How to Backup Your BlogSpot Blog? – Beginner’s Guide to Security of Blogger Blog

BlogSpot is a free blogging platform which is own by Google. Google’s products and services come with many features, one that is most enjoyable is its free blogging platform – BlogSpot service. Free blogging platform service – BlogSpot is like a lifeline for many new bloggers as they can’t afford the cost of running a self-Hosted blog, at least during the beginning of their blogging career. This feature takes BlogSpot to the list of top blogging platforms along with WordPress and all others.

But at the same time free BlogSpot comes with many limitations. One of biggest limitations worth talking here is – you do not own your BlogSpot blog. Yes, you heard right. Google owns your free BlogSpot blog. According to Blogger’s Terms and Conditions, your blog can be deleted or removed without any prior notice if you violate their content policy. So then comes the need to Backup Your BlogSpot Blog.

Why Must You Backup Your Blogspot Blog?

If you are a regular reader of TechReviewPro, you might have noticed that I always say Blogging means working hard. So being a blogger, you work hard. You spend many hours researching for information; you get ideas for your blog post, write fantastic high-quality articles – all these require significant efforts. And what if your all hard work goes in vain, say when you woke up in the morning, and you didn’t found any existence of your blog? It would be very frustrating!

Human beings are naturally habitual of making mistakes. Also being a newbie blogger, you commit more errors. Making mistakes is a part of learning but if you lose your blog as a punishment, it will spoil all your hard work and will also deprive you of learning new things. So there is need to backup your Blogspot blog so that even if your blog gets deleted, you may be able to publish it somewhere else and keep yourself get going.

How to Backup Your Blogspot Blog?

Blogger now comes with features to import and export blog. Using these features, you can move your blog from one blogging platform to another. Similarly, this feature can also be used to backup your blog when used smartly.

Steps to Backup Your Blogspot Blog

1. Log in to and go to your Blogspot blog Dashboard.

2.  Under My Blogs section, choose your blog whose backup you want to get.

3. Now, go to Settings. Under Settings, go to Other as shown in my screenshots.

Backup Your Blogger Blog

4. Now, choose Export Blog, out of the three options available as shown below.

How to Create Backup of Your Blogger Blog

5. As you click on Export Blog, a new pop-up will open in which you have to Download Blog as shown below.

Taking Backup of Your Blogger Blog

6. Finally, save the downloaded file (in .xml type file) to your hard disk or online drives – wherever you want.

Congratulations ! You have successfully taken a backup of your Blogspot blog. You can use this file to take your blog anywhere as well as publish it again even if you mistakenly deleted your blog yourself.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Making a backup of your Blogspot blog is important as you never know when you committed a mistake and when your blog is going to be deleted. To make sure you don’t loose your all hard work and extraordinary efforts at once, you must take a backup of your Blogspot blog because Google is very strict to its terms and conditions.

A smart idea would be to take backup of your Blogspot blog every second day (alternately). The downloaded .xml file can also be used to move your Blogspot blog from Blogger to WordPress quickly. Did it help you? Do let me know via comment section below.

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