be very impactful. Some school games have literally failed to teach kids about farming this good!

So, you don’t have an alternative to this school game if you are looking to give the school kids a simulation experience on Farming.

farming simulator 17 - Some School Games you can Play - Best School Games

The kid will get a lot of idea on farming with this school game while having fun at the same time. Also, not just crops and machines, you will have to take care of livestock as well.

So, that helps your kids understand why livestock do matter and why we depend on them. They will learn to take care of them. You can connect up to 16 kids with the help of the multiplayer mode for online activities. It is a fun and educational school game as well!

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3. Cities: Skyline

If you want the kids to learn and experience something very important by means of a game, then Cities: Skylines should be the one you should grab. It is one of the best school games for kids that is available on Steam for $30. Well, this is not suitable for kindergarden students but eight or ninth grade students should be comfortable with it.

The school game simulates the process and hardships faced while building a perfect city. What are the things that should be taken care of in the initial phase, and what actually happens under the hood before we take a look at one of the beautiful cities? This school game may not help in the academics directly, but it departs the knowledge everyone should have.

cities skylines - Some School Games You can Play - SomeSchoolGames

The slightest of the idea could come handy anytime for both the society and personal benefits. Also, a kid can play this at school to know how the traffic works and how tough it is to manage it.

If you grab the deluxe edition of the game that comes for 849 INR, you can know about the constructions of Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and so on.


4. Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo

A family-friendly game that can be played at school for fun. It is a suitable school game for kids at the age of five and ten. You have the responsibility to save the zoo. All the baby animals have gone missing and now is the time for you to prove your worth to find them back for the grand opening of the Zoo.

Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo - Some School Games - SomeSchoolGames

It is a very simple school game for kids, with comical graphics which gives a different experience to play at school. You can grab this school game on Steam for just $1.95.


5. Brick Rigs

Brick Rigs is one of the best school games for kids. Just as would any kid play with bricks and modules like Lego, you can do it on a computer as well. The school game for kids allows you to build a variety of vehicles from the bricks you get and then you can experience the dynamic driving and destruction of the vehicles.

Brick Rigs - Some School Games you can play - SomeSchoolGames

It is a fun school game with no direct academic impact. However, with the bricks available, the players can literally build almost anything, which helps increase creativity and experience something different. The school game is available on Steam for just $14.99.

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6. The Slim 3

The Sims 3 is one of the best school games that you can play at School. However, it is not related to any academic benefits rather a guide/teacher is needed to study a kid’s psychology of what he wants of his/her life. The school game lets the player create and fantasize the expected world. This school game isn’t suitable for kids less than the age of 8.

The Slim 3 - Best School Games to Play - SomeSchoolGames

Some school games try to teach what should be pursued in one’s life. But, Sims 3 unlocks the creativity and gives the freedom to a kid to live virtually what he/she hopes to. None of the schools have tried utilizing this game to study the psychology of a kid.

But, The Sims 3 gives the correct exposure to realize how the kid sees the world and imagines it to turn out. The parents can benefit by improving the psychology after knowing what he/she does in the game and what’s wrong in it. The school game is available on Steam for just $19.99.

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7. Job Simulator

With a world of everything replaced by computers, this game should be the best VR school game that you can play at school. Job Simulator would give kids an amazing experience through VR to learn about all the tasks that people did before everything was replaced by automated computers and machines.

Job Simulator - Some School Games you can Play - SomeSchoolGames

Rather than forcing the kids to do something traditional, with the help of this VR ready school game, the teachers can let the kids experience it without boredom. Games are the way to do that!

Do note that this school game is a VR-only game. So, if you have a VR-ready computer with a VR headset, you are ready to go! This school game is also available on Steam for just $29.99.


8. Abrix for Kids

We already know that Chess is a game that everyone should play! There is no age restriction whatsoever. However, it might be pointless for the same game to be repeated every time. You can try different strategy games for the school that the school kids can enjoy.

Abrix for Kids - SomeSchoolGames - Some School Games to Play

Abrix is such a cool school game. It is an interesting strategy game for the school kids who love to solve puzzles. Yes, it might not be the game that everyone would love, but only puzzle lovers would admire it. Abrix for Kids is available on Steam for just $4.99.

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9. Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5

If you want your kids to type efficiently, you need to have some school games on PC to help them learn to type by means of a game. And, typing instructor for Kids does exactly that!

Typing Instructor for Kids - Some of the Best School Games to Play - SomeSchoolGames

Typing Instructor Platinum 5 comes among some school games that help kids learn to type. The game presents an interesting concept of a Typing Island where you are directed step by step how to type in the correct way and probably the fastest way. This school game for kids is available on steam for just $3.99.

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10. Kerbal Space Program

To encourage kids to become an astronaut or a space scientist, Kerbal Space program is a must-have school game. There are some school games like Kerbal Space program but they are not good enough, even Metacritic rated this simulation game an 88 score out of 100!

Kerbal Space Program - Some SchoolGames you can Play - SomeSchoolGames

A game which could be used for educational purposes does not get such a high score! So, it must be that good! The school game is available on steam for just $9.99.


11. Monkey Tales Games

Monkey Tales is a super fun educational game available on Steam. The developers have put a lot of research and assessment with the help of teachers and parents what’s best needed for their children.

And, they’ve come with a game that is exciting and perfect for education kids for mathematics and help to develop logical thinking.

Monkey Takes Games - SomeSchoolGames - Some School Games You Can Play

If maths & logic is what you want to develop in your school, this really is a great school game that you’d find around. It would cost you 14.99 USD. And, that’s for all 5 monkey adventures in just 1! So, it is definitely a steal deal.

And, the best thing about this game is- you don’t need teachers to guide them. The game’s algorithm automatically grabs the level of student’s understanding by their activities and accordingly help them correct their mistakes. It is suitable for the kids in the age range of 7-11.

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12. Breaking Good

If you’re an adult looking for a game for your kids or students, you probably know “Breaking Bad”. But, that’s something not educational, was it?!

Breaking Good - Some School Games - Best Games to Play at School

Fret not; even if your kid can’t watch Breaking Bad, they have Breaking Good! It includes all things chemistry. A puzzle game with an aim to make different chemical compounds.

This might be a good thing to show it to your kid if they like chemistry. It would be appropriate for a kid within the age of 8-12 to try this game out. Breaking Good costs just 4.99 USD.


Which School Games You Should Play?

School games are always good as such games are safe for your kids and the school games can teach your kids important lessons while having fun. We at TechReviewPro, have provided you with some of the best school games that you can play at school.

If you are pa arent, make sure your kids play such school games to enhance knowledge, creativity, and skills. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page as we are regularly adding more cool school games for kids that your kids can play at school.

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